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old timer in apartment, asking for comments. Dec 16th 2011, 14:48 3 7,070 on 23/12/11
Do I need a antenna analyzer? Sep 23rd 2011, 19:07 3 7,832 on 25/9/11

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old timer in apartment, asking for comments. K9AXM on 16/12/11
I received my ham license in 1966. Started as novice, KN9AXM and upped to general.
I've not been very active lately. In the past year my HF station's been down as I moved into an apartment. with the usual restrictions.
I've come up with a way to put up a stealth antenna and might try to get back on in QRP CW only. I'm not interested in anything but rag chewing on cw, just as I did way back with my Heathkit DX transmitter.

I have a simpler Alinco DX77,a ladder line antenna, along with a Dentron Jr antenna tuner... Ham radio is just one of my interests for me and I just want to rag chew occasionally. I have been a member of the ARRL for awhile and try to keep up with things but I always get back to a simpler mode, cw, and a less regimented, no awards winning , operation.

Any comments would be appreciated. BTW, I'm 84 and have always liked CW as a satisfying means of communications.
Do I need a antenna analyzer? K9AXM on 23/9/11
I recently moved into an apartment with the usual problems associated with antenna type and placement.

I have from many years ago (never needed them) a Dentron Junior antenna tuner and a Dentron 'All band' Doublet (134 feet fed with 450 ohm twin lead) .I cut the doublet to half the length as I only intend to operate 10-40 meters. I intend to use this antenna in either a 'bend to fit' or loop install, whatever it takes to fit inside the apartment. I'll be using a Alinco DX77 in low power mode, QRP to work cw only. The Dentron tuner has a 4-1 balun, just for info purposes, and will work with the ladder line.

THe ARRL book on limited space antenna installs, suggest that I buy a antenna analyzer. Is that a good idea?


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