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WB7DIE Oct 29th 2014, 15:12 5 3,764 on 6/11/14
Gassy vacuum tubes Aug 1st 2013, 03:16 4 5,539 on 3/6/20
Reflections(Maxwell) Jul 24th 2013, 18:41 2 2,499 on 24/7/13
HF tuner consumes power Jul 11th 2013, 16:40 2 2,242 on 11/7/13

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Welcome to the A1 Operator Club forum billmoore on 30/4/15
I listen to a long standing VHF daily net and notice the occasional operator call himself the "net facilitator" rather than net control. Can you tell which is preferred? Appreciate your reply. Gary, (WB7DIE)
WB7DIE WB7DIE on 29/10/14
I notice, on a daily VHF repeater net some control operators refer to them selves as "net facilitators" while most use "net control". I have looked through the ARRL operating manual and find no mention of "facilitator". Many on the net are new "hams". What are your thoughts?
Gassy vacuum tubes WB7DIE on 1/8/13
Can you tell me what causes a vacuum tube to get gassy over time, and what can be done to prevent or remove the condition? Thanks.
Reflections(Maxwell) WB7DIE on 24/7/13
Do I understand correctly that Walt Maxwell work will not be included in the ARRL publications? Please straighten me out on this. Thanks Gary.
HF tuner consumes power WB7DIE on 11/7/13
I am curious to know how much power an HF tuner might consume. Anyone have a thought?

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