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WB7DIE Oct 29th 2014, 15:12 5 472 on 6/11/14
Gassy vacuum tubes Aug 1st 2013, 03:16 3 1,029 on 14/8/13
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WB7DIE WB7DIE on 29/10/14
I notice, on a daily VHF repeater net some control operators refer to them selves as "net facilitators" while most use "net control". I have looked through the ARRL operating manual and find no mention of "facilitator". Many on the net are new "hams". What are your thoughts?
Gassy vacuum tubes WB7DIE on 1/8/13
Can you tell me what causes a vacuum tube to get gassy over time, and what can be done to prevent or remove the condition? Thanks.
Reflections(Maxwell) WB7DIE on 24/7/13
Do I understand correctly that Walt Maxwell work will not be included in the ARRL publications? Please straighten me out on this. Thanks Gary.
HF tuner consumes power WB7DIE on 11/7/13
I am curious to know how much power an HF tuner might consume. Anyone have a thought?

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