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Retro-75 QRP solid-state AM radio kit Jul 30th 2011, 00:15 4 9,784 on 3/11/11

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Contesting ethics K0HB on 30/7/11
Ed, I agree again. The topic Sean brings up is slippery. I think the "ethical key," if you will, is exactly as you state. "Specificity!" If someone gives you a callsign, frequency, etc, that is no more than a "human spot" vice a cluster spot..... no difference whatsoever. Someone telling you that a rare one is on 20 meter phone narrows it down to about the "nearest universe" in my opinion. My response to someone telling me that would almost be "well, duh...." OF COURSE there is a rare one on 20 meter phone. More to the point, when would there not be? Same with 40 meters during SS. Heck, even 80.....

In other words, telling me that there is a SD or WY station on a whole band is about as helpful as a book on how to read...... If that is considered "assistance," I'll eat my proverbial hat.... lol.

Mike AB7ZU
Retro-75 QRP solid-state AM radio kit 0007055157H80 on 30/7/11
Per your suggestion Ed, here is my original post that was under the "ARRL Politics" topic of AM radio. You are right, it is a much better idea to have it here since it is truly a tech topic. :) :)

"...Oh, Paul I forgot to mention (not sure which thread this should really go on since they are both about AM). After having major success with just about anything I have procured from SW labs, I decided to get one of those Retro-75 kits. Not sure how many other kits for AM are available (I haven't seen any others, but that is purely anecdotal). I cannot wait to get on the air with it. Of course, I have to build it first. :)

I think something like that is a great place to start young people (potential hams). That is to say, building an AM transceiver is alot easier than biting off and aligning an SSB one. Just my opinion, but I think it has some merit. Not to mention, just plain fun. Again, I am not advocating a particular kit provider, just the AM kit(s) that might be available out there...."

As an adder, I think ARRL labs did a technical review of this little rig, too. I'll have to look it up, I think it wasn't that long ago.

Mike AB7ZU
Cost of DXCC Challenge Award plaque N4KZ on 29/7/11
If that is a real Marble base..... it it worth every penny. Decent marble is not cheap. Not to mention the engraving and all that. I am just speaking of the substrate. It would definitely not be cheap to produce.

Ed, Correct me if I am wrong, but I think 97 bucks is almost "cheap: under that circumstance. Nice looking award, by the way. :)

Mike AB7ZU
ARRL Politics WA3VJB on 29/7/11
Post moved to Technology Discusions - Retro-75 - QRP solid-state AM radio kit
ARRL Politics WA3VJB on 29/7/11
Good point Ed,
I stand corrected. I got a bit off topic. I thought the "other" thread was the one about AM and that this one was leaning more in the direction of the "politics" of the AM discussion (or ARRL's involvement in it) ....... my bad :)

I will say that the mindless ARRL bashing is what I would like to NOT see. That is a bit more like what I call politics. Constructive criticism is one thing, mindless bashing is something entirely different. But, in reality, looking at all the posts to date, I think I am probably preaching to the choir about that particular subject. :)

Thanks again, Ed. Nice to make your acquaintance, too. Nice folks on this here forum thingy :)

Mike AB7ZU

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