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Tom Wheeler, new FCC Chairman, good idea or bad? Bart_KJ6BWB on 17/5/13
This is quite a polarizing poll and I had to respond with "Who". Unfortunately we really know nothing about him. I did some research and found that he is now a venture capitalist. While on the face there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, he did make his millions in the telecommunications industry. Why would we want someone who has made millions in that industry now leading up the federal agency that oversees it? It strikes me as the fox guarding the henhouse. I would really hope that we, as in the League, do our due diligence here. the last thing any of us would want to see is another BPL fiasco because of back-room cronyism. Lets get him on record where he stands regarding our interests and make our mind known.

KA0SMD - The Techs that were grandfathered up, actually weren't. Back in the day Techs had to pass the Novice exams and were required to take Elements 2 and 3. I don't recall when, Element 3 was eliminated, but that created two classes of Tech, the Tech and Tech+, where the latter had Element 3 credit. It was the Tech+ licensees that were grandfathered up because the code portion was eliminated, but they had credit for Element 3. which is all that is required now for a General license.
RTTY Procedure Guide K0STK on 16/1/13
If you are seeing a single station transmitting a list of call signs with a serial number, you were most likely seeing a QTC exchange in the WAE RTTY contest.

This is a recent addition in. In addition to the normal exchange of call and serial, you may exchange up to 10 QTCs with another station. The QTC is the call and the serial number from previous QSOs.

David, w2dz

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