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NPOTA 2016

From the Section Manager

Here is the latest news from our section clubs and members.

ARRL Field Day June 25-26!

This month's news features reports and photos from ARRL Field Day activities throughout our section.  Thanks to the efforts of the many amateur radio operators and affiliated clubs who helped make this year's ARRL Field Day an outstanding public exposition and exercise of amateur radio's emergency communication response capabilities.

This month's National Parks on the Air focus is on the Lassen Volcanic National Park (NP38).

Our website, Facebook and Twitter pages are a work in progress, and your suggestions and submissions are always welcome. You can still send items for the June news to kp4md(at) I try to update this news page by each the weekend after submissions are received.

73, Carol Milazzo, KP4MD
American Radio Relay League Sacramento Valley Section Manager

You can always send compliments, suggestions and submissions for inclusion in our Section News to kp4md(at)



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Thanks to Greg Kruckewitt KG6SJT for maintaining our Section ARES web page and assisting with our Facebook page and Twitter feed.
Thanks to Les Cobb W6TEE for maintaining the Section Net list.

ARRL Affiliated Club web resources are now listed on this web page


ARRL Conventions and Hamfests




Classes and Volunteer Exam (VE) Schedules

License Class and VE Session Calendar


July 13 through August 17 - 
Golden Empire ARS Combined Refresher PLUS Technician/General License Preparation Course
Posted July 2, 2015

THIS fast-paced, “three-track” course will help you master Amateur Radio in the way that best suits your interests. Choose from one of these “Learning Tracks:”

  • Technician. If you want to get started in “Ham Radio” and earn your first FCC license, then the Technician Track (combined “Pre-Session*” and “Session”) is the place to begin.
  • General. The General Track is ideal for you if it’s time to upgrade your Technician’s ticket and work the exciting world of HF.
  • Refresher. If you’re looking for a way to update your Technician or General knowledge without seeking a new License, the Refresher Track is for you.

Reservations are Requested. Please Contact: Gene Wright [WA6ZET] at; +1 (530) 345-3515, Tom Rider [W6JS] at, or Rick Hubbard [KI6VOS] at

PRIOR to the first session (13 July 2016), please read Chapters 1 & 2 of your Track’s textbook.

Download Flyer


July 16 - Citrus Heights Ham-Cram Session
Posted June 1, 2015

Section member Joe Cardoza, KA6ROM, announces that his Ham-Cram team conducts amateur radio training and testing every other month in Orangevale:

"Our next session will be on July 16, 2016 starting at 8:45 AM at the LDS Church, at the corner of Hazel and Cherry Ave in Orangevale, CA."

Joe Cardoza, KA6ROM, 916-725-6443,


Folsom ARRL Volunteer Exam Schedule
Posted July 20, 2016

Here is our updated exam scheduled for the 2016:

  1. July NO EXAM
  2. August NO EXAM
  3. Thursday September 15
  4. Thursday October 20
  5. Thursday November 17
  6. December NO EXAM

All exams start at 6:00 pm.

Round Table Pizza (Small private room by the front door), 2793 E Bidwell St, Suite 100, Folsom, CA 95630
For information see or contact Mike Kirkland, NS6Q at
73, Mike, NS6Q


Redding ARRL VE Schedule
Posted March 1, 2016

The Redding ARRL VE Team will be hosting exams on the following Saturdays in 2016:

  1. March 19
  2. May 21
  3. July 16
  4. September 17
  5. November 19

Our exam sessions are now being held at 2486 Progress Drive in Redding. Exams start at 10:00 AM and candidates are encouraged to pre-register.

More information can be found or by contacting Steve K6KS at



Test location: 
SHINGLETOWN AREA RESOURCE CENTER, 31268 HWY 44 SUITE C, SHINGLETOWN, CA. 96088 Next door to the Post Office.
Testing begins at 10:00 AM. 
Candidates should arrive 15 to 30 minutes early. We accept walk ins.
Dar Walker W6IO, Shingletown ARRL VE Liaison,, 530-474-3087

Feb 20, Apr 16, Jun 18, Aug 20, Oct 15, Dec 17

Dar Walker W6IO


Other ARRL VE Sessions - Schedule List

  1. BARK Repeater Club - Quarterly - Woodland
  2. Carmichael Elk Lodge ARRL VE - 3rd Sat. at 0700
  3. SFARC ARRL VE at Granite Bay Raley's - 1st Sat. at 0800


Lassen Volcanic National Park - NPOTA (NP38)
Posted July 2, 2016

Lassen Volcanic National Park (NP38) is a United States National Park in northeastern California. The dominant feature of the park is Lassen Peak, the largest plug dome volcano in the world and the southern-most volcano in the Cascade Range. (Lassen Peak is also in the header photo of our ARRL Sacramento Valley Section website, Facebook and Twitter pages.)  Lassen Volcanic National Park started as two separate national monuments designated by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1907: Cinder Cone National Monument and Lassen Peak National Monument.

Native Americans have inhabited the area since long before white settlers first saw Lassen. The natives knew that the peak was full of fire and water and thought it would one day blow itself apart.

White immigrants in the mid-19th century used Lassen Peak as a landmark on their trek to the fertile Sacramento Valley. One of the guides to these immigrants was a Danish blacksmith named Peter Lassen, who settled in Northern California in the 1830s. Lassen Peak was named after him.[8] Nobles Emigrant Trail was later cut through the park area and passed Cinder Cone and the Fantastic Lava Beds. - from Wikipedia

Visit the National Parks Service website to find the Lassen Volcanic National Park and other NPOTA entities near you. NPOTA activations may be conducted with permission from sites along NPOTA trails not under NPS administration with proper permission.

Be sure to read the NPOTA activation rules and instructions and register your NPOTA activation for a truly enjoyable experience and public outreach!

Update from Bob Wortman, WB6VYH, Section Technical Coordinator
Updated June 30, 2016

ARRL Sacramento Valley Section Technical Coordinator, VHF Award Manager, HF Award Manager and DXCC Award Manager Bob, WB6VYH reminds us he can count cards and check applications for VUCC and WAS and DXCC............... Bob will be at the Lincoln Ham swap in September and most likely Ham Club meetings throughout Northern California.

Bob will also be doing NPOTA at some of the parks and monuments in northern California and will be able to do applications there too. Look for listings in the ARRL NPOTA section….

So far this summer I have had fun at Whiskeytown , The Lava Beds and Tule Lake Unit Internment Camp.

Please contact Bob ahead of time at or for information and appointment.

73, Bob Wortman, WB6VYH, ARRL Pacific Division DXCC Awards Manager, Sacramento Valley Section Technical Coordinator, WAS Award Manager, VUCC Awards Manager

Photos (Left to Right) Bob Wortman WB6VYH NPOTA Activations at Lava Beds, Tule Lake and Whiskeytown

WB6VYH NPOTA Activation at Lava BedsWB6VYH NPOTA Activation at Tule LakeWB6VYH NPOTA Activation at Whiskeytown

From Duane Wyatt, WAØMJD, Section Youth Coordinator
Posted April 29, 2016

Kid's Club Project Update

Duane Wyatt WA0MJD has been working on a project to expose children with health issues to amateur radio and morse code. He has developed Kid's Club units to accomplish this. Script and photos of Kid's Club are seen in the project website at

Child Life staff at St. Jude's Research Hospital for Children have gladly agreed to accept a Kid's Club donation.

Duane is requesting help to pay for the assembly of a Kid's Club unit to give them. Each unit costs approximately $500 to assemble. Please contact Duane at duanewyatt(at) or (916) 677-9799

Duane Wyatt, WAØMJD,
ARRL Sacramento Valley Section Youth Coordinator
(916) 677-9799

From Norm Lucas, WB6RVR, Section Official Observer Coordinator
Posted January 11, 2016

Do you have what it takes to be an ARRL "Official Observer?"

FCC Amateur Auxiliary The Official Observer (OO) program has been sponsored by the ARRL for more than 85 years to help Amateur Radio operators assist each other to operate their stations in compliance with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations.
Official Observer appointees have assisted thousands of Amateur Radio operators to maintain their transmitting equipment and comply with operating procedures and regulations. The object of the OO program is to notify amateurs of operating and technical irregularities before they come to the attention of the FCC and to recognize good operating practices.
The OO program serves as the first line of "eyes and ears" for the FCC. It is the backbone of the Amateur Auxiliary. OOs are certified in the Auxiliary by passing a mandatory written examination.

For someone to speak about the OO program at your next club meeting, please contact:
Norm Lucas (WB6RVR)
ARRL Official Observer Coordinator (SV)

Sacramento Bee News Story on FCC vs. William F. Crowell W6WBJ
Posted June 5, 2016

The June 3 Sacramento Bee newspaper carried this story on the ‪‎FCC‬ Notice of Apparent Liability vs. William F. Crowell, W6WBJ at  In the article, journalist Ed Fletcher relates his interview with Crowell and interviews with others on the reported activity.

Amateur Radio Emergency ServiceJuly 9 - Sacramento County ARES Training
Posted June 30, 2016

The Sacramento County ARES February training meeting will be Saturday, July 9, from 0900-1200 hours at To Be Announced

ARES Updates
Posted May 30, 2016

—— From Ralph W6RWL District 5 EC

Operators are needed for the WSER & TEVIS CUP Events on June 24-25, 2016 and July 23-24, 2016. If you're interested go to web site and sign up for these events. Call Ralph 408-640-0963 or w6rwl(at) with any questions.

—— Sacramento County ARES (Bill N6SGT)

Eppie's Great Race is on July 16, 2016. Sacramento County ARES is looking for radio operators to help support the event. You will need either a Mobile or HT radio and to be available to help on July 16th.,-2016

Club and Member News

2016 River City ARCS Field Day

River City ARCS Field Day Media Hit on Good Day Sacramento
Posted July 2, 2016

Congratulations to the River City ARCS on their Field Day site visit byCalifornia Assemblyman Ken Cooley who helped erect antennas and a media hit with Journalist Nha Nguyen on Sacramento Channel 31's Good Day Sacramento news programPhotos from River City ARCS Field Day.

Sacramento Valley Section Field Day Photos


Sacramento Valley Section Field Day Photos
Posted July 2, 2016

Thanks to Les Cobb, Matthew Cobb, Kevin Hooke, Jason Lager, Richard Montoya and others for submitting theseField Day photos from around our section (click on each photo to read its caption and credits), and for the efforts of the many amateur radio operators and affiliated clubs who helped make this year's ARRL Field Day an outstanding public exposition and exercise of amateur radio's emergency communication response capabilities.

Update from Sierra Foothiills ARC
Posted July 20, 2016

SFARC Field Day 2016 Results

As you may remember reading in the last Newsletter, SFARC planned a little different Field Day this year. The plan was to run from batteries and solar only, transmitting with only 5 watts, about the power level of your bathroom nightlight, someone said. We erected excellent wire antennas this year, like a 300-foot loop at 70 feet, and a 40m bob-tail curtain pointing East. SSB was challenging, as might be expected with QRP, while CW and Digital modes were productive. 17 operators tried their best on three different modes, and when the final bell sounded, we were surprised at the results.

The fact is, we made less than half the contacts of last year, but due to the 5x multiplier for QRP, we beat last year’s points score by over 400. Total contacts made was somewhere in the 400’s, (remember, QRP folks), but the final points tally with bonus’ was over 5,000!

A highlight of the 24-hour operation was youth participation. Jeff’s (AK6OK) grandson Noah made at least 20 Q’s at the mic, while another youth did almost as well. In any case, everyone had a great time. Our public information table was a hit with an “active map” tied to the N3FJP logging software that displayed states worked in real time on an LCD monitor.

The Saturday night potluck offered good food as usual with tri-tip and chicken and all the trimmings. Our custom Field Day T-shirts this year were a stand-out hit as well, and made it easy to find Club members as visitors strolled around the site.

Of course, no Field Day report, or antenna raising worth reporting, would be complete without AK6OK’s awesome, air-powered, tennis ball shooting cannon to get those wires up high. This thing reminds me of the air cannons at the end of the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz … if you weren’t expecting the noise, it made you jump, every time!

(L to R: Les-KG6NME. Al-NI2U, Dennis-WU6X and Casey-W7IB)

The Club is already looking forward to next year … will it be another QRP-only event, who knows? One thing for sure, it will be a great time for everyone who decides to come up to Nyack near Soda Springs. We hope to see you next year as an operator … or visitor.

(WU6X reporting)

Jeff’s (AK6OK) grandson Noah made at least 20 Q’s at the mic Sierra Foothills ARC Field Day (L to R: Les-KG6NME. Al-NI2U, Dennis-WU6X and Casey-W7IB)

Update from Golden Empire ARS
Posted July 20, 2016


Field Day has come and gone for another year, the years keep on rolln’ by. We could surely have had better band conditions, which is beyond every hams control, but we sure had a great time with many club members and visitors at the site in Forest Ranch. Thank you Michael Favor, N6FAV for doing a great job of chairing this year’s event. We were able to get a lot of publicity out ahead of time on the radio, TV, newspapers and Facebook about Field Day, GEARS and ham radio to the public which is one of the many purposes of Field Day. And if you missed it, you also missed seeing an incredible array of vintage and rare code keys put on display by Tom Rider W6JS and some from Clark Hansen, AE5WD. I hope that I did not drool on any of them, hi hi. Thank you to the many who made our Field Day a success this year.

At our upcoming meeting on Friday July 15th our program will be Chris Huber, N6ICW from Sacramento. Chris has a wonderful repeater system with the 147.195 repeater on Mt, Vaca, the 145.150 repeater at Lake Tahoe, and the 146.940 repeater here locally (temporarily not linked). This system also has several remote receivers and IRLP to enhance it’s capabilities, making it a very efficient and useful systems in a variety of ways. Come hear Chris’ presentation and feel free to pick his brain, a wonderful guy! For more information you can check out

I have now served as our club president for 6 months, 1⁄2 the elected term. We have accomplished a club survey which we remain mindful of the feedback, a variety of guest speakers and a variety of segments added to our club meetings. I am always open to your comments and suggestions, feel free to contact me – I am here to serve the club.

HELP NEEDED: I could use a hand with some soldering here at my QTH here in Forest Ranch sometime this week if possible. I have 4 PL259’s to be done and some jumpers in my automatic antenna tuner to be soldered. I would be eternally grateful – thanks.

Larry Marcum, KA6GND, GEARS President, 530-345-5399,

P.S. For the non-code readers, “de” means “from” and “hi hi” is the same as “ha ha”.

California Assemblyman Ken Cooley assisted with the River City ARCS Field Day Setup Update from River City ARCS
Posted July 4, 2016


Field Day is over! What a relief. I feel like I do when the State Fair is over. Happy I’ve gone but wanting to go still another time and realizing I have to wait a whole year to do it again. I hope everyone had as good a time as I did. Andy had the organization down to a “T”, Dave and Marie kept us supplied with food and beverages, Kevin Hooke kept the logging computers humming, and Jason inserted his hex beam into the sky. Band conditions were only fair – 10M and 15M were hopeless. Phil had his antenna analyzer extraordinaire at the site and with great expertise said something that I thought sounded like “You built the antenna backwards, electrons are coming in when you transmit and going out when you receive”. At least that’s what I think I heard.

No radios or operators expired, we made SSB, CW and digital contacts and I think we all had a good time – even the sprinklers cooperated. Thanks to all who visited, operated, and helped.

Join us Tuesday, July 5 when Kevin, KK6DCT enlightens us with the use of a Raspberry Pi in Amateur Radio. You might even get to take one home with you!

Our anniversary picnic will be held July 31 at the Fair Oaks VFW grounds. Phil, KD6RM has made the arrangements and we can be assured of good fellowship and a great time. There is room for a fox hunt so bring comfortable shoes.

In August, Ed Fong, WB6IQN will demo his DBJ2 antenna. In September Budd Drummond, W3FF will be at the meeting to give us the details and evolution of his Buddipole Antenna.

My tower is supposed to be ready in July. There are 31 days in the month and they claim the base is complete and at the galvanizer – I’m beginning to wonder if it will happen at all. Work has come to a screeching halt. I’m not going to do more on this project until I see the thing at my QTH!

See everyone at the meeting.

73, Bob, N6PGQ

Update from Yuba-Sutter ARC
Posted July 2, 2016


The next general membership meeting will be held at a new location, the Sierra-Nevada Room, Caltrans Building, 703 B Street, Marysville.

Parking is available in the Caltrans parking lot off of 7th Street or on B Street. There will be a guard at the entrance to the building with a copy of the club roster. Please identify yourself to them to gain entrance.

Business for the next meeting: president vacancy. Wade LeRue will have a presentation on antennas.


The next VE session will be 9 July at 715 King Ave., Yuba City at 9:00 A.M..

VE’s are needed to administer the exam. The elements for Technician, General and Extra class will be offered. If you are planning on taking an exam you will need two forms of ID, at least one of them must be a picture ID. A fee of $15.00 is required. A calculator may also be used as long as it has had all of its memories cleared and there are no built in or preprogrammed formulas..

If you are upgrading to a higher class you need to bring your license and a photocopy of the license..

If you take an exam and pass, you can take the next higher class exam for no additional cost. If you do not pass and wish to try again an additional fee will be required..

Congratulations to new technicians Stephen K Murphy (KM6CTP) and Peter A Rolfe (KM6CTQ) and to Cindy Torlone (KK6OIO) for upgrading to general.


Here are a few photos of our Field Day antenna set up. We had two stations set up, one for CW and one for phone. One antenna is an 80 meter G5RV at 30 feet and the other is a minibeam at 20 feet. We ran about 120 feet of coax to reach the actual stations. Elecraft K3 and Icom IC756 Pro III both worked well for Field Day. We operated mostly on 40 meters and 20 meters making about 240 contacts and 40 sections worked. We found conditions difficult on phone with propagation to the east coast less than optimal..

Photos of the antenna, W6BO Bob. N6BOB Bob photographer.

El Dorado County ARC. Mormon Emigrant Trail. Club call AG6AU. Bob, KR6N, 20 CW. Photo by Les Cobb, W6TEE Update from El Dorado County ARC
Posted July 2, 2016


I hope this message finds all of you well and Happy.

I am looking forward to our annual Field Day event this week and have been preparing for it for a month or more now. For a while I thought that health problems I was having were going to keep me on the sidelines, but they have now subsided and I feel great.

I know that Dave has been very busy working on the coordinating this event for which I extend my thanks. My tennis ball antenna launcher project is complete and I hope to put it to good use with mine and anyone else's wire antenna deployment.

A new feature this year will be a hand washing station to go with the porta-potty rental. One thing I always seem to have trouble with while camping is keeping my hands clean, so I am looking forward to having this facility available.

One last thought: Don't forget your fire permits! I got mine off of the Cal Fire website in a fairly painless session.

73 to all, and hope to see you all at Field Day this weekend.

73, Don McCallum, AF6ND

Congratulations to EDCARC for their media hit in the June 24 Mountain Democrat. - Carol KP4MD

Update from Western Placer ARC
Posted July 20, 2016

Greetings from the Western Placer Amateur Radio Club:

Lots of things to talk about in this newsletter.

The first thing is a shock! Amateur Electronics Supply ( is going out of business! I thought someone was pulling a joke when I read it but I found out it is true. Lots of sad stories on ham websites about how people bought their first radio from them, were advised on what equipment goes with what gadget, etc. I know that I personally have bought lots of stuff from them including 4 radios (a Kenwood TS-2000, a Kenwood TH-F6a (the best HT ever), an ICOM IC208H (great radio with a tiny detachable faceplate that fits in the sunglass holder in my car roof), and, just tonight, a Yaesu FTM-3800DR, a 65 watt 2 meter analog and digital mobile (Yaesu System Fusion C4FM to go with the DR-1X repeater).

The second thing tonight is the WPARC Hamfest on September 17th. We can now announce the Drawing Grand Prize and the 2 First Prizes. The Grand Prize is a Yaesu FTM-3800DR System Fusion Radio. It is a 65 watt mobile unit with great features:

This radio has great reviews and is the hot setup to use with the WPARC repeater for both digital and analog FM. We now have a C4FM net at 8:30 PM Monday nights and it is growing rapidly (W6ETJ, Erik, is net control). There are several people with a lot of System Fusion experience to help you out with any information you may need. The net starts in analog so you can ask questions before the net switches to digital in case you don't have a C4FM radio but are considering purchasing one (or winning one at the Hamfest!) The net is open to everyone, not just WPARC members.

The two First Prizes are something many of us are familiar with now: BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band HT Two Way Radio. These are very popular radios and are handy to keep in the car, backpack, or on your belt. We will also have several smaller prizes. Make sure to be there to win big!

The third thing tonight is Field Day. The results are in and the club did very well with Jerry N6JKH leading as event organizer. We will discuss the results at the July WPARC Meeting Tuesday, July 19th at the Woodcreek Oaks Golf Club in Roseville. Join us for lots of merriment Tuesday night! The meeting starts at 7:00 PM but most of us come early for food and drink and to spin yarns. We didn't miss many states this year but the ones we did are mostly eastern states – Tennessee and Kentucky stick out because there are lots of hams there. I really missed not being able to be part of the fun this year but you can be sure I will be there next year.

Important Note: Frank KB6KYK has been the club Drawing Master for many years and has done an exceptional job finding goodies for us. He now has some other concerns to deal with and will not be able to continue as Drawing Master. If you would like to help out the club and volunteer, please let any board member or Frank know.

Steve N6HTV has several radios for sale: ICOM IC-746 HF all mode HF/2M, Alinco DXSR8, Yaesu FTM-350 2M / 440, Heathkit SB-200 Amplifier, Ten-Tec 2kw Tuner model 238 with manual.  He will be listing them on ebay this weekend so if you are interested, call him right away (916) 740-6842 or email him at:

LC N7VQC is still on the job with the club repeater. He made a new shelf to hold the radio itself and mounted a 5” 120 volt fan in the shelf it to keep the radio cool on the hot days and during nets. LC has done an outstanding job of configuring the repeater and making sure it is up to the job we ask of it. If you have a chance, thank him.

The club website,, has a new look and new information. Jey KQ6DK is now Clay's (K6AEP) backup and is updating the the site. Clay has been traveling a lot and has not had time to keep up the pages. Although Clay's traveling is over for now, Jey is helping out and bringing a new look to the site. Thanks to Clay and Jey for all their work on the website.

While on the subject of media, the club now has a Facebook page. Board Member Arturo KK6NFM created it for Field Day and you can find it at:

Want more? We now have a Twitter account! Just search for @k6pac (the club repeater call sign with the “@” symbol). We are following the ARRL, the ARRL Sacramento Valley Section, Kenwood, and Yaesu for a few. If you think of someone we should follow, please email me. I know there are a few local clubs with Twitter accounts and I will add them.

Don't forget our regular weekly nets on the repeater. We have one on Wednesday morning at 10:00 AM that is always hosted by Katy KJ6YCP and then 2 nets on Thursday evenings starting at 7:30 PM. Bill, KJ6YCO, is the net coordinator now and often hosts the 2 meter net. When he isn't on, the trusty Dennis, KI6HHA, is on, and handles the net with his usual style and skills. They all do a fine job and it is a pleasure to hear them lead the net. Many thanks to all of them for dedicating time to the club net to make it a success. If you would like to be a Net Control for one of our nets, please contact Bill at Five minutes following the 2 meter net we have an HF net. LC, N7VQC, is on the spot to handle the HF net. LC is also an excellent Net Control and it is always a pleasure to hear him on the bands. This net changes bands every week so listen to the 2 meter net for any change in frequency. The usual schedule starts from the first Thursday of the month on 10 meters, then 15, then 40, and finally 75 meters at the end of the month. If there are 5 Thursdays in a month, the last one will be on 10 meters. Here is the schedule for the next 6 weeks (Remember to listen for the frequency on the 2 meter net as it may change):

  • July 14 – 15 meters (21.355 MHz)
  • July 21 – 40 (7.225 MHz)
  • July 28 – 75 Meters (3.855)
  • August 4 – 10 meters (28.410 MHz) A good chance for Techs to join in!
  • August 11 – 15 meters (21.355 MHz)
  • August 18 – 40 (7.225 MHz)

NEW! We now have a Monday evening C4FM net! Featuring Yaesu System Fusion radios, this digital net is at 8:30 PM on the club repeater and is hosted by C4FM guru Erik W6ETJ. As noted above, the net starts in analog so you can ask questions, etc. This net is growing fast (I know one more person who will be on this Monday night!) so check in now and join the fun!

The next big event we have coming up is the WPARC Hamfest on September 17th at McBean Park in Lincoln. The gates open at 7:00 AM but we need several volunteers to be there around 5:00 AM to set up and to control parking for buyers and sellers. Katy KJ6YCP has been coordinating the hamfest for several years and does a terrific job every year. If you would like to help out please email Katy at This is a big event for the club and how we operate it reflects on the club so please volunteer. We all (and especially Katy) appreciate it. We have our city permit and our liability insurance in order so the event is set to go.

I have mentioned many times that I use Amazon Smile for my shopping on Amazon. Smile is a program Amazon has that donates .5% of all of your qualifying purchases to a non-profit of your choice (and that participates in the program). The ARRL is my choice and I saw today that I have made 105 purchases that qualify. I buy some medical supplies and bulk items on Amazon so I am confident that the ARRL has benefited from my purchases. If you buy anything from Amazon, please enroll in their Smile program and make the people at ARRL HQ smile!

Remember the club meeting is Tuesday night at 7:30 at the Woodcreek Oaks Golf Club in Roseville. See you there!

73, Michael Buck K6BUK

Samuel F. Morse ARC Field Day in Carmichael, CA.  Bill Miller KJ6YCO, Michael Aretsky N6MQL, John Geyer WB6UBK and Mark Marholin K6JJR.  Photo by Carol Milazzo KP4MD Update from Samuel F Morse ARC
Posted June 11, 2016

SFMARC June news

The W6SFM Samuel F Morse Radio Club June meeting was called to order by club President Mike, N6MQL on June 2 at the Carmichael Presbyterian Church in Carmichael CA. 16 members and 1 guest were in attendance. We welcomed 2 new members, Terry, KI6KWS of Sacramento , and Jennifer, NS3O also from Sacramento.

Mike, N6MQL read the Month's budget report and announced the current funds available.

Club Secretary, Chris, AI6U proceded to read the minutes of last month's meeting and the totals for our On-line/On-air net meetings for the month.

Snacks provided by Chris, AI6U.

Topics of Discussion at our in-person meeting included the club Bug Roundup Event (CQ BR).

An update as to the W6SFM CW Beginners Class was given by Mike, N6MQL.

More information on the NPOTA (National Parks On The Air) event was discussed.

The ARRL's support of petition RM-11767 asking the FCC to allow more than 15dB of gain on an amplifier was also discussed.

Another RM, RM11769 was briefly discussed. This was a measure that was presented to the FCC asking that CW become known as another "Symbol Rate" data. It also asked that what is now the ARRL's "gentleman's agreement" on band use plans should become the 'fixed' data and voice areas.

Once again positive feedback on the new "The Doctor Will See You Now!" Pod Cast was given. Those who have listened to the 20 minute show are encouraging others to listen to the Bi-Weekly pod casts based on the QST article by the same name.

The club has taken the opportunity to purchase new QSL cards. These cards will be used to answer incoming QSL requests when the club station call letters are used in special events, outings in the park and other PR related events.

In addition to the QSL cards the Club has also purchased "business cards". These cards will be used to pass out at events such as the Kids Day in the park event and other like PR events.

For our “show and tell” portion of our meeting we opted to take this time to discuss the up coming ARRL 2016 Field Day event.

This year for the first time the club will introduce both a 40 meter ground mounted Phased Vertical array as well as a Tri-Band Yagi antenna to be placed on a 30' tall pneumatic mast. Those antennas will be provided by members Mike, K6LQ and Norm, WB6RVR. The club will also set up its 80 meter Inverted Vee antenna for 80 meter operations throughout the night shift.

Our next SFM ARC in-person meeting will be held at its normal time and address July 7th (followed by our Aug 4th meeting). The SFM ARC in-person meeting will be held in the Howa Crowley room upstairs at the Carmichael Presbyterian Church. More information including a Google Map is available on the homepage of our website.

Feedback from Aaron Jones K6ABJ
Posted July 7, 2016

Hi Dr. Milazzo,

Thank you for your contributions and service to the ARRL Sacramento Valley Section! I enjoy reading the Section Valley News each month. It is my favorite radio publication I receive each month! I attended my first field day last month, and made it to the River City ARCS, SARK's, and SHARP's field day events. It was a busy 24+ hours, and I had a blast. Thank you!!!!

Aaron Jones, K6ABJ

Aaron, thanks for your kind words. I am proud of the many active members and clubs in our section who make ours a truly vibrant amateur radio community! - Carol, KP4MD

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