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Ham Radio Deluxe

Users of Ham Radio Deluxe have been experiencing problems using HRD shortcuts to upload logs to Logbook of The World. 

The issue is not with LoTW.  The HRD developers are award of the issue and working on a solution.

Please watch the HRD support pages for updates. 

TQSL and the LoTW pages are working.  Users may export an ADIF file and use TQSL to sign and upload their logs to LoTW ( Sign and upload your logs.)

We ask that you do not send help questions about this the LoTW help desk. 

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A new version of the TQSL software for use with Logbook of The World (LoTW) is available, and it has major changes. This latest update, TQSL 2.0, has been revamped to combine TQSL-Cert and TQSL into a single program, adds additional documentation for certificate operations, and includes a new, task-oriented user interface. Learn More About TQSL Download

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