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Online DXCC Application to Debut April 2


Beginning April 2 at 12:01 AM EDT (0401 UTC), the ARRL’s new Online DXCC tool will be ready to accept applications, allowing hams to supply the data from traditional paper QSLs in a digital form to apply for a new DXCC award or endorsement. Submitting a DXCC application using Online DXCC is easier than making a paper application, saving both time and money.

Using the Online DXCC Application, the user can select the cards that he or she would like to have checked by a card checker and, at his or her convenience, type that data into a form (which can be saved and retrieved at any time until submitted) and make an application for DXCC. When the application is finished, the participant will be able to print the list of cards and take the list and the cards (in the same order that they are entered into the form) to a card checker who will check the cards, note any changes and send the form to ARRL HQ. The card checker’s job is exactly the same as before, except he or she does not need to collect a payment (unless the participant has worked that out with the card checker), as the client can pay online. Once submitted, DXCC staff can access the file submitted by the client, quickly make any changes noted by the card checker and process the application. The Online DXCC Application will have rates that are half those of a traditional paper QSL application that is sent to ARRL HQ.

Advantages of submitting your DXCC application using Online DXCC include:

  • Cost: The application fees are lower when submitting a DXCC application through Online DXCC. In particular, the application fee and the extra QSO fee for Online DXCC are half those of a traditional paper application.
  • Accuracy: Making a DXCC submission with Online DXCC is more accurate than a paper application that is filled out by hand because typographical errors are eliminated (except for the call sign). There will be no data entry errors at ARRL HQ because the contents of an Online DXCC application are transmitted directly to the DXCC system at HQ.
  • Speed: Making a DXCC submission using Online DXCC speeds up the processing of an application because the information on the DXCC Award Application and the DXCC Record Sheet do not have to be manually entered into the DXCC system by ARRL HQ staff. The more applicants who use this system means there is a smaller backlog of applications and a faster turnaround for all DXCC program participants.
  • Convenience: The Online DXCC system will save the entered QSL card and application information for future access. You may enter information from your QSLs as you receive them and then submit your cards for checking when you are ready to apply for a DXCC award or endorsement. Cards no longer need to be in band or mode order.

Keep in mind that QSL cards will still need to be checked if you use the Online DXCC Application, either by a DXCC Card Checker or sent to ARRL HQ for checking.

Any radio amateur in the world -- ARRL member or non-member -- may use the Online DXCC Application. If you are applying for a DXCC award:

  • With a US call sign -- you must be an ARRL member. If you are not yet a member, you can create an Online DXCC account, begin entering your QSL card information right now and then join the ARRL when you are ready to submit your application.
  • With an overseas portable US call sign (like TF/NN1N) -- you must be an ARRL member.
  • With a non-US call sign -- you do not need to be a member of ARRL.



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