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Policies for Online Courses

ARRL Continuing Education Program

Please review these policies before enrolling!

Withdrawals, Refunds and Credits

A full refund will be given for withdrawals prior to the official start of a course session. Students must contact the ARRL Program Administrator at to request a withdrawal.   Students will have a ten (10) day grace period after the official start of a course session to notify the Program Administrator if they wish to withdraw from the session. These students will not receive a refund but will be eligible for enrollment in a future class within the next 6 months, at no additional charge.  

Course Extensions

In some cases in which unforeseen events prevent a student from completing a course during the prescribed time period, we can extend the session for an extra time period. To do so, a request for an extension must be sent to the ARRL Program Administrator at before the session is scheduled to end. The Program Administrator will contact the student’s mentor to make arrangements for the extension if he or she can be available for the extended time period, or identify another mentor to resume work with the student. Extensions cannot be granted after the end date of the course session.  

Student Expectations

  • Check into the course platform and post a personal introduction within 3 days of the start of the session.
  • Adhere to the suggested guidelines for progression through the course. Notify your mentor at the start of the session if you would like to follow a different timetable because of individual circumstances. If the mentor cannot accommodate you, we can try to re-assign you to a mentor who will be able to accommodate your needs.
  • Keep copies of all of your homework submitted to your mentor.
  • Check into the course at least once or twice a week to participate in discussion forums, to share ideas or questions, and of course, to upload your homework.
  • Do all of the prescribed course activities. In some cases a mentor may suggest a modification for special circumstances.

Mentor Expectations

  • Provide a personal introduction at the beginning of the course.
  • Reply to questions and homework within 2-3 days, providing feedback on activities and guidance when needed.
  • Notify students if they will be away or temporarily unable to comply with the above.

Remember: Our mentors are volunteers, as are students who are taking seriously the preparation to offer their services as communications volunteers or are taking a course for the pleasure of learning more about amateur radio. Everyone should be treated with courtesy and in the spirit of learning and sharing experiences for mutual benefit.

Student Code of Conduct

Students are required to maintain a high standard of conduct in all correspondence. We have a “Zero Tolerance” for “flaming” (inappropriate language). Violations of this  policy will result in immediate removal from any on-going course and exclusion  from future courses. All exchanges with other students, mentors, and/or the Help Desk and ARRL CEP admin desk must be professional and cordial.  

Student Ethics Policy

The goal of the ARRL Continuing Education Program is learning. Students working on ARRL  courses are expected to submit their own work for credit. At the same time, we encourage people to work together to provide mutual help in learning. Our courses are offered on the basis of trust, assuming the good intentions,   integrity, and moral character of our students, but if there is a question about  whether a student work plagiarizes another, the ARRL Continuing Education  office will review the information and decide what action to take.  

Retention of Student Content

ARRL cannot be responsible for retention of work submitted by the student. Students should retain backup copies of all work submitted during a course. The student is responsible to inquire if she/he has not received notice of successful completion of the course within a week of the end of the course session. We cannot retain student records and activity in an online course after the end of a course session unless advance arrangements have been made for an extension.