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Jack Ciaccia, WMØG
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Rocky Mountain


Communications remains a challenge in a Division that spans nearly from the northern border of Mexico to southern border of Canada. Passing information by email and this Division website is the easiest way to communicate to so many people in a quick fashion.

But why not involve good ole' ham radio? The ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Net occurs monthly to disseminate information and give us a chance to meet you and listen to your ideas via a direct QSO. All ARRL RM Division members and ALL other interested hams are invited to participate.

Here are the details:

The monthly Rocky Mountain Division Nets take place via IRLP. Anyone with a VHF/UHF radio within range of an IRLP repeater can check in and hear the latest Division news, activities and member opinions, etc…

DATE: Second Wednesday of every month
TIME: 7:30 PM Mountain local
IRLP NODE: 9871 (link to this reflector from your local IRLP repeater)

Check out (Node Info section) to find an IRLP-capable repeater in your area. Generally all you need to do to link into the reflector is enter "9871" with your DTMF keypad and wait for the voice prompt indicating that the link is open. To unlink, enter "73". However, just to be safe, check with your local IRLP repeater's trustee to confirm beforehand. Their contact information is found when searching for IRLP repeaters in your area. If you've never used IRLP before (you'll be fascinated by it) please experiment with linking/unlinking before the net.



Colorado Section News - September 2014

Welcome to the Colorado Section of the ARRL web. Much more info on what is happening in the Colorado Section is available on our web page!

So, please check us out on Facebook:

and at our ARRL Colorado Section  web page.

Thank you,

Jack Ciaccia, WMØG

ARRL CO Section Manager

Colorado Officials