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Bill Duveneck KB3KYH
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Delaware Section Members,   This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the ARRL Centennial Convention in Hartford, CT. It was outstanding! One of the many topics that were covered was the importance of “The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014”. This bill is known as HR 4969. As you may know, this bill will provide a basis for Hams to negotiate reasonable accommodation for at least minimal outdoor antennas with their homeowners association. If you live in a development with antenna restrictions, you know how important this legislation is.   Our challenge is to make sure our Congressional Representative, Hon. John Carney, is aware of our position on this. We want him to support the legislation by becoming a co-sponsor and by voting for it when the time comes.    Here is a letter that the ARRL has written. All you have to do is print it, sign it and mail it the ARRL Headquarters for delivery to Rep. Carney.   ----------------------------------------------------------

Hon. John Carney

1406 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515

  Dear Representative Carney:              

As a constituent and a licensed Amateur Radio operator in your district, I am writing asking that you support HR 4969 – The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014 – and request that you become a co-sponsor for this legislation.               For over 30 years the FCC and Congress have repeatedly acknowledged the “strong Federal interest” in effective Amateur Radio communications. The FCC found that municipalities often unreasonably restricted Amateur Radio antennas in residential areas. In its declaratory ruling now codified at 47 C.F.R. §97.15(b) – the FCC determined that:                “Except as otherwise provided herein, a station antenna structure may be erected at heights and dimensions sufficient to accommodate amateur service communications.         (State and local regulation of a station antenna structure must not preclude amateur service communications. Rather, it must reasonably accommodate such communications and must constitute the minimum practicable regulation to accomplish the state or local authority's legitimate purpose.”               HR 4969 will extend limited reasonable accommodation provisions to include al




Greetings to the Delaware Section,




This is the first of many updates I plan to provide to you as Section Manager. 




- First, sincere thanks to Frank AD3M for his many years and total dedication as our SM. Also, I want to thank him for assisting me in the transition. He spent a lot of time explaining all the details of the job to me.  And good news; Frank is committed to continuing his active role in supporting the hobby!




- One of my top priorities is to fill the "Section Cabinet"...all the positions that are required for a successful section. Many of you have expressed interest in the various jobs and I have selected volunteers for several key positions.  Bill Prettyman W3DR will be the Section Emergency Coordinator; Bill Hammond N3IOD will continue as Official Observer Coordinator;  Chuck Betyeman W3DEL will become the Sussex County Emergency Coordinator; Jay Brackin W3NUR will continue as Kent County Emergency Coordinator; and, Randy Murray W3LF will continue to serve as the Technical Coordinator. In addition, Pat Ryan KW3Z and John DiGiovanni N3LUD will be Assistant Section Managers. Joe Stormer W3TL has volunteered to serve as the Section Legal Advisor.  Joe will be providing ideas and suggestions, but his support can not be taken as "legal advice."  I'm continuing to work with other volunteers on additional positions. Please let me know if you can help.   




- W1AW/3 will operate in Delaware in the latter part of November.  The lead for the operation is Karl N8NA who provides the following details.  "To qualify to be a W1AW/3 station you must, of course, be an ARRL member.  CW, phone and digital mode operators are needed and welcome.  Satellite and VHF is possible as well. Once a station/operator is "vetted", there will be an "on-line" sign-up for specific bands and modes.   This will be somewhat flexible, as required by changing propagation conditions and station/operator availability.  An ability to log QSO's on a computer logging system will be the one non-negotiable requirement as the ARRL will handle all QSL's and LOTW credit via ADIF file submission thru myself. In the shack access to the "on-line" schedule will be extremely useful for coordinating last minute changes."  Karl plans to start "collecting" interested operators in September.  To get involved conta ct Karl at

- Plan now to attend the Delmarva Amateur Radio & Electronics EXPO Hamfest in Georgetown on October 4.  For information contact Paul Ross NR3P at  More info will be out soon.















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Needed at a test Session:                                                                                                      
1. Two (2) forms of ID are required; one must be a photo ID

2. Any original Licenses and/or CSCEs MUST be presented along with a copy of each is necessary

3. CASH or CHECKS for $15.00 for ARRL VEC $ 14.00 for W5YI VEC

4. A pen. Forms must be signed in ink.

Sessions are listed as follows: 

The Delaware Amateur Radio Testing Team (DARTT) conduct FCC Ham Examinations in Sussex County Delaware Contact W3TL, Joe Stormer at for more information.  

The First State Amateur Radio Club conducts FCC Examinations in New Castle County Delaware contact Jim Smith at  for more info.

The Kent County Amateur Radio Club Conducts Examinations in Kent County Delaware Contact: Bobby J. Manning Email: Location: Wyoming United Methodist Church 216 Wyoming Mill Rd enter on north end of building Room 209 Wyoming DE 19934-1110





The First State Amateur Radio Club meets the fourth Thursday of every month (other than November and December) at 7:24 PM. The starting time for the First State ARC meetings is 7:24pm. The date is still the 4th Thursday of the month, except in November and December (3rd Thursday.) FSARC meets in the Conectiv corporate data center, Wakefield Drive, Newark, Delaware. To get to the data center from I-95, take Route 273 EAST to the University Plaza shopping center. Turn right onto Chapman Road. After 0.4 miles, turn left onto Wakefield Dr. After about 1/4 mile, turn left, before the three flag poles, into the data center building parking lot. The building you want is facing you after you turn left at the poles. The lot is semicircular with a man-made pond in the center. Enter the building and ask the guard for directions to the radio club meeting.

FSARC Officers:

President: Richard Dalton WD3C

Secretary: Mike Federico KB3REU

Treasurer: Dave Drew K3DX

K3QBD trustee: Dave Drew K3DX




Monthly meetings held at the Green Turtle restaurant in The Village of Five  Points Lewes, DE 12:00 noon every First Wednesday of the Month

The Green Turtle Sports Bar and Grill, is located at the Village of Five Points, 17388 North Village Main Unit 21, Lewes, DE 19958.

Handhelds will be tuned to the LARS repeater 147.330 MHz.+ PL Tone 156.7 Hz. and 146.52 MHz. Simplex for anyone who may need directions.


Dick Drevo, W3GNQ, President

Mike McClanahan, W3RMM, 1st V.P.

Jim Ippolito,  KB3IOG, 2nd V.P.

Glenn Bilger, W4OCC, Secretary

Joe Dipietrantonio, W3JDP, Treasurer




Meetings of the Kent County Amateur Radio Club are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month 7:00 PM at the Kent County EOC located 911 Public Safety Blvd. Dover, Delaware

KCARC ARES / RACES Meet the last Monday of the month at 7:00PM

Talk in on repeater KC3ARC 146.970 Output 146.370 Input PL 77.0

Woodside repeater KC3ARC 146.910 Output 146.310 Input PL 77.0

Kent County Amateur Radio Club Officers:

President;      Ron Siebach KB3PQF    

Vice-President;    Jay Brackin, W3NUR

Secretary:           Holly Siebach

Treasurer:             Sandy Laws, KA3PJP


Emergency Coordinator  Jay Brackin,  W3NUR




Meetings are held the 3rd  Thursday of each month at 7:30PM at the Sussex Pines Country Club located at 22426 Sussex Pines Road Georgetown, DE 19947-6445

Millsboro, DE Repeater WS3ARA 147.090 Output 147.690 Input P/L 156.7

Bethany Beach,DE Repeater  WS3ARA 145.250 Output 144.650 Input P/L 156.7


President,  Dell Palmer K3AXR

Vice President,  Chuck Betyeman W3DEL

Secretary, Denny Karol KB3MJ

Treasurer, Ray Deskins, WB3GNO

Director, Dell Palmer K3AXR

Director, Bill Duveneck KB3KYH

Director, Herb Quick KF3BT




The Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club meets every third Saturday at the Nanticoke Memorial Hospital at 9:00 AM 801 Middleford Road Seaford, Delaware 19973

Nanticoke Amateur Radio Club NARC Net  Thursday evening at 8:00 PM on the 146.715 (156.7 PL) repeater K3NKT.

Repeater W3TBG Output 145.210 Input 144.610 P/L 156.7

Repeater K3NKT Output 146.715 Input 146.115 P/L 156.7 


President: Patrick Ryan, KW3Z

Vice Pres: Vaughn Russell, W3IJ

Sec/Treas: Dan Braunstein, N3WYN

Director: Rod Eikenberry, N3KNT

Director: Marvin Stumbo, KB3HTE

Director: Layton Timmons, KE3T   




The Delaware Repeater Association Inc. meets Quarterly the months of March, June, September and December on the Second Tuesday at 7:00PM in the Community Room in the right hand side entering thePaul J. Sweeney Public Safety Building 3601 N. DuPont Highway New Castle Delaware 19702 

Repeater  W3DRA  Output 146.730 Input 146.130  P/L 131.8  Wilmington

Repeater  W3DRA  Output 146.700 Input 146.100  P/L 131.8  Newark

Repeater  W3DRA  Output 448.375 Input 443.375  P/L 131.8  Wilmington

Repeater  W3DRA  Output 449.025 Input 444.025  P/L  131.8 Newark

Repeater W3DRA   Output 224.520 Input 222.920  P/L  131.8 Wilmington

Delaware Repeater Association Officers:

President Frank Filipkowski AD3M

VP Dave Stepnowski KC3AM

Treasurer Wayne Hale KB3RVR

Secretary Wayne Hale KB3RVR

Trustee/Register Agent Bill Greenhalgh W3DE

Programmer for controllers Steve Serencko K3MOT

WEB page developer ( Martin Keefe AA3A

Board of Directors Lee Gray W3LDG, Joe Grib KI3B,

John DiGiovanni N3LUD


Christiana Amateur Radio Emergency Service


CARES Meetings are on Tuesday evenings 7:00 pm to
9:00 pm those without a badge need to be escorted.
Location: Christiana Hospital 4755 Ogletown-Stanton
Road Newark DE 19702-5440

Repeater W3CER Output 444.950 Input 449.950 P/L 100.0 Newark

Repeater W3CER Output 444.400 Input 449.400 P/L 100.0 Wilmington

Repeater W3CER Output 442.500 Input 447.500 P/L 100.0 Middletown




Function RX Freq TX Freq Tone Callsign Location

HF TRAFFIC 3.905 3.905 LSB DE Traffic Net DE Section

Alt HF Traffic Frequency 7.280  7.280 LSB 40 Meter Alternate

Alt HF Traffic Frequency  5.357  5.357 USB 60 Meter Center Channel

North DE 146.730 146.130 131.8 W3DRA/R Wilmington,DE

Central DE 146.970 146.370 77.0 KC3ARC/R Dover,DE

Southern DE 147.090 147.690 156.7 WS3ARA/R Georgetown,DE

NCC Co 146.700 146.100 131.8 W3DRA/R Newark,DE

Kent Co 147.300 147.900 77.0 N3KNT/R Hazlettville,DE

Sussex Co 146.715 146.115 156.7 N3KNT/R Seaford,DE

Kent Co 146.655 146.055  156.7 K3CRK/R Smyrna,DE

Bethany 448.725 448725 131.8 W3BXW/R Bethany Beach,DE

Bethany 145.250 144.650 156.7 WS3ARA/R Bethany Beach,DE

DE City 448.825 443.825 131.8 N3JLH/R Delaware City,DE

Delmar 444.050 449.050 156.7 K3RIC/R Delmar,DE

Dover 146.910 146.310 77.0 KC3ARC/R Dover,DE

Dover 449.725 444.725 131.8 W3BXW/R Dover,DE

Dover 146.790 146.190 77.0 N3YMS/R Dover,DE

Dover 444.500 449.500 114.8 N3IOC/R Dover,DE

Georgetown 145.310 144.710 156.7 W3STR/R Georgetown,DE

Greenwood 444.900 449.900 156.7 KD3UI/R Greenwood,DE

Harrington 442.450 447.450 131.8 KB3IWV/R Harrington,DE

Lewes 147.330 147.930 156.7 W3LRS/R Lewes,DE

Lewes 443.550 448.550 156.7 W4ALT/R Lewes,DE

Millsboro 449.825 444.825 156.7 K3JL/R Millsboro,DE

Millsboro 224.840 223.240 156.7 K3JL/R Milsboro,DE

Middletown 442.500 447.500 100.0 W3CER Middletown, DE

Newark 449.025 444.025 131.8 W3DRA/R Newark,DE

Newark 444.950 449.950 100.0 W3CER/R Newark,DE

Newark 145.310 144.710 141.3 W3UD/R Newark,DE

Wilmington 146.955 146.355 131.8 WA3UYJ/R Wilmington,DE

Wilmington 444.400 449.400 100.0 W3CER/R Wilmington,DE

Wilmington 448.375 443.375 131.8 W3DRA/R Wilmington,DE

Wilmington 224.520 222.920 131.8 W3DRA/R Wilmington,DE

Delaware Officials