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Contact Information

Section Name:
Ron Morgan, AD9I
Daytime Phone:
(309) 397-9549

Basic Information


Follow us on Facebook at Illinois Section--American Radio Relay League!

Nominations are now open for the position of Illinois Section Manager.  Anyone that has met the qualifications and has a desire to serve the Illinois Amateur community is welcome to participate. There is a deadline for submittal and a requirement for a few members of the ARRL to sign your nomination form.  My intentions are to submit a form and encourage others to do the same.

This would be a good month to survey your memberships about ARRL affiliation. Now that the smoke has cleared we can we a unified vision for the future of Ham Radio. How many members are in your organization?

I personally will be spending a little time on the air tryiing to work one of the Illinois Amateurs that are on the Bouvet Dxpedition.  It would be nice to have this #2 rated island in my logbook. 

Please visit their website for updates 

I plan to operate RTTY for the NAQP RTTY contest on Feb 10th.

Your Illinois Section News is located at

IL Section Club Information - This is a link to download the listing of Club information that is on the bottom of this webpage.

Affiliated Club Registration and Renewal - Noah Sevcik K9BZY has set up a link to allow one place for clubs to get registered. There is a link here to do the paperwork.

2016 Illinois Interoperability Field Operations Guide - This manual is updated every two years and is available for download in the files section of the Section News.

Cabinet Members

SM/AD--Ron Morgan AD9I
ASM--Mike Nowack NA9Q
ASM--Scott DeSantis KB9VRW
SEC--Fritz Bock WD9FMB
OOC/AD--Tim Childers K9CQ
PIC -- Vicky Whitaker KD9BAU
SGL -- Charlie Richey K9DUE
ACC -- Noah Sevcik, K9BZY
TC--John Dinnella WA9IL 
ASEC--Robert Littler W9DSR
ASEC--Danny Pease NG9R
ASEC--Garret Robinson KC9FVK
ASEC Pat Stowell, N9PN
ASEC--Gary Shanks KA9FAJ
ASEC--Curtis Williams W5DTR                                                   

District Emergency Coordinators:

District 2--Lloyd Sherman KB9APW,
District 3--Dale Marzano N9JH, ADEC Debby Gray, WX9VOR
District 4--Robert (Bob) Langsfeld WB9TZC  ADEC for Cook County 
District 6--Gary Shanks KA9FAJ,
District 7--Josh Kittle, N9WEW,
District 8--Curtis Williams W5DTR, ADEC Chris Pixton KC9EIZ
District 9--Jim Hudson WB9QPM,
District 11--Bruce Talley WA9APQ

Newsletter Topics
==> Section Manager Report
==> Net Reports
==> Illiniois Club Websites
==> Club Presentations

==> Section Manager Report

The Valley Amateur Repeater Association, VARA, is pleased to announce the following changes to our facilities.

After many decades of service the 146.790 MHz repeater antenna was
changed to something more in line with our traditional service.  Give
it a try, reports have been good.  Drop by our regular Monday night net
at 8:00 pm local time if you get a chance, we'll be happy to hear from you.

In other VARA news, the dual mode analog/Yaesu FUSION 70cm repeater operating on 444.950 MHz was replaced with a dual mode analog and APCO/P-25 mode repeater on the same frequency.  The FUSION mode received essentially no use, so we switched to APCO/P-25.

The 444.975 MHz CC-1 DMR repeater remains unchanged and is on the Chicagoland C-Bridge network.  For more information on the Chicagoland DMR network see

The club invites you to check out the repeaters.  For club and repeater

Please join me in welcoming Noah Sevcik, K9BZY as our new cabinet member holding the position of Affiliated Club Coordinator.

From your SEC...

In collaboration with Ron Morgan, AD9I, Illinois Section Manager, Robert Littler, W9DSR, ASEC and Debby Gray, WX9VOR, District 3 DEC…the announcement is being made to appoint Robert (Bob) Langsfeld WB9TZC as ADEC for District 4, Cook County serving the North West Central Dispatch System Communities (NWCDC). Cook County is a complex area involving many different communities within its border. With Bob’s appointment, we will continue to further subdivide this area to ensure the best possible fit to provide the served agencies with amateur radio support.

NWCDS serves the following communities Arlington Hts. Police and Fire, 
Buffalo Grove Police and Fire, Elk Grove Police and Fire,
Hoffman Estates Police and Fire, Inverness Police, Mount Prospect Police and Fire,
Palatine Police and Fire, Prospect Hts. Police, Rolling Meadows Police and Fire, Schaumburg Police and Fire,
Streamwood Police and Fire, Barrington Country Side Fire Protection District and the Palatine Rural Fire District

In this position Bob will be working with the Public Safety Access Points agencies and the Joint Emergency Coordinator to bring the rest of North West Central Dispatch System together. We have Palatine, Elk Grove, Hoffman Estates, and Schaumburg already meeting together with EM-COMM Round table and have the opportunity to bring the others in to strengthen our response and exercise team. Bob believes that the Joint Emergency Management System will be looking at the various volunteer groups in our PSAP like AUX COMM / ARES, MRC, CERT, and Fire Rehab forming a combined training and exercise program in the future.

Bob will be working with several clubs in the covered area and many of the area clubs provide public service to the communities and assist each other. He will also interface with the Salvation Army territorial headquarters here in Hoffman Estates as another served agency. This is in addition to serving three hospitals in his area.

From Bob, “My background as a ham goes back to Mt Prospect Civil Defense where I earned my Ham license. I spent time traveling to Olsen Electronics, Allied Radio, Lafayette and the Heath Kit store to build kits and projects. I got started in CB and SWL listening, learned electronics in High School and College and worked in Medical Imaging Electronics. Many of my class mates did the same and are still active Hams.” "Ever since High School I was interested in Emergency Management and the operations side of the Fire Department. "I have been to countless public service events, floods and a tornado or two over the years as a Ham. Eventually an opportunity opened up for me to become the Emergency Management Coordinator in Hoffman Estates where I was a volunteer. I’ve been the Coordinator for the past several years." One of my believes is every Ham has the duty to serve the public and that it is necessary to justify the use of the radio spectrum we use on a daily basis.

Bob will be using his contacts with Local, County, and State Emergency Management Agencies, Red Cross, Salvation Army and our served Hospitals to promote and include them in ARES activities.

==>  Net Report

Illinois NTS Annual Report

2017 was another active year of receiving, relaying and delivering Radiograms within the Illinois Section. We continue to have four ARRL affiliated traffic nets active with liaison to the Region, Central and independent traffic nets.

North Central Phone Net (NCPN) presently includes traffic handlers in the states of IL, IN, IA and occasionally a MI, OH and WI will check in. A very excellent group. After traffic is passed we will allow time for comments. This net begins at 0700 Illinois time and is over by 0725 in order for the Indiana Traffic net to operate on the same frequency at 0730 Illinois time. This net meets Monday thru Friday on 3912 KCS. Net Manager is Roy KA9MZJ and net control operators are: Monday Jim W9JB, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Roy KA9MZJ, and Friday Jim WB9EDL. As you can see we are in need of additional NCS operators. Jim WB9QPM is our Alternate NCS and keeps statistics for all our traffic nets.
The NCPN handled  400 radiograms in 2017. I am looking for someone to step up and serve as a Net Manager for the NCPN.

Illinois Phone Net (IPN) presently includes traffic handlers in the states of IL, IN, IA and TN. This group consists of some of the NCPN operators and others that due to scheduling are only able to participate at the 1645 Illinois time slot on 3857 KCS Monday thru Friday and then again at 0800 Illinois time on 3940 as a rollcall net. Net Manager is Roy KA9MZJ who serves as a NCS operator along with Jim WB9QPM. We are looking for NCS operators for this net. IPN handled 344 Radiograms in 2017.  I’m looking for someone to step up and serve as a Net Manager for the IPN also.

Illinois Sideband Net (ISN) is the primary NTS net in the Illinois section. They meet daily at 1800 local time on 3905 KCS. The net manager is Jim WB9QPM: NCS’s are Jim WB9QPM, Roy KA9MZJ, Monty WA9REW, Dave K0RJL. This net has liaisons with the ILN (cw), 9th Region ARRL nets  and the 75 meter (independent) traffic net. The ISN handled 749 Radiograms in 2017. This net is looking for additional NCS operators.

The Illinois CW net (ILN) continues to operate on the schedule of daily at 1915 local time on 3535 KCS and also has liaisons with the 9th Region and Central Area Nets (CAN). The net manager is Joel W9NXM with Bob KF9ME assisting with NCS duties. CW speed will vary depending on operator’s skill level. This net gives you fantastic opportunity to hone your CW skills and become familiar with the world of CW traffic handling.

A goal of mine for 2018 is to introduce the use FEMA ISC 213 message form into our Section NTS nets as a learning tool to assist the ARES groups using that format during their exercises and actual disasters.

73’s and hope to hear more ARES operators on the NTS nets.


Roy Eades ASM/STM

Illinois Sideband Net webpage

Illinois Nets
This is a link to the open Amateur Nets

Ye Olde Traffic Report:

September 2017 monthly reports are:

Illinois Side Band Net - Net Manager WB9QPM
Daily on 3905 at 1800 local time
QNI 262 QTC 83 Sessions 30

Illinois Phone Net - Net Manager KA9MZJ
M-F on 3857 at 1645 local time
Sunday on 3940 at 0800 local time
QNI 146 QTC 25 Sessions 25

North Central Phone Net – Net Manager KA9MZJ
M-F on 3912 at 0700 local time
QNI 224 QTC 41 Sessions 21

Illinois CW Net (ILN) Net Manager W9NXM
Daily on 3537 at 1915 local time
QNI  49 QTC 0 Sessions 23

==> Illiniois Club Websites

Links to the Illinois Section Club Websites ( This listing is growing as information comes across my desk.)  In a few weeks, this list will be posted at the end of the Section News.  We could use more information from other clubs as well, 

ALGONQUIN - Suburban UHF Amateur Repeater Society 
AMBOY - Lee County Amateur Radio Club 
ANA - Union County Amateur Radio Club
BATAVIA - Fox River Radio League 
BELLEVILLE - St. Clair Amateur Radio Club
Bloomington - Central Illinois Radio Club
BOLINGBROOK - Bolingbrook Amateur Radio Society 
Bond County - Okaw Valley Amateur Radio Club
BRIDGEVIEW - Suburban Technical Amateur Radio System a.k.a. Suburban Technical Amateur Radio Club (STARS) 
BROOKFIELD - Six Meter Club Of Chicago
CANTON - Fulton County Amateur Radio Club
CARBONDALE - Southern Illinois University Amateur Radio Club 
CARLINVILLE - Macoupin County Amateur Radio Club 
Carrier Mills - Southern Counties Amateur Network
CENTRALIA - Centralia Wireless Association Inc.
CHAMPAIGN - Twin City Amateur Radio Club 
CLAREDON HILLS - DuPage Amateur Radio Club 
CRESTWOOD - Hamfesters Radio Club 
Crystal Lake - McHenry County Wireless Association 
DANVILLE - Vermillion County Amateur Radio Association 
DEKALB - Kishwaukee Amateur Radio Club 
DECATUR - Cenois Amateur Radio Club 
DIXON - Rock River Amateur Radio Club 
EAST MOLINE - Green River Valley Amateur Radio Society 
EVANSTON - Metro Amateur Radio Club
FLORA - Clay County Area Amateur Radio Club 
GALVA - Area Amateur Radio Operators
GENOA - Big Thunder Amateur Radio Club 
GODFREY - Lewis & Clark Radio Club, Inc. 
GRANITE CITY - Egyptian Radio Club 
Grundy County - Grundy County Amateur Radio Club
HERRIN - Shawnee Amateur Radio Association
HIGHLAND PARK - North Shore Radio Club 
HILLSBORO - Montgomery County Amateur Radio Emergency Corp
HOMEWOOD - Tri-Town Radio Amateur Club 
INA - Rend Lake College Amateur Radio Club 
JACKSONVILLE - Jacksonville Amateur Radio Society 
Jonesboro - Union County Amateur Radio Club
Kane County - Kane County ARES
KANKAKEE - Kankakee Area Radio Society 
LaGrange - Six Meter Club of Chicago
Lake County - RACES/ARES
LEONORE - Starved Rock Radio Club 
LIBERTYVILLE - Libertyville County RACES/ARES Group 
LOVINGTON - Moultrie Amateur Radio Klub 
MACOMB - Lamoine Emergency Amateur Radio Club 
MORRIS - Metro DX Club 
MOUNT VERNON - Amateur Radio Club of Mt. Vernon 
NORRIDGE - Chicago FM Club 
NORRIDGE - Society Radio Operators 
OAK PARK - Chicago Suburban Radio Association 
PEORIA - Peoria Area Amateur Radio Club 
QUINCY - Western Illinois Amateur Radio Club 
ROCKFORD - Rockford Amateur Radio Association 
ROUND LAKE BEACH - Stoned Monkey VHF Amateur Radio Club 
SCHAUMBURG - Motorola Amateur Radio Club  
SCHAUMBURG - Schaumburg Amateur Radio Club
SESSER - Little Egypt Amateur Radio Society 
SPRINGFIELD - Sangamon Valley Amateur Radio Club 
STERLING - Sterling Rockfalls Amateur Radio Society 
Tinley Park/Cook County - MetroDxClub
SMC TRIVOLI - Society of Midwest Contesters (Go SMC!)
VILLA PARK - York Radio Club Inc.
WATSEKA - Iroquois County Amateur Radio Group 
WAUCONDA - Cortek Radio Association 
WHEATON - Wheaton Community Radio Amateurs 
WILMETTE - Northern Illinois DX Association 
XENIA - Xenia Wireless Association 

==> Club Presentations

Impedance Matching by Ward Silver


Impedance Matching 101, PR and the Storm, NAPA Earthquake and ARES Response, LOTW and TQSL, LOTW for Satellite Ops, Getting Started in HF 101, An Introduction to NVIS Antennas, A Look inside the ARRL HQ, Getting Started with HF Digital

Illinois Officials