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Tom Ciciora KA9QPN

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SM--Tom Ciciora KA9QPN
ASM/SRM--Ron Morgan, KB9NW
ASM/SEC--Brad Pioveson, W9FX
ASM/ASEC--Shari Harlan, N9SH
ACC--Scott DeSantis KB9VRW
SGL--Charles Richey, K9DUE
STM--Roy Eades, KA9MZJ
PIC--Fritz Bock, WD9FMB
TC--John Dinella, WA9IL
OOC--Tim Childers, KB9FBI
ASEC--Curtis Williams, W5DTR
ASEC--Kelly Robertson, KC9FVK
ASEC--Pat Ryan, KC6VVT
ASEC--Pat Stowell, N9PN
ASEC/Digital Ops--Danny Pease NG9R
DEC: Region 2--Lloyd Sherman KB9APW,
Region 3--Dale Marzano N9JH, Region 4--Neil Ormos N9NL, Region 6--Gary Shanks KA9FAJ, Region 7--OPEN, Region 9--John Van Sandt N9YRX, Region 8--Curtis Williams W5DTR, Region 11--Bruce Talley WA9APQ

From the top...
**There is still a lot of work to do on HR 4969. At this time, we have thirty-two co-sponsors, plus the original two sponsors. There will be a flurry of activity in DC during the next few weeks, then Congress will adjourn during October for the runup to the election. Afterwards, there will be the lame duck session until any newly elected Congressmen and Senators are seated. The resolution will still be live during that lame duck session, and the thinking is that conditions will be optimal to get it passed during that time. If we do not, we'll need to start all over next session. Optimistically, if we were to collect a bunch of co-sponsors, the FCC might concede the obvious and go ahead with the business of extending PRB-1 to private property. Please follow the instructions on the League website for submitting comments, so your letter doesn't get shunted off for anthrax testing until next May. Campaign time is the perfect opportunity to catch your representative live, so don't miss those opportunities.
**You can also check on the co-sponsor count at

Get informed...
**Sometimes, we collectively become too smart for our own good and let technology run ahead of us. Case in point: I was doing my usual trolling of various club newsletters, looking for material for the News (because I rarely get submissions from the field, but I digress...). In the current issue of the Fox River RL ArcOver, I found a reprint of an article by Dan Romanchik, KB6NU. It was a report of a brewing controversy over remote stations. Perhaps you are familiar with these: contest-grade stations which can be remotely controlled via the Internet by a qualified licensee. As a result of this technology, the League's DX Advisory Committee has suggested a rule change. This change would stipulate that a QSO would count towards DXCC credit only when the remote user and the controlled station were 200 kilometers or less apart. There are a lot of strong opinions floating around on this matter. One of the louder voices is that of one Rockwell Schrock WW1X, who feels that such a rule change is detrimental. And, well he would feel that way, as the gentleman is the lead developer for, who charges remote users to operate superstations set up around the world. On one hand, it's nice that hams without the ability to assemble a really nice station can actually operate one if they have the means and the bandwidth. Over the years, I've been fortunate to operate from much nicer stations than my old TS-140 and G5RV at 20 feet, including W1AW. It's quite a thrill to do so when your own equipment installation is marginal (read 'sucks'). I'm not a real big DXer, but I'm sure that part of the kick of collecting those DXCC countries is tweaking your station until it screams 'uncle' so as to get the best performance. Now, imagine short-circuiting all of that effort by merely paying the fee and connecting to an already tweaked station, there to make contacts at will. I imagine that there is nothing 'wrong' with the concept of remote operating, but it also inspires a vague uneasiness (to this writer, at least) as to the moral correctness. Again, technology is screaming forward and a lot of us are scrambling to catch up. There will be more of these discussions as time goes on, and over concepts that we have not yet even imagined.
**You can still register to participate in supporting the 2014 Bank Of America Chicago Marathon on 12 October. The registration process starts at  and closes on 6 October.

Around the Section...
**The Palatine ARES/RACES is holding a Technician license class beginning on 1 October and continuing for the next six Wednesday evenings from 7PM to 9:30PM. The course itself has no cost, but a requirement is to purchase the currently valid Ham Radio License Manual. This is an opportunity to attend a class series that actually shows the material instead of relying on a day cram to your short term memory, leaving you wondering what to do later. Contact Chuck Towner AE9CT at his email address if interested.
**The Illinois QSO Party is scheduled for 19 October, once again brought to us by the efforts of the Western Illinois ARC. Said it before and I'll say it again: organizing and pulling such an event together is not trivial, and involves so much more than what's seen. Many thanks to the Club for their considerable efforts since 2006. The best thanks that you can offer is to get out there and participate. Again, it would be nice to see all 102 Illinois counties active for this exercise. There are counties in the southern part of the Section which have only a handful of licensees. Factor out the inactive and the SKs, and it's slim pickings. There are some rover efforts being organized to help this situation, and hopefully, there are enough to make the entire state live.
**Reminding you that on Saturday, (20 September), I'll have the 8:30AM forum at the Peoria Superfest. I'll be covering HR-4969 and anything else that might be brought forward. After that, it's back north for the W9DXCC Convention in Schaumburg that afternoon/evening. These are two of the larger events in the Section each year, and I'm looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Ye Olde Traffic Report DE KA9MZJ...

Illinois Side Band Net - Net Manager WB9QPM
Daily on 3905 at 1800 local time
QNI 216 QTC 57 Sessions 31
Illinois Phone Net - Net Manager K9GYI
M-F on 3857 at 1645 local time
Sunday on 3940 at 0810 local time - right after the Illinois Emergency Net
QNI 229 QTC 23 Sessions 26
Illinois Emergency Net - Net Manager K9HEZ
Sunday on 3940 at 0800 local time
QNI 76 QTC 8 Sessions 5
North Central Phone Net – Net Manager K9HEZ
M-F on 3912 at 0700 local time
QNI 263 QTC 9 Sessions 21
Illinois CW Net (ILN)   Net Manager WB8SIM
Daily on 3838 at 1915 local time   
QNI  39 QTC 5 Sessions 12
W9NXM reporting

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