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Tom Ciciora KA9QPN

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SM--Tom Ciciora KA9QPN
ASM/SRM--Ron Morgan, KB9NW
ASM/SEC--Brad Pioveson, W9FX
ASM/ASEC--Shari Harlan, N9SH
ACC--Scott DeSantis KB9VRW
SGL--Charles Richey, K9DUE
STM--Roy Eades, KA9MZJ
PIC--Fritz Bock, WD9FMB
TC--John Dinella, WA9IL
OOC--Tim Childers, KB9FBI
ASEC--Curtis Williams, W5DTR
ASEC--Kelly Robertson, KC9FVK
ASEC--Pat Ryan, KC6VVT
ASEC--Pat Stowell, N9PN
ASEC/Digital Ops--Danny Pease NG9R
DEC: Region 2--Lloyd Sherman KB9APW,
Region 3--Dale Marzano N9JH, Region 4--Neil Ormos N9NL, Region 6--Gary Shanks KA9FAJ, Region 7--OPEN, Region 9--John Van Sandt N9YRX, Region 8--Curtis Williams W5DTR, Region 11--Bruce Talley WA9APQ

From the top...
**If you haven't already heard, both Dick Isely W9GIG, our Division Director and Kermit Carlson W9XA, our Vice Director were both unopposed in the recent election and have been declared reelected for another three year term. I personally am pleased to be able to continue working with these guys.
**Nobody wants to be the bearer of bad news, and that's how I feel in this moment. But, for those who came in late, the League is raising dues $10 a year effective the first of 2016. Life memberships go to $1225. The last dues increase was in 2001, and the folks at HQ have done their very best to contain costs. But, there are costs that are out of their control and generally out of control. Costs like utilities, postage, insurance, to name a few. Yes, there are a lot of ads in QST, but the cost is tied to audited circulation. Those ads don't bring in nearly the revenue that similar copy would in a Time or People. They do help to keep the cost of the magazine itself reasonable. Your dues also help facilitate our efforts in Congress on the Amateur Radio Parity Act, along with other taken-for-granted things like Logbook of the World, various award programs, the Product Reviews in the ARRL Lab, and other activities. The folks in Newington get a lot done with what we send them. We. Me, too. You can always get in before the deadline with a life membership at the current rate, and solve that problem of recurring dues in perpetuity.

Get informed...
**In this month's E-Letter, Marty Woll N6VI, (Southwest Division Vice Director), makes the case for contesting as a way to build skills for EmComm/Public Service activities. In brief, he believes that the disciplines involved in a productive contest effort pull through into necessary skills when the flag flies.
**The dates for next winter's DXpedition to the South Sandwich and South Georgia islands have been announced. Looks like it will be South Sandwich on or about 17 January, and South Georgia ten or so days later. The emphasis will be on South Sandwich, as that entity is #3 on the Most Wanted list, while South Georgia is #8. Good luck to all involved.
**No more word on the rumored attempt to activate Short Round's North Korea.
**Time is up for early discounted registration, but there is still time to register for the upcoming ARRL/TAPR Digital Communications Conference. The Conference takes place on 9-11 October, at the Double Tree Hotel In Arlington Heights. The agenda is loaded with all things digital. The Conference hasn't been held in the Chicago area since 2009, so supporting it by showing up may influence the organizers to not wait so long to hold the event around here.
**Also coming up quickly is the Illinois QSO Party, ably administered by the Western Illinois ARC. The date is 18 October, from 1700Z to 0100Z that evening. Logs have to be submitted by 18 November. This is a great way to dip your toe in the water of Radiosport without having to feel pressured to burn an entire weekend to see if it's your cup of tea. And, maybe...just maybe, we'll see all 102 counties active.

Around the Section...
**.Had a very enjoyable time at both the Chicago FM Club's Radio Expo and the Peoria Area ARC's Superfest over the last two weekends. That's pretty much the last hurrah for outdoor events for the year. Both events featured good turnouts and fair weather.
**Looking at the McHenry County Wireless Assn. News, it's very disturbing to see an article featuring a jamming device that was found near their repeater site last January. This thing was placed specifically to render that repeater useless. I look at repeater jammers in the same fashion that I look at channel cops, "ethical" hackers, "free 'Mericun" broadcasters, people who transmit on the DX station, those who overdrive their audio and people in black BDUs driving old squad cars. They serve no purpose whatsoever and just need to go away. I don't see the entertainment in interfering with others' hard work and leisure time. Of course, I don't see the point in graffiti or network intrusions, either. It's all just plain vandalism that serves no purpose but to give some weird gratification to the misguided. In recognizing that the offender exists, we are probably enhancing his/her jollies, but someone knows who this person is. And, they need to help get the problem corrected.
**Tomorrow (23 September) marks the first day of autumn, and the signal to start getting your antennas ready for winter. Even if everything is operating OK, a quick inspection either on the roof or via binoculars might catch a problem before it rears its head on a -20° night during a contest. Don't work alone on the roof/tower, and mind the power lines. If it starts to fall, let it go!

Ye Olde Traffic Report DE KA9MZJ...

"The traffic nets continue to experience the normal summer time conditions."

Illinois Side Band Net - Net Manager WB9QPM
Daily on 3905 at 1800 local time
QNI 247 QTC 45 Sessions 31
Illinois Phone Net - Net Manager K9GYI
M-F on 3857 at 1645 local time
Sunday on 3940 at 0800 local time
QNI 218 QTC 25 Sessions 26
North Central Phone Net – Net Manager K9HEZ
M-F on 3912 at 0700 local time
QNI 309 QTC 2 Sessions 21
Illinois CW Net (ILN)   Net Manager WB8SIM
Daily on 3838 at 1915 local time    
QNI  98 QTC 7 Sessions 28

Illinois Officials