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Tom Ciciora KA9QPN

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SM--Tom Ciciora KA9QPN
ASM/SRM--Ron Morgan, KB9NW
ASM/SEC--Brad Pioveson, W9FX
ASM/ASEC--Shari Harlan, N9SH
ACC--Scott DeSantis KB9VRW
SGL--Charles Richey, K9DUE
STM--Roy Eades, KA9MZJ
PIC--Fritz Bock, WD9FMB
TC--John Dinella, WA9IL
OOC--Tim Childers, KB9FBI
ASEC--Curtis Williams, W5DTR
ASEC--Kelly Robertson, KC9FVK
ASEC--Pat Ryan, KC6VVT
ASEC--Pat Stowell, N9PN
ASEC/Digital Ops--Danny Pease NG9R
DEC: Region 2--Lloyd Sherman KB9APW,
Region 3--Dale Marzano N9JH, Region 4--Neil Ormos N9NL, Region 6--Gary Shanks KA9FAJ, Region 7--OPEN, Region 9--John Van Sandt N9YRX, Region 8--Curtis Williams W5DTR, Region 11--Bruce Talley WA9APQ

From the top...
**Every so often, I get the opportunity to speak to a club or group. Usually, it's variations on whatever is going on in our community. Sometimes, it's not enough for the time allotted, and I get to improvise. The last time that this happened, I thought for a moment, and offered the opinion that it is a good time to be us. US licenses are at an all-time high. We can quibble over the number of active hams, the number of SKs, the "cram to order" people who don't own equipment or operate and on. Fact remains that, by the numbers, we are slowly growing. Our current choices of equipment are a marvel and run the gamut from contest grade HF rigs that do things that were not even dreams a few years ago, to the near throwaway SDR handhelds that allow anyone with $50 and a license to participate. Barring last minute glitches, we're about to get two new VLF bands, which will invigorate the homebrew crowd. DXpeditions are happening that are activating long dormant and long needed countries. Love it or hate it, remote operating is causing both changes and heartburn to HF operators. It seems that every time that we turn around, a new digital mode for the keyboard appears, along with some older ones back for another round. Nearly as soon as the VHF/UHF digital voice scene seems to calm down, along comes another mode for our consideration. The microwaves are far from being neglected, as another group of homebrewers keep them buzzing and away from commercial interests who covet those bands. Space communications is more than ARISS contacts, and the equipment required gets more minimal by the day. Our inroads with Served Agencies makes us a dependable resource When All Else Fails. High altitude balloons, school clubs, digital video, broadband hamnet and more that just slips my mind right now. Yes, we have slob operators, repeater jammers, and people in black BDUs and old squad cars. But these are irritations that we can and should work around. Our Service is vibrant, alive and growing. It's a good time to be us.
**I'll get the odd angry email every so often that takes me to task as to how the League is either ruining the Service, not doing enough to promote Amateur Radio, or some other grievance. Some of these folks aren't even members, and frankly I trash their criticisms. If they have a problem that I can put resources on, I will help, as the League exists for the good of Amateur Radio. That doesn't mean that I need to listen to the rest. Thing is, there have been several upstarts who claimed to offer an 'alternative voice' besides the League. Can you name one? Me, either, as they are all gone. The ARRL has prevailed for over a hundred years now, and has served as our voice for that time. And, as members, you are all part of the mix and able to help. Even if it's something simple like writing that letter to help get co-sponsors for the Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015, volunteering in a club or as an Elmer, or as one of those wonderful people in our Field Organization who keep me looking good. Many hands make light work and everyone is important.
**If you have not gotten your Member of Congress on board with co-sponsoring the Amateur Radio Parity Act, please write the letter or make the phone call. Our Senators also need to be persuaded to co-sponsor the companion bill in the Senate. For those of you who have been on the fence because of a belief that the Act would meddle in private contracts, the League's general counsel, Chris Imlay W3KD, has gone on record that the Act would not invalidate "contracts" as a contract is the product of negotiation between two parties, and not something shoved under the nose of a prospective homebuyer with a "sign this, too". I'm oversimplifying, but you can find Mr. Imlay's interview with Gary Pearce KN4AQ on HamRadioNow.

Get informed...
**The end of an era as Rockwell Collins bows out of the mechanical filter business due to reduction in demand and "other economic reasons". I can see the latter, because it supposedly takes up to twelve weeks to produce a single filter. Add the fact that current DSP technology can do it more simply. DSP just meshes better with the coming wave of software defined radios. Still, one hates to see a staple like this pass from the scene. Unfortunate, but a reality of the march of technology.
**Still some time to register to assist in the 2015 Chicago Marathon, which will be held on Sunday, October 11. Fill out the form at: Registration is closing soon, so get going if you are so inclined.
**Ron Ochu KO0Z sends word that the Macoupin County ARC and the Okaw Valley ARC drafted a joint resolution, requesting that the Members of Congress serving the clubs' areas sign on to HR 1301. The membership of both clubs signed the resolution and delivered it to one of the representative's aides (who really control what happens anyway!). An outstanding idea.

Around the Section...
**Had a wonderful time at the West Central Illinois Hamfest in Carlinville on 1 August. Nice, enthusiastic crowd and good discussion at the forum which I moderated. Thanking Ron KO0Z and the rest of the club membership for the invitation.
**The Peoria Area ARC has begun online ticket sales for Superfest on 19-20 September. Which I've always found as convenient. The keynote speaker will be Bob Bruninga W4APR, the developer and godfather of APRS. Also next month will be the W9DXCC DX Convention on 11-12 September and the Chicago FM Club's Radio Expo, also on the 12th. Reason that I mention these both is that I plan to be at both events. Belvedere to Schaumburg will be a bit easier than Peoria to Elk Grove Village was last year!

Ye Olde Traffic Report DE KA9MZJ...

Illinois Side Band Net - Net Manager WB9QPM
Daily on 3905 at 1800 local time
QNI 229 QTC 38 Sessions 31
Illinois Phone Net - Net Manager K9GYI
M-F on 3857 at 1645 local time
Sunday on 3940 at 0800 local time
QNI 185 QTC 10 Sessions 27
North Central Phone Net – Net Manager K9HEZ
M-F on 3912 at 0700 local time
QNI 341 QTC 5 Sessions 23
Illinois CW Net (ILN)   Net Manager WB8SIM
Daily on 3838 at 1915 local time   
QNI  53 QTC 7 Sessions 19

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