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And now some news from our new PIO Roxanne Baxter AA7RX.



Hello! My name is Roxanne Baxter, AA7RX, and I have recently stepped into the 

role of Public Information Coordinator for the Nebraska section after the 
resignation of Jeff Beiermann, WB0M.  I’m looking forward to helping us spread 
the word about amateur radio to the public, especially during Field Day next 
I studied electronics in high school, at my first college, and in the Air Force.  
I did not pursue my license primarily due to the Morse code requirements, but to 
be completely honest, my first impression of ham radio operators was not a very 
positive one.  Why would I, as a young woman, want to be around a bunch of 
grumpy old men? 
I changed my mind after attending a science fiction/fantasy convention called 
Dragon*Con in Atlanta, Georgia during Memorial Day weekend 2010.  The Atlanta 
Radio Club gave a fun presentation about how ham radio could help save the world 
if the CDC (which is based in Atlanta) inadvertently released a zombie virus 
upon the populace.  After two hours’ worth of presentations and demonstrations, 
I was hooked! 
I earned my first license less than a month after the convention, and I upgraded 
to Amateur Extra ten months after that.  
Looking back, I wish that I had known more about amateur radio when I was 
younger.  I feel like I’ve missed out on something that I really would have 
enjoyed, and I really wish that someone had let me know about the many diverse 
interests that are wrapped up into one hobby.  
That’s where you come in. 
Field Day is coming up on June 28-29, 2014.  If you belong to a club that is 
hosting a Field Day event, I encourage you to help out, if possible.  If you 
aren’t a member of a club, see if you can find a local group who is hosting a 
public Field Day. Even if all you do is go to the event wearing your callsign 
hat, you will have the opportunity to share your favorite aspects of the hobby 
with the public.  Amateur radio, like any hobby or activity, needs new people to 
get involved.  (Yes, I know that this may not be a popular opinion.)  We want 
the public to see us in a positive light, because we never know when we might 
need their votes to help us continue using our valuable radio spectrum.  We want 
to be trusted in emergencies.  We want to be a valued and respected part of our 
Our Section Manager, Matt, KA0BOJ, has already issued a challenge to all of you 
to help new people become hams and to encourage ARRL membership.  I’m going to 
add another challenge.  I want to hear about your plans for Field Day 2014.  
Send me an email ( and let me know what you plan to do this year.  
Are you volunteering with a club?  Working other Field Day stations from home?  
Skipping the whole thing?  No matter what, I want to know.  Make sure you 
include your callsign, and make sure your address is correct on  
Please keep it clean, since your plans may be published in next month’s edition 
of this newsletter.  Everyone who writes to me by May 25th will be considered 
for prizes. 
I’m looking forward to hearing from you! 
73 & 88, 

ve a couple of simple yet easily obtainable goals for each and everyone of us.  There are a little over 4,000 hams in the state of Nebraska.  A little over 800 ARRL members.  Here's the challenge.  Each and everyone of us 4,000 need to introduce a new person to this hobby and help them get licensed.  If just half of us do that, we would have over 6,000 plus hams.  For each one of us that are ARRL members, we need to get just ONE more person to join the league.  You have 11 months to get that done.  And I'll sweeten the pot.  So, here it is, and I guarantee that no other Section Manager is doing this.

For every ham that YOU PERSONALLY bring to the hobby and help them get their ticket, I will GIVE you a hat with YOUR callsign on it and the callsign of the NEW HAM.  I will make that retroactive to January 1st, 2014.  ALSO, the same criteria for getting someone to become an ARRL member as well, in otherwords, you convince them to become a member.  This is for a NEW member and NOT a re-newal.  E-mail me with your callsign and that of the NEW member - NEW ham.  I will verify their membership thru the ARRL.  Both of you will benefit.

So, are you up to the challenge?.  It's HIGH time, that the Nebraska Section leads the way.  


Matt Anderson


Nebraska Section Manager



Section Traffic Manager and Section Emergency Coordinator

Net Reports - April 2013

Nebraska 40 Meter Net, Sessions 20, QNI 220, QTC 0, Reported by KW0R
Cornhusker Net, Sessions 30, QNI 377, QTC 4, Reported by K0CWW
Nebraska CW Net, no report
Nebraska Morning Phone Net, Sessions 30, QNI 1673, QTC 54, Reported by KA0DOC
Nebraska Storm Net, Sessions 30, QNI 1528, QTC 6, Reported by AG0L
One Sixty Meter Weather Net, no report
West Nebraska Net, Sessions 26, QNI 1352, QTC 234, Reported by K0RRL
Buffalo County ARES, Sessions 4, QNI 59, QTC 0, Reported by WA0LST
Dodge County ARES, Sessions 4, QNI 29, QTC 1, Reported by KC0KKE
Eastern Nebraska ARES Net, Sessions 30, QNI 839, QTC 0, Reported by KN0RKY
Mid-Nebraska ARES Net, Sessions 13, QNI 102, QTC 1, Reported by KC0MWM
NPPARC, Sessions 5, QNI 37, QTC 0, Reported by WD0D
Platte Valley 2-Meter Net, Sessions 4, QNI 36, QTC 0, Reported by KW0R
W0IRZ Memorial ARES Net, Sessions 4, QNI 58, QTC 4, Reported by W0WHY
Elkhorn Valley ARC, Sessions 5, QNI 25, QTC 5, Reported by KD0JE

* Net Report Legend: Sessions=Number of times net called, QNI=Number of Station Check-ins, QTC=Formal Traffic Count

Traffic Totals

Traffic Count: K0PTK: 303 PSHR Total = 115
Traffic Count: WA4STO: 1582 PSHR Total = 140
WA4STO: DRS: Rcvd: 230, Sent: 942 for Total of 1172
WA4STO: BPL = YES, Orig: 327: Rcvd: 252; Sent: 996; Dlvd: 7 for Total of 1582

Public Service Honor Roll
(Please visit for more information about the honor roll.)

KE6DZD                  100  hours                                             


KBØZZT                   150 hours  


WBØWXS                  26  hours


WØHXL                    38 hours  


WBØCMC                 25 hours


KEØXQ                    110 hours


ACØDQ                    40 hours


KAØJTI                     30  hours


WBØMWB                 55 hours


NØXY and KB0DNP - no report.


Still had a few issues on unlicensed truckers.

Net Reports - May 2013

Ashland ARES 2 meter net, Sessions 3, QNI 24, QTC 3

Nebraska 40 Meter Net, Sessions 25, QNI 245, QTC 2, Reported by KW0R
Nebraska Cornhusker Net, Sessions 26, QNI 247, QTC 8, Reported by K0CWW
Nebraska CW Net, Sessions 23, QNI 51, QTC 22, Reported by AA0W
Nebraska Morning Phone Net, Sessions 30, QNI 1695, QTC 39, Reported by KA0DOC
Nebraska Storm Net, Sessions 31, QNI 1235, QTC 7, Reported by AG0L
One Sixty Meter Weather Net, no report
West Nebraska Net, Sessions 27, QNI 1363, QTC 227, Reported by K0RRL
Buffalo County ARES, Sessions 3, QNI 27, QTC 0, Reported by WA0LST
Dodge County ARES, Sessions 5, QNI 32, QTC 0, Reported by KC0KKE
Eastern Nebraska ARES Net, Sessions 31, QNI 970, QTC 0, Reported by KN0RKY
Mid-Nebraska ARES Net, Sessions 14, QNI 118, QTC 1, Reported by KC0MWM
NPPARC, no report
Platte Valley 2-Meter Net, Sessions 4, QNI 24, QTC 0, Reported by KW0R
W0IRZ Memorial ARES Net, Sessions 4, QNI 55, QTC 4, Reported by W0WHY
Elkhorn Valley ARC, Sessions 4, QNI 16, QTC 4, Reported by KD0JE

* Net Report Legend: Sessions=Number of times net called, QNI=Number of Station Check-ins, QTC=Formal Traffic Count

Traffic Totals
(PSHR: Public Service Honor Roll)

K0PTK: 312 PSHR Total = 115
WA4STO: 414 PSHR Total = 140; BPL = YES, Orig: 136: Rcvd: 76; Sent: 200; Dlvd: 2 for Total of 414

Public Service Honor Roll
(Please visit for more information about the honor roll.)

KAØDBK 81 points
KBØYTM 28 points

Nebraska Section Nets

Net name, frequency, meets, time CDT, time utc

40 Meter Net, 7.282, Daily, 1300, 1800
Cornhusker Net, 3.982, Daily, 1230, 1730
CW Traffic Net, 3.540, M-F, 1900, 0000
Morning Phone Net, 3.982, Daily, 0730, 1230
One Sixty Weather Net, 1.995, Daily, 1930, 0130
Storm Net, 3.982, Daily, 1830, 2330 or 0130
West Nebraska Net, 3.950, M-S, 0700, 1200

Notes from the Section Traffic Manager:

Looking for any historical notes you may have about any of the Nebraska Section Net’s. Please send me your articles, stories, remembrances, pictures or anecdotes you may have. We will add to the monthly summaries.

Please report your individual traffic monthly totals to me at: I also check in to several net’s daily, you can send to me on the net. I welcome your comments and suggestions.

Mike, NFØN


April 2013 Hours

KE6DZD - 20
WBØMWB - (on vacation)
KBØZZT - 100
WØHXL - 36
KEØXQ - 100
ACØDQ - 40

KB0DNP, NØXY - no report

May 2013 Hours

KE6DZD - 60
WØHXL - 22
KEØXQ - 100
ACØDQ - 60

KB0DNP, NØXY - no report

**********SPECIAL EVENTS STATION**********



(none listed - please send KØAIZ your announcements!)


Amateur Radio Association of Nebraska (used to be: Hastings ARC)
Ashland ARC
Bellevue ARC
Boyer Valley Amateur Radio Club (IA)
Buffalo County ARES
Douglas County ARES
Elkhorn Valley ARC
Heartland Amateur Radio Association
Heartland DX Association
Lincoln ARC
Midway ARC http://wØ
Midwest Home Brewer's & QRP Group
Nebraska EMA
Pine Ridge ARC
Pioneer Amateur Radio Club
Strategic Air Command Memorial ARC
Quarter Century Wireless Association
Society of Wireless Pioneers
South East Nebraska Radio Club
1Ø-1Ø International
3900 Club

Other Links of Interest

ARRL DX Bulletins
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ARRL Transmission Schedule
ARRL General and Special Bulletins
ARRL Emergency Communications


These are Amateur Radio Operators who are ill and need our support. Please send get well cards or QSL cards with your best wishes on them as they recover from their illnesses or surgeries. I will post along with their names what they are recovering from only with the permission of the families or the member themselves.


While we celebrate the friends that they were, it is with sadness that we recognize the loss of these hams from our fold.


WØADK - Lambert (Burm) Burmester
WDØFCK - Floyd D. Scholl

KFØFO Jim Peterson

KØSDG Paul Heiser


WØAEX - Bob Rennolet, Sr.
KØAQQ - William Sprout
WAØASM - Steve May
KAØBTY - Robert Musil
KCØEHX - Roger Wilmont
WØHNW - Garry (Hoss) Cartwright
KØJPP - Berl Damkroger
KØKES - Joe Nanos
KBØOZD - Tadhg (Tag) Jackson
WØQOU - Martin Klein
WDØQVX - Henry Missel
ex-KAØREX - Claudius Shoniwa
KØRPC - Raymond M. Pohl
WØRVQ - Verne Voss
WØSZF - Verle (Moe) Francis
KAØTDN - Glen A. Roberts


KAØFZW - Raymond E. Sheridan
WØGFQ - Leo Meyerson
WØJCB - William A. Rice
WØJCP - Dick Dyas
WØJJL - Jim Monk
KCØKOG - Jim Nitz
WØKQX - Ronald L. Frame
KI0KS - Robert Dunn Jr.
KAØLAR - Dan Tinkham
KBØLLZ - Bud Watson
KA2NIC - John Mark
KA0S - Doug Mibourn
WCØP - Don Duckett
KCØQR - Jerry Robb
KØTVP - Stanley Prokes
KØUDB - Gaylord Ottun
KBØWIC - Richard W. Harter
NØWWO - James Kuehn
KØYAB - Dick Moen
KCØYE - Robert M. Hill
NØXII - Steve Peterson
KCØYFU - Steve Rudolph
NØZRV - Vernon (Vern) Berggren


ARRL External Noise Handbook


ARRL Listing
Nebraska Section Convention:


When attending a VE session, make sure you bring the following: your original license, a photocopy of your original license, 2 forms of identification (one with a photograph of you), any CSCE's and $15.00 cash or check.


Lincoln Amateur Radio Club
First Thrusday of every month at 7pm CT, T&R's Garden Restaurant, 5250 Cornhusker Highway, Lincoln. For more information, the club website is


You may reprint items from this webpage/newsletter without prior permission if attribution to this source is provided.

Matthew N. Anderson
ARRL Nebraska Section Manager


Nebraska Officials

  • Matthew Anderson

    Section Manager

    Matthew N. Anderson KA0BOJ

  • Thomas Michaelson

    Assistant Section Manager

    Thomas M. Michaelson N0MT

  • Lonnie Rech

    Section Emergency Coordinator

    Lonnie E. Rech WD0AOP

  • Roxanne Powell-Baxter

    Public Info Coordinator

    Roxanne M. Powell-Baxter AA7RX

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  • Bill McCollum

    Assistant Section Manager,
    Official Observer Coordinator

    Bill McCollum KE0XQ

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  • Darwin Piatt

    Assistant Section Manager

    Darwin W. Piatt W9HZC

  • Larry Lehmann

    Assistant Section Manager,
    Affiliated Club Coordinator

    Larry L. Lehmann KC0DA

  • Robert Mitchell

    Assistant Section Manager,
    State Government Liaison

    Robert D. Mitchell WB0RJJ

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  • Michael Ruhrdanz

    Technical Coordinator,
    Assistant Section Manager

    Michael P. Ruhrdanz N0FER

  • Reynolds Davis

    Assistant Section Manager

    Reynolds B. Davis K0GND

  • Michael Nickolaus

    Assistant Section Manager,
    Section Traffic Manager

    Michael E. Nickolaus NF0N

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  • Jeff Beiermann

    Assistant Section Manager,
    Public Info Coordinator

    Jeff Beiermann WB0M