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ARRL Sections - North Dakota

North Dakota

North Dakota

Contact Information

Section Name:
North Dakota
Nancy Yoshida KG0YL
Daytime Phone:
218 779 6596
Evening Phone:
218 779 6596

Basic Information


Welcome to the North Dakota ARRL Section News for the 3rd & 4th Quarter of 2017

Thank you to Lynn Nelson W0ND, the new Asst Division Director for the Dakota Division, for all your support as I take over as Interim Section Manager for North Dakota. 

We have a state email list and if you are nor receiving ND news please email me at and I will add you to our mailing list.


**** Upcoming Events ***

The next North Dakota Hamfest for 2018  will be in Bismarck, ND in February 24th.  More information will be available when the date gets closer.


**** 3rd & 4th Quarter 2017 Net Reports ****

The ND WX & Road Information Net is on 75 Meters- 3.859 Mhz at 8:30 AM CST, seven (7) days of the week.  The ND Amateur Traffic Net is on 75 Meters- 3.860 MHz, 6:30 PM CST, seven (7) days per week. 

Net Report - July 2017
WX Net - 31 sessions, 792 check-ins, 0 messages passed
TrafficNet - 30 sessions, 634 check-ins, 8 messages passed

Net Controls: W0GMD, N0LG, KF0HR, K0UB, W0HS, WA0CSL, N0RF, KD0UNI, W0TF, K0TLW, KR0W, and ND0CW

Net Report - August 2017
WX Net - 31 sessions, 780 check-ins, 9 messages passed
Traffic Net - 28 sessions, 642 check-ins, 7 messages passed

Net Controls: W0HS, K0UB, K0VF, KD0UNI, N0LG, N0RF, WA0CSL, KF0HR, W0TF, KR0W, K9FQO, WD0GMD and ND0CW

Net Report - September 2017
WX Net - 28 sessions, 518 check-ins, 6 messages passed
TrafficNet - 28 sessions, 673 check-ins, 4 message passed

Net Controls: KR0W, K0VF, KF0HR,K0UB, W0HS, KD0UNI, N0LG, N0RF, WA0CSL, W0TF, WD0GMD and ND0CW


Net Report - October 2017                                                                         WX Net - 31 Sessions, 812 check-ins, 18 messages passed

Traffic Net - 31 Sessions, 952 check-ins, 3 messages passed



Net Report - November 2017

WX Net - 30 Sessions, 779 check-ins, 8 messages passed

Traffic Net - 30 Sessions, 903 check-ins, 9 messages passed

Net Controls: W0DE, KG0YL, WD0GMD, W0TF, K9FQO, K0UB, W0HS, K0TLW, WA0CSL, KD0UNI, KR0W, N0LG, KF0HR, N0RF, and ND0CW

MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE NORTH DAKOTA SECTION NEWS FOR THE LATEST NORTH DAKOTA ACTIVITES AT  If you have any special announcements, feel free to contact KG0YL, Nancy Yoshida the soon to be ARRL North Dakota Section Manager.

Thank you to all our for your support. KG0YL

ND Section News


North Dakota Officials

  • Nancy Yoshida

    Section Manager,
    Section Emergency Coordinator

    Nancy M. Yoshida KG0YL

  • Bruce McCollom

    State Government Liaison

    Bruce F. McCollom W0HS

  • Richard Budd

    Official Observer Coordinator

    Richard M. Budd W0TF

  • Joseph Ferrara

    Section Youth Coordinator

    Joseph M. Ferrara N7IV

  • David Heintzleman

    Section Traffic Manager

    David M. Heintzleman ND0CW

    View Profile

  • Joseph Gregg

    Technical Coordinator

    Joseph M. Gregg N0RF