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Northern Florida
Paul L. Eakin, KJ4G
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 ‘Thank you’ goes to Ron Mettler, WB4GHU who after a long career as a volunteer as an ARRL Field Appointed Official, is stepping down.

He is a good friend and has worked hard to better amateur radio in his tenure and is to be commended.   Mike, WB6RTH and I have been talking by PX and this last week-end in Orlando where we met working the Tour de Cure bicycle event, we all had a meeting Saturday evening and  he stated he would like to be active and assist the section in building up its emergency communications operations, working with EOCs, and promoting amateur radio with ongoing training and preparation programs for the future needs of the served agencies.   Mike has over 40 years as an amateur radio operator, an ARRL member in good standing, has served in field appointed positions and has extensive training in the ICS training courses including field experience. Mike has a superior background in electronics. His experience in management and working in the volunteer world is top shelf. Mike has a background in “HF”, VHF/UHF, computer, IT and the digital world, he is a strong supporter of all modes of emergency amateur radio..   In the very near future, Mike will have section information transferred to him, and will then by protocol, take the helm as the Section Emergency Coordinator as the ranking official in the emergency services. He will be responsible for training, field appointments (DECs, ECs and assistants), coordinating major events, deployments and  working with the FDEM.   Please welcome Mike on board and look for him to be in touch soon.   Regards,   Paul L. Eakin, NFL SM/Liaison to FDEM 850-591-0442


Northern Florida Officials

  • Paul Eakin

    Section Manager

    Paul L. Eakin KJ4G

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  • Kent Hutchinson

    State Government Liaison

    Kent B. Hutchinson KC4TOC

  • Edward Biederwolf

    Assistant Section Manager

    Edward A. Biederwolf W9CHA

  • John Reynolds

    Assistant Section Manager

    John C. Reynolds W4IJJ

  • Joseph Bushel

    Assistant Section Manager

    Joseph D. Bushel W2DWR

  • Richard Palm

    Assistant Section Manager

    Richard K. Palm K1CE

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  • Don Duckett

    Section Traffic Manager

    Don A. Duckett N9MN

  • Donna Barker

    Assistant Section Manager

    Donna J. Barker WQ4M

  • David Sutherland

    Bulletin Manager

    David L. Sutherland N4GMU

  • Theodore Zateslo

    State Government Liaison,
    Assistant Section Manager

    Theodore Zateslo W1XO

  • Rick Lloyd

    Official Observer Coordinator

    Rick A. Lloyd AA4W

  • Patricia Steinberg

    Assistant Section Manager

    Patricia A. Steinberg KB2EV

  • Stephen Szabo

    Section Emergency Coordinator

    Stephen W. Szabo WB4OMM

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  • Ronald Mettler

    Assistant Section Manager

    Ronald K. Mettler WB4GHU

  • Stephen Barber

    Affiliated Club Coordinator

    Stephen W. Barber WA4B

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  • Stephen Finch

    Technical Coordinator

    Stephen C. Finch AI0W

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