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March 1 2015

 March 2015 Section Manager Message Good Morning!

I hope this message finds you warm and well!

February was a busy month! Rather than bore you with the details, please read this month's Newsletter it and get the scoop!


We have a new Webmaster and a new Newsletter Editor - let's support them both please!!!! Send articles about your group, club, events, public service delivery, anything that is directly related to the NFL Section so we can get the information out. Local tail gates, nets, special events, parties, etc.

One item of importance is on page #6 of the Newsletter. I met with the WCF and SFL Section Managers and others, and the State DEM Comm Director on the Friday of Hamcation. As soon as I get the transcribed notes, I will send this out to all of you in an e-mail. In summary, we are going to draft a single statewide Comm plan that has all three sections included as annexes. Our SEC and ASEC will be developing a base plan with the other SECs and ASECs. Bottom line, we will all have standardized protocols that would be of great benefit if a significant event occurs that has wide scale impacts in Florida, without giving up our individual Section needs. Stand-by for more as we develop this.

One of the requests form State DEM is a survey of all of the County EOCs to see what kind of Amateur Radio "footprint" is there. I will be sending out a survey to all of the DECs and ECs in the next few weeks to obtain this information. Pretty simple stuff.

The NFL Database is no more. Several of us have downloaded reports and info at the local (county) levels that might be of use. I was told at Hamcation that the database could not be extracted and exported to another form of data. The account expired this past week, and all of the data is now permanently erased. We will continue to use the Yahoo!Group and out established NFL list as we have since I developed it last July. It seems to work FB!

Thank you to all who came by and attended the NFL Forum at Hamcation. By sign-in and count, we had over 60! WOW! Impressive! I met many new faces and got to associate names/calls with faces. Everyone was very complementary and friendly!

The Statewide Hurricane Exercise is coming up soon in May and Field Day in June, never too late to start planning! Like last year, I will be requesting a Statewide Proclamation from the Florida Governor's Office for the 2015 Field Day.

THE PLAYGROUND ARC HAMFEST IS THIS MONTH - I will be attending on both days, Friday evening and all day Saturday, March 20th and 21st....stop by and say, "Hi".

Stay safe, hope to see you soon!

Everyone counts!! We’re a team!


ARRL Northern Florida Section

Section Manager: Stephen W Szabo, WB4OMM


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Northern Florida Officials

  • Stephen Szabo

    Section Manager

    Stephen W. Szabo WB4OMM

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  • Edward Biederwolf

    Assistant Section Manager

    Edward A. Biederwolf W9CHA

  • Patricia Steinberg

    Assistant Section Manager

    Patricia A. Steinberg KB2EV

  • John Reynolds

    Assistant Section Manager

    John C. Reynolds W4IJJ

  • Stephen Barber

    Affiliated Club Coordinator

    Stephen W. Barber WA4B

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  • Joseph Bushel

    Assistant Section Manager

    Joseph D. Bushel W2DWR

  • Don Duckett

    Section Traffic Manager

    Don A. Duckett N9MN

  • Robert Mitchell

    Section Emergency Coordinator

    Robert A. Mitchell W4HKG

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  • Rick Lloyd

    Official Observer Coordinator

    Rick A. Lloyd AA4W

  • Ronald Mettler

    Assistant Section Manager

    Ronald K. Mettler WB4GHU

  • Donna Barker

    Assistant Section Manager

    Donna J. Barker WQ4M