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Tom - KF2GC

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NNY- SET Pretty much everyone knows the routine of checking in to a net on the local repeater and/or providing tactical public service communications for a run or other event. Therefore doing much the same thing with some invented emergency sceanario such as an ice storm with power outages, etc. is a ho-hum activity and of limited value as an emergency communications exercise. However, how many of your ARES members are comfortable handling formal written messages by voice or digital? The purpose of this SET scenario is to work on our ability to effectively pass formal written messages by radio-only means. Much radio traffic is real-time tactical in nature and does not require the formality of a radiogram, but it is highly possible that some messages will have to be transmitted exactly as written and/or be tracked, and/or will have to be relayed to get to the intended recipient. The ARRL radiogram is the traditional method used to do this. (We may also be asked to transmit ICS-213 or other forms, but for the purposes of this SET we will KISS and stick to radiograms.) The absolute best way to pass written traffic is via digital because it is faster and more accurate. It does not take much more time to send 100 words than 10 and there is no ambiguity in spelling or special characters. The telegram-like limitations of a radiogram are eliminated. So a secondary objective of this SET is to encourage the use of digital transmission, primarily NBEMS (fldidi+flmsg) on HF, VHF, or UHF, or by using the APRS network. However we assume that not everyone has digital capability so during this SET we will use whatever works. The objective of this SET will be for at least one ham in every NNY county to send one formal written message to one ham in every other NNY county. This could mean that one jham sends 9 messages and receives 9 messages or it could mean that 9 of your ARES members each send one message and 9 recieve one message. If there are more than 9 hams who want to be involved from your county, that is great. There can be more than 9 messages sent from the county and/or you can also send traffic within your ARES group. In fact it would be extremely helpful if you engage in some local message handling training prior to or during the SET. To facilitate the sending and receiving of messages, two pieces of information will be helpful: 1. A list of hams intending to participate by name, call sign, location, and phone number so that messages can be properly addressed. This may not be necessary if hams are in direct contact, but we expect that will not always be the case. Messages may have to be relayed, either by hams within the section, or by placing messages in to the National Traffic System. While we may know what we are doing and could handle a message addressed to "Lewis County ARES" this will not work in NTS. 2. A list of frequencies/repeaters, times and dates when stations will specifically be on to send/receive messages. So far, we know that KF2GC will be on 7245 from the Essex County EOC in Lewis between 1 PM and 4 PM on October 1 and there is already a NNY "net" - the North Country Group - on 3958 at 8:30 Sunday morning. The New York State Phone Traffic & Emergency Net (6PM on 3925 every evening) may also have a special session on Saturday. You may have regular nets on your local repeaters or may schedule special nets for this SET on HF or VHF. We do not expect everyone to be on 7245 between 1 ~4 on Saturday. We expect that it will take a few days for all messages to be sent and relayed to their destinations. People can meet on well known nets (NY-NBEMS, NYPON, NYSPTEN, ECARS, MIDCARS, and local VHF nets, , etc. ) and move off frequency if necessary to pass traffic to coordinate message handling. Please forward this information to your ARES members and canvass your members to find out who is going to be participating. Send this information to me along with any regularly scheduled or special nets that you will use. I will compile a list and send it out prior to the SET. ~~~~~~~~ Pete Newell KC2WI~~~~~~~~~~~


  • Clinton County: CVARC holds test sessions periodically. See the club web site for details.
  • Fulton County: The Tryon ARC holds test sessions monthly. See the club web site for details.
  • Hamilton County: The Bear Bait Radio Club holds a weekend class and test session every October in Long Lake. See the club web site for contact information.
  • Jefferson County: The Thousand Islands Repeater Club holds test sessions monthly. See the club web site for details.
  • Oneida County: The Rome Radio Club holds test sessions monthly. See the club web site for details.
  • St. Lawrence County: OVARC holds test sessions most months. See the club web site for details.
  • Warren County: The Warren County ARC holds test sessions periodically. See the club web site for details.
  • Other classes and test sessions may be scheduled. Contact your local club for more information or check the ARRL License Exam list and the W5YI-VEC list.
  • If your club is planning a license class or test session, please contact KC2WI to have it included on this list.

2016 EVENTS:

May 21st - Hamfest @ Depauville Thousands Islands Repeater Club 8am-1pm
June 3-5 - Communications for Speculator Pilots Weekend Fly In - Hamilton County ARC operators needed. Contact KC2GCH
June 11 - Communications for the Black Fly Challenge mountain bike race. Contact Dennis N2LBT.
June 12 - Northern New York Section 2M FM Sprint in conjunction with the ARRL VHF QSO Party.
Operation from Adirondack Fire Towers or other mountaintops encouraged. If you can't hike or drive to a high spot just use your regular base or mobile. Hams on the summits will hear you. Suggested operating time for portable ops 10 AM - 5 PM. Suggested calling frequency 146.550 simplex. Exchange same as for VHF QSO Party. Post your operational plans on the NNYARA Facebook Page and FireTower Radio Yahoo group. Send logs to KC2WI as plain text or Excel spreadsheet files.
June 25 - Communications for the Tupper Lake Tinman Triathlon
June 25~26 - Field Day weekend. Long Lake. Clayton. Possible Black River Valley + Boonville ARC FD in Lewis County if sufficient interest.
July 16 - Communications for the Piseco Triathlon - Hamilton County ARC - operators needed. Contact KC2GCH
***NNYARA*** August 21st, 2016 Sunday from 10am- 2:30ish if necessary a Summer Picnic and swapfest tail/tablegate - contact NNYARA leaders & Club Officials let your folks know about this Ham Radio Fun get together right here in NNY.  

To Operate QRP from Fire Towers in NNY , NNYARA

Northern New York Officials

  • Thomas Dick

    Section Manager

    Thomas A. Dick KF2GC

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  • Francis Silver

    Section Traffic Manager

    Francis G. Silver N2ZGN

  • Michael O Dell

    Official Observer Coordinator,
    Affiliated Club Coordinator

    Michael P. O Dell N2MX

  • Frederick Jarrett

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    Frederick Colin Jarrett W2NVW

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  • Peter Newell

    Section Emergency Coordinator

    Peter R. Newell KC2WI

  • Richard Sherman

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    Richard C. Sherman WZ2T

  • Roland Patnode

    Technical Coordinator

    Roland H. Patnode W2WIZ

  • Thomas Valosin

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    Thomas G. Valosin WB2KLD