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Kevin O'Dell, N0IRW
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West Gulf

 Alert!  New Section News! August 3, 2017





Hi there Guys and Gals!

Well, Ham Holiday 2017 is in the books!  I don't know about
you, but I thought it was a really great event.  The venue
was the best in collective memory.  I stayed busy at the
ARRL booth.  In fact, I didn't even get to tour the room.
I made it to the Yaesu booth to get Wilma a new hat....then
to Main Trading to get a new battery for my handie....and
over to Derby, KS/Radio Shack to pick up a youth scavenger
hunt door prize.  But, sitting right in front of the entry
door, let me see and talk to most of the folks entering
the room.  

I would like to thank and congratulate the entire Ham
Holiday team for a very successful event.  I would also
like to thank Leah Ohse, W3LEO for taking the reins with
the youth.  She organized the first Youth Forum in the
section, which was a great success.  Section Youth
Coordinator, Evan Anderson, K6EMA worked with Leah to
make an enjoyable event.  We have given away a dual band
handie-talkie through a scavenger hunt at Green Country
and Ham Holiday.  We will give away 1 more at Texhoma
Hamarama in October.  If the winner is not licensed yet,
we also give them a Tech license manual.

Speaking of Hamarama, make sure this one is on your
calendar for October 27 & 28.  The crew is working hard
to make this event the best one yet.

I hope everyone is having a good summer!

Kevin O'Dell, N0IRW
Oklahoma Section Manager

Oklahoma Officials