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West Gulf

 Updated 06/09/2014


Oklahoma Section News – Summer 2014


Hello Oklahoma!!


Welcome to Summer in Oklahoma!


To start things off, it is now official, Beginning October 1st, Lloyd Colston, KC5FM will be the new Oklahoma Section Manager.  After a lot of thought, I have decided to step down.  Wilma and I are going to do some things for us that will cut into our available time and weekends.  I am still going to be involved in League affairs as I am still on the national PR Committee and part of the Division staff.  I want to thank everyone for making my tenure as your SM a very enjoyable time.  I appreciate your support.  Please give Lloyd the same help you have given me and the section will continue thrive.


Now on to other stuff…..Our generator legislation, which seemed to be going great, died when it never came out of committee in the House.  It passed the Senate unanimously  and we were very hopeful,  but alas.  We will try again next year,   If you have a VERY good relationship with either a State Representative or Senator in your area, let Eddie know.


Speaking of Eddie, he reports on a great gathering in northeastern Oklahoma,


The Central States group of Kadiddlehoppers recently held their semi-annual picnic May 24, 2014.  The event was well attended, some 50 at the Saturday picnic, from many States in the central part of US.  It was held at the Twin Bridges State Park on Grand Lake, near Miami OK.  Many of the group came early in the week and camped at this location. 


According to the web page, which is at, the group started in 1975 with three members.  Here is a short paragraph from the “History Page” …..


Kadiddlehoppers were born in the early 197Øs when three of the 7.253.5Ø mobile operators going about their travels were kibitzing each other on their radios, when another voice came in and stated “you guys sound like a bunch of Kadiddlehoppers”.  Steve-KØROD claimed number one, Jeff-K4KBM claimed number two and Walt-WBØMFS claimed number three.  Of course the term Kadiddlehopper came from the broadcast radio character played by Red Skelton in the 194Øs.  Fear of infringing on the rights to the name Kadiddlehopper prompted contact through a relative of Sue-WB5MWO, actor Milton Berle  as to how to obtain permission to use the name.  Permission was granted with pleasure and Mr. Skelton, even though he was not an amateur radio operator himself, was issued honorary member number 1ØØØ.


The membership is now almost up to 12,000 over these 35 some years, and the camaraderie and friendship with all was very evident.  Some contacts for the group are Norm, N0BFB, Dean, NO5E, John, AC0OL.  Many others helped make the picnic available and furnished lots of good food to eat.  Let us never forget Red Skelton and his Clem Kadiddlehopper routines.


Thanks for the report Eddie.  There are a couple of photos on the League section webpage.


All the Hamfests during the first half of the year were really great!  Here’s hoping the second half of 2014 goes as well.  The second half shows are below.


Ham Holiday

July 25-26

Oklahoma City


Ada Hamfest

September 13th

Ada, OK


Texhoma Hamarama

October 24 - 25

Ardmore, OK


Enid Hamfest

November 1st

Enid, OK


In addition to these state hamfests, there are 2 others to talk about.  First is the Centennial Convention July 17 – 19 in Hartford, CT.  In case you missed it, the League is 100 years old this year and is celebrating with a 3 day convention.  It will be packed with forums, dealers, flea market items and opportunities to meet and greet like never before.  You will also have an opportunity to visit headquarters and W1AW!  If you have never been to headquarters, this is the excuse to go. 



Oklahoma Memorial Marathon


The OKC Memorial Marathon was a great success this year.   It got a late start after storms came through, but they finally got it off about 1 ½ hours late.  The amateurs, as usual, did an exemplary job.   Thanks to everyone that made this event a success!


Centennial Stuff


As I said earlier, 2014 is the Centennial of the ARRL.  There a lot of neat things coming for the balance of the year.  Make sure you get a copy of the Centennial Handbook and take a look at the ARRL Centennial Video, “The ARRL at 100”, you can watch it on YouTube at :  


This is a very good production available for use at your local club meeting, hamfest and broadcast and cable television outlets.  The video is an overview of the ARRL’s first 100 years.  I think you will like it.

(If you watch all the way through, you might just see me!)


Don’t forget the Centennial QSO Party going on all year.  There a lot of different things to do in that event.  I’m even worth points!  You can find out all about it at:


In fact you can find out about all the Centennial events at:  (You probably guessed that one….)



Field Day 2014


This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase Amateur Radio to the public and use the Centennial as a hook for the media exposure.  There will be additional PR materials for your use. 


PLEASE!!! Don’t forget to enter your Field Day operation on the League Field Day Station Locater at :  I’m pretty sure Vice-Director John Stratton, N5AUS and I will be traveling to the west side of the state. but if your operation isn’t on the locater site, I won’t know where you are to possibly show up.  This is also a good time to try and get the inactive hams in your area out and get them re-invigorated.  You can also get the new hams on HF and get them hooked for good, not to mention upgraded.


One More Thing….


I am excited to announce that Wilma O’Dell, W5WRO, is a new Asst. Director for Membership for the West Gulf Division.  Wilma has become a fixture at the ARRL booth in the past  couple of years and I for one thank her for her help.


I look forward to seeing all of you at one of the hamfests or other events around the section this year.  Thanks again for all you do for Amateur Radio in Oklahoma!




Kevin O’Dell, N0IRW

Oklahoma Section Manager

Oklahoma Officials