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The small hole in the floor of Halamaumau crater has grown and filled with lava. It is beautiful to see but very crowded. 

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FSM hit by Typhoon Maysak.  ARRL has responded by sending an HF Go Kit with John Bush, KH6DLK/V63JJB.  He is scheduled to return to Hawaii June 2.

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H.R. 1301, The Amateur Radio Parity Act, has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives by Congressman Kinzinger with 12 original co-sponsors.  It is the same bill that was in the House last session as H.R. 4969.   Your SM has written letters to the two Hawaii representatives as well as the representatives from Guam, American Samoa and Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas.  Be sure and write a letter to your representative and send it to ARRL.

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Hurricane season starts June 1 in the Central Pacific.


This report is for May 2015.


In the last month there have been a series of at least three major Earthquakes with major aftershocks.   One series was in Nepal and the other in Papua New Guinea.  The third struck Saturday May 30th with an estimated size of 8.5 in the deep ocean off Japan at a depth around 800+ miles.  Had this quake struck anywhere near Japan’s populated areas it would have been devastating even though Japan is relatively “earthquake proof” compared to the rest of the world.   With an earthquake this large, in the wrong place, chances of a major Tsunami are great.  Even so, it was still felt over ALL the Japanese Islands.  They were very lucky this time.




There were two major storms in the Western Pacific in Vanuatu and FSM.  Hurricane season for the Central Pacific  ( which is us ) started June first.  The first Hurricane in the Eastern Pacific is Andres.  It is currently a major Category 4 hurricane but should have little or now impact.   Now a second tropical system is developing just off the coast of Mexico.




This is a reminder that we must always be ready to respond.  The outlook for Hurricanes in the Central Pacific this year is above normal because of warmer than usual water known as El Ninjo.




FSM: Situation:


In Late March to Early April 2015 Category 5 Typhoon Maysak ravaged many islands in the nation of Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) causing major damage and some loss of life.  After hitting parts of FSM, the typhoon weakened and proceeded on to parts of the Philippians. 




FSM is an independent island nation and a United States Associated State consisting of four states and over 600 islands.  From west to east are Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpai and Kosrae and cover about 1,800 miles. The country has a population of over 103,000 and consists of what has traditionally been called the Caroline Islands.  It was once part of the Trust Territories of the Pacific under the United States after WW2.  Its call sign prefix is now V63.  Their national flag is a blue field with four white stars.




ARRL is a member of Hawaii State VOAD, an organization of NGO’s that provide relief during disasters.  Earlier in the year we were sent an HF and VHF and HF Go Kit from ARRL to respond to a tropical storm that hit the Island of Hawaii and a Lava flow that threatened the town of Pahoa.   We decided to send the HF Kit to FSM to help in the recovery in FSM.   It was used however it looks like the crisis is mostly over, so it is in the process of being returned to Hawaii.  John Bush, KH6DLK/V63JB, is also on his way back to Hawaii.  We hope to keep the kits “forward deployed” for another year.  ARRL is also contemplating forward deploying another set of kits to Guam but that decision is still pending.




What We Did:


With the help of a core group of local hams, John Bush left Friday, April 10th for Yap and Ulithi.  Richard and Barbara Darling, AH7G and NH7FY sponsored a 100W portable PV system.  Bob Schneider, AH6J, our Pacific section manager, setup access to the ARRL supplied “Go Kit”: with an IC-718, 4 VHF HT’s, and coax.  Tom English, WH6EBS also aided in the project as well as several others.  John is due to return to Hawaii June 2.  We hope to have a synopsis of the trip very soon.






After viewing preliminary pictures of the destruction, we had no idea what we would encounter during the deployment on Ulithi.  The preparation for the emergency communications has occurred in just nine days but has the complexity of a major DX expedition.  For more information do a search on Federated States of Micronesia, Ulithi and Typhoon Maysak. 






With the Dayton Hamvention behind us there were more letters sent via ARRL to various congressional representatives.  As of May 13 there were 55 cosponsors.  The bill, introduced earlier this year in the US House of Representatives by Rep Adam Kinzinger (R-IL), would direct the FCC to extend its rules relating to reasonable accommodation of Amateur Service communications to private land use restrictions.  As of this moment a parallel bill has not been introduced in the Senate.




Our SM, (me) which represents all ARRL members in the Pacific Ocean areas, wrote letters to the two representatives from Hawaii along with letters to the three non-voting House members from Guam, American Samoa and Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas.  (They may not be able to vote but they can co-sponsor bills.)  We really need their help as last year’s effort ended with no action.  None of the five representatives contacted are on that co-sponsors list.  We in the Pacific have a chance to really make a difference.  Write a letter to all five.




June 27th and 28th is Field Day this year.  Is your club going out?




The Pahoa Lava flow is still stopped and things are back to normal.  Most businesses have reopened. Meanwhile at the main Kilauea vent at Hawaii Volcanoes National park, the “small” hole in the crater floor has filled up and now lava is flowing on the main crater floor from time to time.  It is a real tourist attraction.  Last week you SM and wife “tried” to go for a visit and could not get to within a couple miles because of the traffic congestion.  The best way to see it is still by air and the aircraft tour companies are doing a land office business.  It seems like a helicopter is always flying over.




As was mentioned earlier, we are still looking for someone to be the Section Youth Coordinator (SYC).  It is a new, section-level ARRL Field Organization appointment that is available and ready to be filled as soon as we have someone for the position.  Here are the appointment guidelines that describe the requirements and responsibilities:  


If you are interested or know of someone who would be just right for the job, let the SM know. 




SPARC – The South Point ARC or “SPARC” meets on the first Sunday at Noon at Manuka State park. It is potluck.  They are not affiliated with ARRL.  They don’t have a website (yet).  Next get together is June 7th. There is no website.  Their Field Day which will be at Whittington State Park.


KARC – The Kauai ARC meets on the first Monday at 1900W.  Website is:   next is June 1st  or  July 6th . There is a weekly Saturday breakfast at The Feral Pig located in Harbor Mall at Nawiliwili at 0730W. Next is June 6, 13, 20 & 27. They normally meet  at 18:00 HST at the KIUC Conference Room, 4463 Pahe'e Street, in Lihu'e.  We note with sadness the passing of John Montalbano, KH6JMM on March 28th.  He was president of Kauai ARC.  They have set up a repeater memorial fund in remembrance.  There is not word on their FD plans.




MARC – Marianas ARC of Guam normally meets on the first Tuesday At KSTO studio on Nimitz Hill at 1900 Guam time and will be Tuesday June 2, 2015.  Their last meeting minutes said they may be getting ARRL “Go Kits” to be stored at the KSTO studio.  It would be a forward deployment in case of an emergency in the Western Pacific.  Website is .  We learned during the recent Hawaii deployment that transporting the kits is not as easy if air and sea transport are necessary.


If you would like to take an Amateur Radio exam or have questions, call Mike Wendt, WH2M at 671-477-6737.  Testing is by appointment and normally takes place before the monthly meeting about 5PM.    Hafa Adai from Guam, where Americas Day begins.  




There is another website for Guam and the Northern Marianas (CNMI) with emphasis on HF operations.  It is the Mariana Islands DX Association, NH2DX.  It has many pictures as well as history stories.  The population for the islands is small so they are to be congratulated for putting together such a nice webpage. . They are not an ARRL affiliated club and they don’t have regularly formal meetings.




KHRC– (Kohala-Hamakua) The Kohala-Hamakua Radio Club (KHRC) meets on two schedules.    Odd months are 2nd Sunday in Kapa’au at 1400W.  Even months are 2nd Wednesday in Waimea at Keck Bldg. at 1900W. The next meeting is June 10th at the Keck Meeting room at 7PM at 65-1120 Mamalahoa Hwy, Waimea, HI 96743. Webpage is .   




In the past they have met at the Hawaii Preparatory Academy Energy Lab.  KHRC helps sponsor the HPA school radio club.  The school has a general webpage which is: .   The HPA Energy lab is the only one of its kind in the world.  Since HPA is a private school, it is not open to the public. 




MARC – Maui ARC meets on the 2nd Wed. at CD Hq. at 1900W.  Web = . Next meeting is June 10th.  Club meetings are held at the Maui County Civil Defense Emergency Operating Center (EOC) Conference Room. The EOC is in the basement of the County Building. The County building is located on High Street in Wailuku. Just come around the back of the building from Kaohu Street. Directions can usually be received on 147.020 (+600-no tone). Meetings start at 7:00 P.M.


For exams contact Mel, or call 808-250-4591. Come and discuss Field Day which will be in the usual place (Mile Marker 9 just passed Ho`okipa Beach Park)




KARC – The Koolau ARC website is: .  They meet on the 2nd Sat. at 0930W at Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden Park in Kaneohe, Oahu.  Next meeting will be June 13th.




BIARC – The Big Island ARC website is: .   They meet on the 2nd Sat.  At 1400W at the Keaau Community Center.  The next meeting will be June 13th.   They will discuss Field Day at the Wailoa Arts and Cultural Center.




EARC - The Emergency ARC (Oahu) website is:    they normally meet on the 3rd Tuesday  at the Fleet Reserve Association (FRA) Branch 46 located at 891 Valkenburgh Street in Honolulu however there will be not June meeting.   Field Day will be at Kualoa Regional Park on June 26th at 8AM to June 28th. At 8AM. They next meet July 21st.




HARC – The Honolulu ARC website is: .  They meet on the 3rd Sat. at 0900W on odd months (Jan, March, May, July, Sept, and Nov) at the Monterey Bay Cannery restaurant.  The next meeting will be July 18th




The Waikiki ARC meets s every Tue at 0700W for breakfast at the Monterey Bay Cannery in Aiea. It has only the ARRL club website:




KARS – Kona Amateur Radio Society webpage is:  They meet on the 4th Sun. at 1400W in Wawaloli Beach Park at NELHA. It is a picnic potluck.  Next get together is June  28th .  Mexican is the food theme.   For questions please contact Van NH7IT at 808-345-5008 or e-mail .   In addition to the regular KARS monthly meeting they now have a breakfast at 808 Grindz restaurant in Kopika Plaza on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 0830W. For additional information contact Stuart KH7DX at 808-896-1290.




PERC – The Puna Emergency Radio Club website is:   their meeting is on the 4th Saturday of each month at 1000W at the Hilo Coffee Mill.  Come early and enjoy breakfast.  They supported the Hilo International Marathon in March with 27 people participation in communications support. They have a net every Wednesday at 19:00W on 146.52 simplex




HARC – (The Hilo ARC):  They meet daily 6:30-8:30 AM at Jack in the Box Hilo.  This club is the oldest on the Island of Hawaii however there was a break in existence of several years until former Section Manager Dean Manley, KH6B and several others reactivated it.  They also sponsor the Council of Radio Club which meets once monthly.  Please contact Dean for more information.  




There has been no news from The American Samoa Radio club or Molokai Club in recent times.




The Civil Defense Amateur Radio Club (Honolulu) has no regular meetings.  Their mission is to provide ARRL Volunteer Examiner testing services for amateur radio operators on the island of Oahu. The goal is to continually build up the pool of available emergency communicators available during times of emergency.  Testing is on the third Wednesday of selected months; however, contact Ray Moody, AH6LT moody at: or phone 941-9239.  Advance registration is required to pass building security at the Red Cross building.  Schedule for 2015 can be found in the VEC page of ARRL.  It is: 06/17/2015, 08/19/2015 and 11/18/2015 at 1830W at the American Red Cross building (in back of Diamond Head)  AGAIN No walk-ins.




Cal-Pac RC upgraded the Mauna Loa site antennas and took the six meter beacon off the air.  It will be back shortly however it has not been decided if it will be put back at Mauna Loa.  The picture of the KH6HME memorial brick at ARRL HQ is in the photo files at the bottom of the Pacific Section website along with other pictures of the Mauna Loa site.  The brick was donated by BIARC member Chuck McConnell, W6DPD of Fresno. 






The Pacific Section webpage is:  It now contains this


SM report.  Each affiliated club should fill in an activities report to ARRL at least once every year.  For more information go to: .  Your SM is always looking for news


So be sure to update him too.  Even if your group is not ARRL affiliated, send a report.   If you have notable activities send along a jpeg picture and description (please).  At the bottom of the Pacific


Section webpage is a picture gallery.




Hawaii's Official Amateur Radio Repeater Coordination Site is:




Ron Hashiro’s webpage always has a good collection of news of local happenings.  See: .  There is a new feature telling about the history of the early repeaters in Hawaii especially Diamond Head 146.88.  Go to Ron’s page and click on The EARC Diamond Head 146.28/146.88 MHz Repeater




Upcoming events:


Sat May 30, 2015              Makani Pahili - Annual Hurricane Exercise.  There will be events throughout the week .  See Ron’s website for more details.




Fri June 5, 2015+               Museum Ships Weekend (See USS Missouri)


Sat June 13, 2015+           ARRL June VHF Contest


Sun June 21, 2015 8:00 am to 2:00 pm HST/td>    ARRL Kids Day


Sat June 27, 2015+           ARRL Field Day and Hawaii Field Day


Fri August 21, 2015+        Hawaii QSO Party


Tue Sept 2, 2015               USS Missouri, KH6BB, Anniversary of the End of WWII




Message from ASM/SEC:



  1. Hurricane Season in the Central Pacific begins today and ends on November 30.  


  2. National Weather Service (NWS) forecasts an above average season with possibly five to eight tropical cyclones for Hawaii. "It only takes one." 


  3. Already there are two tropical cyclones (Andres and Tropical Depression two-E) in the Eastern Pacific from which we frequently see storms originating and heading into the Central Pacific.


  4. If you have not done so already, now is a good time to finish preparing your Go-kits to allow you to last 7-10 days on your own before help can arrive.


  5. Use Field Day (6/27 & 28/15) to test out your gear and plans. Talk to your local hams and/or Emergency Coordiantor (EC).


  6. Another tool for EMCOMM has been updated.  The ARES Manual has been updated and is available on line at  Also. it is available in the PacSecARES Yahoo group's file section.  It has changes that we will discuss in the near future.


  7. Please join us on the ARES EMCOMM practice net on the State RACES repeater system.  Right now the neighbor islands are not linked to Oahu and we are working to reconnect the islands.


  8. *For notes on the ARES EMCOMM Practice Net and links and info mentioned on the net, see my entries on "AH6QO's Journal" at


Please forward this message as you see fit.




Stay Safe,




Kevin Bogan, AH6QO



Section Emergency Coordinator, Pacific


Pacific Officials