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San Joaquin Valley

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San Joaquin Valley
Dan Pruitt AE6SX
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News last updatedSeptember 22, 2018

Welcome to the San Joaquin Valley Section.

Section Manager (SM) Dan Pruitt AE6SX

Assistant Section Managers (ASM) John Lee K6YK and Bob Hervatine N2NS

Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC) Charles McConnell W6DPD

Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) Edward Hanna KF6FIR

assistant Section Emergency Coordinator (aSEC) Daniel Sohn WL7COO

Official Observer Coordinator (OOC) Victor Magana N1VM,

Section Traffic Manager (STM) Fred Silveira K6RAU,

Public Information Coordinator (PIC) Greg Waters KJ6OUI

Technical Coordinator (TC) Dave Smith W6TE.

The San Joaquin Valley Section includes 12 counties in the central valley of California, Kern, Tulare, Kings, Fresno, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Stanislaus, Tuolumne, Calaveras, San Joaquin, and Mono.

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  As space allows I will enjoy relaying any events or occurrences which illustrate Amateur Radio as a hobby and public asset. It need not be a newsletter, if you think it important, it probably should be here.

 You should also send your newsletter to the Affiliated Club Coordinator ( and the Director ( vice director ( and to ARRL HQ (

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Card Checking in the Section: You can get cards checked for awards within the section. W6XK, K6ZZ, and W6DPD can check your cards for DXCC in accordance with the rules for field checking. DXCC card checkers may now check cards dated from Nov 15, 1945, including Deleted DXCC Entities. K6ZZ can now check 160 Meter Cards. DXCC card checkers may, at their discretion, check cards for WAS, WAC, and VUCC. W6DPD and K6ZZ can check cards for the CQ Awards, WAS, DX, Field, and Prefixes. The card checkers may also check applications for the IARU Region 2 Award. ARRL Special Service Clubs may appoint a HF awards manager for WAS and a VHF Awards Manager for VUCC.


The Webinar by Hank Garretson, W6SX, has been posted to the WWROF webpage ( under the Webinars link.

Hanks presentation will be of particular interest to "Little Pistols" and those who are space limited. It's worth checking out!

Hank added a link to the elevation plot which can be viewed at

Also the Ladder Snaps in the presentation can be found at You can e-mail Hank at for additional details.


The K6RAU (our Traffic Manager) Morse Code Instruction Course is available at or

No need to know a "dit" from a "dah", simply with paper and pencil, and following the instructions.



>> SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY SECTION Report for the month of August 2018: SM Dan Pruitt, AE6SX- ASMs K6YK and N2NS, ACC W6DPD, SEC KF6FIR, ASEC WL7COO, OOC N1VM, STM K6RAU, PIC KJ6OUI, TC W6TE.

Hey everyone;

PACIFICON is October 19 to 21, in San Ramon. Get your reservations in! There will the normal great schedule and we will be seeing our vested Pacific Division Director Jim Tiemstra, K6JAT and vice director Kristen McIntyre, K6WX . Mike Corey KI1U, ARRL’s Emergency Manager will be in house. A lot of new information is on the agenda. I am looking forward to a great time.

Some recognition is due – Bill WA6SZE dxcc #1 in SJV with 351 confirmed at the DX Convention in Visalia. Good job and fun too.

Fellow Hams, I want to mention a couple of things coming over the horizon. Those of us that have dealt with the training in emergency preparedness and training have always stressed some basic needs and disciplines in communication. One is learning the proper way to pass and relay traffic point to point. I don’t intend to teach a course here, but to express the necessity of organizing networks that go beyond your local area. This takes planning and forethought before it is needed. The other side of the same coin is mutual aid capabilities. This is a goal only attainable by talking and practicing the same targeted training connecting your networks and served agencies. So get with your people and your partners i. e. Red Cross, Salvation Army ( SATERN), local Government, CERT, Medical and Blood Banks/ transport. Good training is Public Service Events. It will also serve to recruit new Hams.


Don’t forget contesting, especially the Cal QSO party.



Dan Pruitt, AE6SX

NEWS: From ARRL news letters. Read complete articles from August to now.

  1. 08/07/2018 | Amateur Radio Emergency Service Volunteers Assist in California Fire Response

  2. 08/08/2018 | ARRL Board of Directors’ Committee Seeks Input for Proposed ARES Strategic Plan

08/11/2018 | NIST FY 2019 Budget Would Eliminate WWV and WWVH

08/14/2018 | New FCC Part 95 Personal Radio Services Rules Published in The Federal Register

  1. 08/21/2018 | Chinese Amateur Radio Satellites Receive OSCAR Designations

  2. 08/27/2018 | New ARRL Chief Executive Officer Elected by Board of Directors, Howard E. Michel, WB2ITX

  3. 08/29/2018 | YOTA South Africa 2018 Participants Urged to Share What They’ve Learned

  4. 09/05/2018 | Radio Amateurs Receive Images from Chinese Lunar Satellite

  5. 09/10/2018 | ARRL Headquarters, Hurricane Watch Net, SATERN Monitoring Active Storms

North American QSO Party, SSB - August
N2NS Class: Single Op LP
Band QSOs Mults
40: 8 7
20: 60 24
15: 2 2
Total: 70 33 Total Score = 2,310
Comments: Zip heard on 10, vy little on 15. Had to quit early, so no low bands.
North American QSO Party, CW - August
N2NS Class: Single Op LP
Band QSOs Mults
160: 3 1
80: 5 2
40: 30 16
20: 101 36
15: 26 15
10: 15 5
Total: 180 75 Total Score = 13,500




August 2018 + 10-10 Int. Summer Contest, SSB 0001Z, Aug 4 to 2359Z, Aug 5 + European HF Championship 1200Z-2359Z, Aug 4 + North American QSO Party, CW 1800Z, Aug 4 to 0559Z, Aug 5 + SARL HF Phone Contest 1400Z-1700Z, Aug 5 + WAE DX Contest, CW 0000Z, Aug 11 to 2359Z, Aug 12 + SKCC Weekend Sprintathon 1200Z, Aug 11 to 2400Z, Aug 12 + Maryland-DC QSO Party 1600Z, Aug 11 to 0400Z, Aug 12 + 4 States QRP Group Second Sunday Sprint 0000Z-0200Z, Aug 13 + SARTG WW RTTY Contest 0000Z-0800Z, Aug 18 and 1600Z-2400Z, Aug 18 and 0800Z-1600Z, Aug 19 + ARRL 10 GHz and Up Contest 0600 local, Aug 18 to 2400 local, Aug 19 + Russian District Award Contest 0800Z, Aug 18 to 0800Z, Aug 19 + Keyman's Club of Japan Contest 1200Z, Aug 18 to 1200Z, Aug 19 + North American QSO Party, SSB 1800Z, Aug 18 to 0559Z, Aug 19     + SARL HF Digital Contest 1400Z-1700Z, Aug 19 + ARRL Rookie Roundup, RTTY 1800Z-2359Z, Aug 19 + Hawaii QSO Party 0400Z, Aug 25 to 0400Z, Aug 27 + W/VE Islands QSO Party 1200Z, Aug 25 to 0300Z, Aug 26 + YO DX HF Contest 1200Z, Aug 25 to 1200Z, Aug 26 + Kansas QSO Party 1400Z, Aug 25 to 0200Z, Aug 26 and 1400Z-2000Z, Aug 26 + Ohio QSO Party 1600Z, Aug 25 to 0400Z, Aug 26 + 50 MHz Fall Sprint 2300Z, Aug 25 to 0300Z, Aug 26 + SARL HF CW Contest 1400Z-1700Z, Aug 26 + G3ZQS Memorial Straight Key Contest 2300Z, Aug 31 to 2300Z, Sep 2   September 2018 + All Asian DX Contest, Phone 0000Z, Sep 1 to 2400Z, Sep 2 + Russian RTTY WW Contest 0000Z-2359Z, Sep 1 + RSGB SSB Field Day 1300Z, Sep 1 to 1300Z, Sep 2 + Colorado QSO Party 1300Z, Sep 1 to 0400Z, Sep 2 + IARU Region 1 Field Day, SSB 1300Z, Sep 1 to 1259Z, Sep 2 + Alabama QSO Party 1500Z, Sep 1 to 0300Z, Sep 2







 CLOVIS ARP ++ .Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio Club Fires Up 1950s Vintage Gear for NASA on the Air Special Event. Annual Tour de Fresno Bicycle Ride event is Saturday September 15. Google’s Gboard keyboard now lets you communicate through Morse code on both Android and iOS. The Clovis Amateur Radio Pioneers is offering a series of classes to help you get your Amateur Radio License. This is the first level license class designed to help prepare you to take the Amateur Radio FCC exam.

FRESNO ARC++ .Saturday, Nov. 10th, in place of the regular meeting, FARC will host a swap meet. There will be a hidden TX hunt on the premises. This is a good time for selling, buying, and eyeball QSOs. The Club Picnic in August was held at Ken WA6OIB, and Gwynne’s place, with great food and drinks for all, A wonderful time was enjoyed. Here are some highlights: Lisa won the first Bingo, Chris, KK6QCP won the Yaesu radio, Matt Holden, KB6ORX won the 6M radio

LODI ARC ++ Mike Zane proposed we bring in some very old equipment (pre 1950) for a show & tell. Bob Schuldheisz reported that there will be a full size balloon launch in the early morning in Galt on August 12th. He proposed to the group leader of having ham radio (especially ATV) on board one of the balloons and it was warmly accepted, but not at this event this year. Bob will keep in touch with both the group leader and Fred Coe for the ATV equipment needed.

  1. Steve Ewing showed off his “dixie cup” tuned cavity speaker for CW reception. He reported that it works very well.

  2. Ron Russell reported on board actions regarding essential changes needed to our constitution. If the changes are not approved by 2/3 of the total membership, both President Emilia and Secretary Jim will be automatically term limited out of office for 2019. All paid members will be receiving the changes needed and instructions for voting, either by email or in person at the next meeting. Ron has devised a system of total privacy, even if voting by email. If you vote at the meeting, it will be a paper ballot. The ballots (email & paper) will be counted at the next meeting. It was also stated that there are other sections in the club bylaws/constitution that also need to be addressed but these items are not as time critical and will be dealt with at future board meetings.

  3. Roger Gearhart suggested that we have a contest coordinator. Unfortunately nobody raised their hand. Jim always reports the upcoming contests and special events for the following weekend on every Wednesday night 2 meter net.

  4. Bob Officer stepped up on very short notice to do a program on the Reverse Beacon Network. Emilia was scheduled to do the program, but Jim had a stroke on Tuesday. He was fortunate that it wasn’t worse than it was. He has double vision, that has the possibility of self healing, but was otherwise unaffected in any other way. Bob showed how the RBN system works, by queering the system database for the N6SJV call we used on Field Day. Propagation tracks on a US map showed exactly where we were being heard and correlated with the actual contacts made in those areas. Even though the dipole antenna used was oriented so maximum radiation was supposed to be aimed east, the RBN showed it was actually radiating best off the ends, probably due to the low height it was mounted for a 40 meter antenna and was partially in the shadow of the house on the east side. Thank you Bob for springing into action at the last minute. We had a great club raffle and thank everyone who donated prizes. Program & Event Schedule for 2018

Sept 6 Live Digital Amateur Television Demo, Ron N6GKJ, Counting ballots for the Constitution amendments. Nominations for 2019 officers, from the membership or email to the Secretary.

Sept 15 Lincoln Ham Swap (this is a good one) , Sept 22 VHF Rig Testing (club event), Oct 4 Army Security Agency and its roll on "enemy" intercept and order of battle. Mike N6ZW. Presentation from the secretary of the new officer ballot to the President. If it is an uncontested ballot, a verbal vote will be made. Oct 6 VHF Antenna Shootout (date pending on Ron S’s work assignment. October 19-21 Pacificon, San Ramon, November 1,2018 Dayton Hamvention, Jim, WB6BET & Emilia, KI6YYT. Voting for 2019 officers (if the ballot is contested), Dec 6 Christmas Party - Gift Exchange Theme: “Hawaii: The Easiest Dxpedition” or any radio related item. Weekly club net Wednesday @ 7 PM. 147.090 Mhz, +offset, PL 114.8 hz.. Following the 2m net, there is a 10m net at 8 PM. Frequency; 28.400, Upper Sideband,

Jim Seiferling, WB6BET, Secretary, Lodi ARC


LOS BANOS ARC ++ George, W6YD reports on Club activities and added some humour. Up next – the Ice Cream Social. Pictures of opperating Solare Powered Field Day.


SIERRA ARC ++ Steve KK6JTB is sporting an Alf emoji. Keep your cats locked up, hi hi. Steven Rainey, N6MVX, and Ed Tipler, WI6RE, put up the new 147.975 (-) PL 100.0 repeater antenna on El Paso Peak last Saturday, 25 August. It is a ComScope 4-dipole array with 2 dipoles South and 2- dipoles North for a gain of about 7.5 dBd N- CQP October 6-7 this year.

SEQUOIA ARG ++ The Prez Sez: Our August meeting was a fun and interesting meeting. The membership elected Jan Robertson N7CCV to be our new “Board Member At Large”. As a point of interest I want to point out that she won with ONE VOTE! Mike KA6IYS was our speaker and caught us up on all the goings on at the last Field Day as well as providing facts, figures and stories from past Field days. It was interesting and enjoyed by all. Thanks Mike!! Bob KI6TLB brought in a couple hand held radios that were donated to the club by Mike Siwula K6LDK. These are very nice new in the box radios. One is a Alinco DJ-500 dual band transceiver and the other is a Wouxun KG-UV-3D for which Bob has thrown in an extra charger and 2 more batteries.

We will be raffling off these radios as part of the 50/50 drawing. If you win you get the choice of the money or one of these fine radios. If you choose the radio the money prize goes to the club. I also want to encourage our members to upgrade whenever possible. If you aren't licensed please consider a little study and getting your license. It's not that hard and well worth the effort. If you already have your license then upgrade. Expand your horizons. I'll see you at the meeting. -Bill- N6TF-

NEXT MEETING: Our guest speaker will be Mike Gordon from the Kern Valley Healthcare District. He will speak on the Golden Hour” of medical care. Very important to residents of this rural community. I am really looking forward to his presentation. Well worth attending. NIST FY 2019 Budget Would Eliminate WWV and WWVH. September 28, 1542 - California was discovered by Portuguese navigator Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo upon his arrival at San Diego Bay.

STOCKTON DELTA ARC ++ Mike K6MDS will be training on Radio Direction Finding Techniques, how to equip your HT and antennas you can build or use in a transmitter hunt.
After the training, we will go out into the park in search of “The Fox”. There will be no raffle at
this meeting. So now meet 13 year old Regita
YG3VI. She’s a ham radio operator in Indonesia. I know she’s 13 because I heard her on 40-meters during the All Asian DX Contest where the exchange is the age of the station licensee. Are we doing enough as club members reaching out to new hams? September is also National Preparedness Month ( Sez the Prez John, NZ6Q

CONGRATULATIONS TO ANNIE N6ACL, Winner of November 2017 Phone Sweepstakes
1 st Place San Joaquin Valley.

The Stockton-Delta Amateur Radio Club will join hundreds of other volunteer radio groups statewide to participate in the Exercise.

TUOLOMNE Co. AMATEUR RADIO ELECTRONIC SOCIETY ++ Contact with ISS, Listen from Central California on 145.800, was made from Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School, Santa Ana, CA, direct via AA6TB. It was heard over most of the state Hand held and mobile radios could receive, using large antenna.


TURLOC ARC ++ Well the Ferguson fire did NOT make it to our repeater site at Turtle Dome, however it was in the neighborhood. At the top of Turtle Dome is the AT&T Microwave Site that serves Yosemite Valley, El Portal and Wawona. I’m sure the borate folks would have painted the site bright Orange... Also vegetation at the top is VERY sparse and granite doesn't burn. All of us in the valley were plagued with foul air... One can only imagine the impact it had on fire fighters and those living in the immediate nearby areas like Dan WL7COO and his Bride Julie. Winlink Trimode: With the event of natural disasters fires, floods and hurricanes, emergency responder agencies are beginning to realize the value of the Winlink Radio Email System... Winlink is NOT a cure all but just another tool, granted a valuable tool... Dick K6SUU at the last meeting asked Grady K6IXA, to do a Winlink presentation for the next meeting. The Fall Auction was Cancelled, look for a GREAT one in Spring. 73 Grady K6IXA


The following Amateur became Silent Key since the last report:

former .KE6WFK , Tristan


He will be missed.


Traffic for August 2018:

ORS: WS6P 839, K6RAU 12 Total 851

PSHR: WS6P 225, K6RAU 70


Mark your Calendars:


  2. 10/06/2018 | San Diego Hamfest

Location: Lakeside, CA
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Lakeside Amateur Radio Club



  1. 10/13/2018 | Redding CA Ham Radio Tailgate Party/Swapmeet

Location: Redding, CA
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Shasta/Tehama County ARES







  5. 10/19/2018 | Pacific Division Convention (PACIFICON 2018)

Location: San Ramon, CA
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Mount Diablo Amateur Radio Club



  1. 10/27/2018 | CopaFest 2018

Location: Maricopa, AZ
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Maricopa Amateur Radio Association




11/10/2018 | HARK Hamfest

Location: Congress, AZ
Type: ARRL Hamfest
Sponsor: Hassayampa Amateur Radio Klub



01/20/2019 | Quartzfest Convention

Location: Quartzsite, AZ
Type: ARRL Convention
Sponsor: Quartzfest Planning Committee






San Joaquin Valley Officials