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Section Name:
Keith Miller SR N9DGK
Daytime Phone:
615 631 9952
Evening Phone:
615 631 9952

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A Message from your ARRL State Government Liaison, Ingrid Klose, KD4F:


In the past two weeks you may have heard news about a Bill being introduced into the Tennessee House (HB0044) which bans the use of handheld devices while driving.  Upon investigation, I found the language in the actual draft Bill is for handheld “telephones.”  As the word “telephones” is not defined in the section definitions, common usage is assumed.  The summary states “devices,” but the actual Bill does not.


A Middle Tennessee Communications group raised the question of whether this will affect our ability to use radios.  I did not see that it would, considering the specificity of the wording, but I called ARRL Headquarters and spoke to Dan Henderson in the legal section.  While he is admittedly not a lawyer, he, too agrees that raising that flag might cause more harm than good and we need not do anything to oppose the Bill at this time.

I will keep daily watch on the Bill and if the wording changes to impact amateur radio users, I will certainly let you know.  In the meantime, consensus is to leave this alone.

Tennessee Officials

  • Keith Miller

    Section Manager

    Keith E. Miller N9DGK

  • Greg Tomerlin

    Bulletin Manager

    Greg A. Tomerlin K4KO

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  • Samuel Davidson

    Assistant Section Manager

    Samuel R. Davidson KK4RGU

  • David Bower

    Assistant Section Manager

    David L. Bower K4PZT

  • John Visage

    Assistant Section Manager

    John T. Visage KN4EOV

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  • Jay Daniel

    Assistant Section Manager

    Jay C. Daniel KG4DCI

  • Dale Darling

    Assistant Section Manager

    Dale Mason Darling W9WBA

  • Charles Morgan

    Technical Coordinator

    Charles T. Morgan K4VCM

  • Ingrid Klose

    State Government Liaison

    Ingrid Klose KD4F

  • Glenn Snow

    Assistant Section Manager

    Glenn R. Snow N4MJ

  • Thomas Wolfe

    Section Traffic Manager

    Thomas E. Wolfe K4CMY

  • John Swisher

    Official Observer Coordinator

    John B. Swisher AB4O

  • Paul Eakin

    Affiliated Club Coordinator

    Paul L. Eakin KJ4G

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  • Catherine Goodrich

    Public Info Coordinator

    Catherine M. Goodrich W4CMG

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