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Keith Miller SR N9DGK
Daytime Phone:
615 631 9952
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615 631 9952

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Good Morning to All,

Field Day is this coming weekend and I am making final preparations to go to West Tennessee this year. As many of you know, I have made similar trips in both Middle and East Tennessee the past two years, so this year I am going west.

I will be going to Jackson Friday and stay there Friday night. I will start Field Day there Saturday Morning, then move to South Fulton to meet with the Reelfoot ARC and begin the Exercise/Contest there. From South Fulton I will go to Trenton TN in the afternoon to meet with members of several clubs there who will be holding their activities at an elementary school.

From there I will travel to Memphis to meet with at least three clubs there including the Memphis Amateur Radio Association Saturday evening.

I have been invited to come and do a radio broadcast at the University of Memphis radio station WMUR beginning at 9:00 PM CST. The following is from the announcer, David Saks WK2B who will be my host:

“It'll be webcast at the same time at Http:// so you can record it on your smart phone or pc.


We'll have 60 to 80 thousand listeners in West Tennessee, in addition to a large worldwide audience listening on the web, in that time slot.


Let Section 4 ops and others know so they can listen.


Phone is 901-217-2522.”


While I travel this weekend, I plan to operate HF mobile. The frequency will be 7233 LSB ± 5 Khz. I will make efforts to answer all calls received as I travel. You may use the contacts for Centennial QSO points or FD points during the Field Day Operating period. I will continue to operate after FD is complete as I travel home.

Don’t forget to put your group information on the ARRL FD Locator Page. Over 1,500 groups have put their information there including 31 groups in Tennessee. You can also brag about your Field Day this year including pictures.


For those who may have missed it the first time, we were able to have pictures with the Governor with our Field Day Proclamation, Here is the ARRL link to view them: Just scroll to the bottom of the page. We also made ARRL news this week and here is that link as well:


I am looking forward to seeing and meeting as many folks as I can this weekend. I know it will be a great weekend and I look forward to sharing some of your time and comments with you.




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