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Virginia Section 2nd Quarter 2021 News Letter Report

Well here we are surviving the first quarter of 2021. 
With a new President, new Covid 19 Vaccines, additional 
stimulus money, etc., theworld around us is moving 
forward, albeit slowly. Covid 19 virus vaccines are now 
in full swing, however we are still struggling with
getting the vaccines to many underserved, geographical
 locations, but this is being worked on. The good news 
is that the deaths as well as hospital numbers on the 
decline. And, the xyl and myself finally received our 
two PFIZER shots.

The ham community has cancelled virtually all hamfests 
and in person event for 2021. But I must report that 
the creative genius of hams have created a new virtual 
world of meetings, hamfests, webinars, podcasts,
Expo’s, etc.. Many of the cancelled hamfest have 
been recreated by these organizations in the virtual world.

Finally ARISS is back on the air. When one of spacewalks 
during which cable replacements and new cable replacements
were done, they lost the connection between the outside 
antenna and the radios. (See it happens even to professionals, 
HI HI). It has been fixed now. Also, after 7 years of 
silence,, the Delfi-n3Xt satellite is again transmitting a
signal 145.70 MHz and 145.93MHz, and high-speed data 2405 
MHz. The inverting SSB/CW transponder has an uplink 
passband of 435.530-453.570 LSB and a downlink passband 
of 145.880-145.920 MHZ USB.

Check the ARRL Home page for all the great educational 
opportunities. ARRL Podcasts, Learning Network webinars, 

ARES as noted previously, the database CONNECT is still 
winding down for those that had  used its capabilities. 
A new database program is being developed and will be 
announced when decisions have been made.

The Red Cross exercises held with ARES and other EMMCOM 
groups held last year as well as last march 11, 2021 
were all more successful each time with over 1,500 
participants. There will be another Nationwide exercise
on  May 8, 2021. The growth of Winlink communications 
and show successes with message handling is coming more 
and more to the forefront of EMMCOM needs for all kinds 
of emergencies and disasters. Winlink Wednesday’s
has grown into Winlink Thursday’s group and many other 
local and regional exercises.
Blizzards, flooding, tornados, etc., extreme weather 
causing loss of power, etc. activated many local ARES 
groups all over the south and Midwest areas.  

Virginia ARES program is as previously noted, is a work 
in progress, but I must add that the new district 
alignment, has brought some new DEC and EC appointments. 
Work is still in progress with local government

Our new Virginia Web site WWW.ARRLVA.COM IS GROWING WELL. 
We have had many compliments about it. The site contains
section news, programs, club information, ARES, and many 
more sections for all of your Virginia ham announcements, 
information, etc..  In addition, a Virginia Section
newsletter had been developed and is distributed each 
month by our Section PIO.

Virginia QSO Party is scheduled for March 20-21, THIS 

The Vienna Wireless Society K4HTA has been selected Club 
of the year.
 Checking the ARRL web site for upcoming contests shows 
over 25 contests just for the rest of March. All of these 
contests give anyone the opportunity to gain new countries, contacts, etc, even if you do not
enter the contests.

REMEMBER, the new distracted driver law has gone in effect 
on Jan 1, 2021. Hams are exempt, I encourage you to keep a copy of the law, in you
vehicle, which I sent earlier.

Dr Joe Palsa - K3WRY
ARRL Virginia Section Manager
State Government Liaison

Virginia Officials