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Section Name:
Jack Smith KE4LWT
Daytime Phone:
(662) 523-0000

Basic Information


May Virginia Section Manager’s Report


Safety message.

Spring is in the air, and pollen is all over our cars! Many of us are getting outside and working in the yard, on our homes, towers and antennas. Remember that this “winter” has been two years long, and we’re all two years older, and maybe a little bit out of shape. Take your time, make sure you have another person with you when working as a “safety”. Take breaks when needed, and watch out for the heat and how it affects you. Always remember there is nothing worth getting hurt over.


Affiliated Clubs

Mike WA8AHZ, Ed KW4GF, and I have held several meetings with our affiliated clubs to help us determine their needs, and how to not only retain the members that we have, but ways in which we can recruit new members, and regain those who have become less active for whatever reason. I encourage you to watch the two youtube recordings on this. The first one ( has an in-depth discussion with Ed Gibbs KW4GF, one of our Assistant Section Managers on a Virginia Initiative we’re calling “GOTA For Life”. The second video is a bit wider ranging, so it took a bit longer. Skip to about 20 minutes in to get past the introductions.


Mike has been doing a great job in working with the clubs, and many have reported that his efforts have helped them to increase their membership. Virginia is a huge section, and if you’d like to help out with his efforts, let me know and we can try and share the load. He also shared information about the ARRL Foundation Grants Program and webinar. The video presented by ARRL HQ is at


Section Manager Events/Scheduling

I was honored to be invited to speak at the Loudoun Amateur Radio Group in April, and the hospitality and warm welcome are greatly appreciated. Of course, there were the 5 club calls mentioned above. I have an upcoming presentation via Zoom with the Albemarle Amateur Radio Club on May 10th. See their webpage at for more information.

If your club, ARES group, or even a partner organization would like for me to speak with them, please contact me for scheduling.


Upcoming events

Hurricane Season begins 1 June, and runs through 30 November

Mother’s Day, May 8

Memorial Day, May 30

Field Day, June 25-26

For upcoming events throughout the ARRL® you can see: for Hamfests/Conventions  This is particularly useful if you’re traveling, or live near one of our neighboring states.


Position vacancies

The Virginia Section has many vacancies open. Some of these are the “traditional” ARRL appointments, but there are also a good number of non-traditional positions available which can contribute greatly to the Virginia Section. For more information on these, see! or feel free to contact me directly. To make the section successful, it takes a wide variety of skills.

Some of the things we’ll be looking for that are non-traditional will be for the ARES® organization, and some will be for things like the GOTA For Life Initiative. There will be many opportunities to help lead the Virginia Section into the future.


Amateur Radio Emergency Services® (ARES®)

We’ve been working hard at reviewing all of the appointments in the database, and great strides are being made. If you are an Emergency Coordinator (EC), you should have received an email requesting a status update. If you haven’t done so, or didn’t receive it, please send me and our SEC, John WB4AXY an email so that we can get that up to date. We know that many emails change, and it’s difficult to keep all the various mailing lists up to date, so we appreciate your patience. The same is true for Official Emergency Stations, Official Relay Stations, Net Managers, and all other appointees.

Hurricane season begins in less than 30 days. John WB4AXY will be distributing a sample hurricane drill that you can use. I encourage every ARES® unit, and even all the clubs, to conduct some form of preparedness drill. For those of us too young to remember Hurricane Camille, the rains from that caused extensive flooding and loss of life far inland, so it’s not just a danger to the coastal areas. For information on hurricane preparedness, check with your local Emergency Management Agency, and I recommend downloading and configuring the FEMA app, available for both Apple and Android devices.

We’re doing a lot better at collecting data to show the value of amateur radio to our communities. The collection of these reports shows our activities around the section and provides a metric that we can show to our served partners. We still have a way to go on getting that data collected in a more efficient manner, and we’re exploring several interim solutions pending a new league solution. Even so, as of this writing, the number of reporting sections has increased by 400%. That’s quite an achievement!

We’re also in the conceptual stages of a way to submit, track, and maintain the ARES® Training Task Book (TTB). As a note, since January 2019 each ARES® member has been required to have an ARES® TTB issued by their Emergency Coordinator, District Emergency Coordinator, or Section Emergency Coordinator, and each appointee is required to complete Level 3. This too shows our commitment to a providing a competent, trained, and committed volunteer force. There will be several discussions intended to help senior leaders gain a greater understanding of the process and to address any difficulties in completing their own training, and in guiding others in this as well.


Section Nets

The Old Dominion Emergency Net (ODEN), both digital and voice, are alive and well. Please download a copy of the brochure at and learn more about it. There is also a list of nets throughout the state at

There is also the Virginia Side-band Voice Net (VSBN), 18:00 hrs daily on 3947.

Carl W4CAC is our newly appointed Section Traffic Manager and is looking for Net Managers and other assistance. If you’re interested, contact me and I’ll pass that along.


Closing comments

As always, should you have any question, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to me. If it’s something with your local organization, always try to work through them first. Of course, you do not have to be a member of a club or ARES® unit to reach out to me regarding ARRL® Virginia concerns.




Virginia Officials

  • Jack Smith

    Section Manager

    Jack R. Smith KE4LWT

  • Donald Lynch

    Assistant Section Manager

    Donald F. Lynch W4ZYT

  • Michael Aimone

    Affiliated Club Coordinator

    Michael A. Aimone WA8AHZ

  • Rue Stuteville

    Assistant Section Manager

    Rue O. Stuteville W4RUE

  • John Kanode

    Assistant Section Manager

    John C. Kanode N4MM

  • Edward Gibbs

    Assistant Section Manager,
    Public Info Coordinator

    Edward P. Gibbs KW4GF

  • Gurney Grant

    Assistant Section Manager

    Gurney W. Grant W4WIN

  • John Roberts

    Section Emergency Coordinator,
    Assistant Section Manager

    John C. Roberts WB4AXY

  • Edward Krom

    Assistant Section Manager

    Edward V. Krom WD4KHP

  • Robert Myers

    Assistant Section Manager

    Robert W. Myers K2TV

  • Howard Wood

    Technical Coordinator

    Howard E. Wood WA4PGI

  • Ken Longnecker

    Public Info Coordinator

    Ken T. Longnecker KN4BAF


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