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October 30, 2014

News From Around West Texas

October has not been as wet as September, but I did have 1.4 inches October 20th. We are past what I consider the average first freeze date for this year, so I quess fall conditions are a plus for now. Earlier in the month some areas of the Davis Mountain-Big Bend received a light freeze, but not here at my home west of Alpine. I know winter is coming soon, just don't know when.

This newsletter may be an October-November issue. I am scheduled for right shoulder replacement on November 5th, and being right handed, it will be rather inconvenient. So if you do not receive another newsletter at the end of November, you will know the reason.


---Lubbock ARC Hamfest-

I attended Lubbock ARC's HamFest on October 18th. This was their first annual hamfest, with hopes of many more to come. They had an excellent turnout for the event, with vendor tables inside and outside the Noble Stidham Memorial Club House, as well as tailgate vendors. If this year's hamfest is an indication of what can be expected for future years, then look for the announcement for 2015 and plan to attend!


---Ham Radio and the American Red Cross---

The following email was received and forwarded to all DEC's and EC,s by Howard WB5EKW, West Texas SEC:

As a leader you should have an emergency plan. If not - please start to work on the "default plan" referenced in the presentation. The default plan covers your predefined actions in a communications outage/overload, or power failure situation. Please create the plan and review with your local Red Cross leadership. Understand this is not self deployment, once you have a plan reviewed and approved, it is what we expect you will do in an emergency of that type.

New Counties in CSTAR: Keep your eyes open for a request for local frequencies from our Region Communications Lead Rik K5RIK. In some cases you may have already been contacted by your chapter DST lead.

We will be presenting this material at HAM gatherings across South-West and Central Texas. If there is a particular expo you want us to attend or present, please let us know. We have also presented this to several local Amateur Radio Club and ARES teams. If you would like us to do that at one of your meetings, contact me - and we will do our best.

Thank you for being ready.

Kevin KF5FUZ


Disaster Services Technology / @KF5FUZ

American Red Cross of CSTAR Region (Central and South-West Texas Region)



---International Humanitarian Award Nomination Period Open---

Nominations are open for the 2014 ARRL International Humanitarian Award

<>. The award is

conferred upon an amateur or amateurs who demonstrate devotion to human

welfare, peace and international understanding through Amateur Radio. The

League established the annual prize to recognize Amateur Radio operators

who have used ham radio to provide extraordinary service to others in

times of crisis or disaster.


A committee appointed by the League's President recommends the award

recipient(s) to the ARRL Board, which makes the final decision. The

committee is now accepting nominations from Amateur Radio, governmental or

other organizations that have benefited from extraordinary service

rendered by an Amateur Radio operator or group.


Amateur Radio is one of the few telecommunication services that allow people throughout the world from all walks of life to meet and talk with

each other, thereby spreading goodwill across political boundaries. The

ARRL International Humanitarian Award recognizes Amateur Radio's unique

role in international communication and the assistance amateurs regularly

provide to people in need.


Nominations should include a summary of the nominee's actions that qualify

the individual (or individuals) for this award, plus verifying statements

from at least two people having first-hand knowledge of the events

warranting the nomination. These statements may be from an official of a

group (for example, the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, a local or

state emergency management official) that benefited from the nominee's

particular Amateur Radio contribution. Nominations should include the

names and addresses of all references.


All nominations and supporting materials for the 2014 ARRL International

Humanitarian Award must be submitted in writing in English to ARRL

International Humanitarian Award, 225 Main St, Newington, CT 06111 USA.

Nomination submissions are due by December 31, 2014. In the event that no

nominations are received, the committee itself may determine a recipient

or decide to make no award.


The winner of the ARRL International Humanitarian Award receives an

engraved plaque and a profile in QST and other ARRL venues.


----Officer Election Results---

I have been notified of the following officer election results for the following West Texas Section ARC's:


Key City ARC Abilene


President, Ron Harden KB5HGM

Vice-Presient, Kendall Thomas KC5FFQ

Secretary, Tammy Harden KB5NLP

Treasurer, Peg Richard KA4UPA


Sun City ARC El Paso

President, Ed Wood KD5MFS

Vice-President, Bernie Krasowski KD5QHV

Secretary, Heidi Wilden KE5BHT

Treasuerer, Larry Springsteen WB8LBZ

Director, Linda Krasowski KE5BQK

Director, Cherry Smith W5DPD

Director, Sean Gardner KD6CUB


Congratulations to all who have been elected, and best wishes for the coming club year!


---Marathon to Marathon October 25, 2014---

The Annual Marathon to Marathon was held on October 25th, with the Big Bend ARC providing communication support. The event is a full 30K marathon (26.2 miles) run, begining north of Marathon, TX on Highway 385, and ending at the Gage Hotel in Marathon on Highway 90. Three other shorter stages were also run (15K, 10K and 5K). A total of 346 participants were entered in the events. Big Bend ARC members participating were Dick W5DWI, Lora W5JUW, Dean WA5MHO, Chuck KG5BMK, Bill W5NPR, with Bob WA5ROE as net control. Weather was excellent. There was a few EMS issues at the conclusion of the race, but none reguiring transport. Communications were achieved by 2-meters, utilizing the BBARC 147.02 Repeater on Elephant Mountain.


---Silent Keys---

Edward S. Asher II WB5GJK, passed away October 4, 2014. A long time resident of El Paso, he volunteered for Sun Bowl, Amigo Airshow and was a life long ham operator. He is survived by his wife of 44 years, Sandra T., and sons, James and Edward.

Robert B. (Bryan) McCleery K5YR, passed away during the week of October 20-25, 2014.

On behalf of myself and everyone in the West Texas Section, I extend

condolences to the families and friends of Edward and Bryan.



---Section Emergency Coordinator Report---

In order to save space, the Monthly Section Emergency Report for September 2014

can be seen in its entirety by scrolling to the bottom of the ARRL West Texas

Section Page. Once there, click on the link for the September SEC Report.

Signature: Howard Collier Call sign: WB5EKW

Title: West Texas Section Emergency Coordinator



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Thanks again for all you do for the West Texas Section. Hope to see you soon.



ARRL West Texas Section

Bill Roberts W5NPR

Section Manager


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