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Rocky Mountain

November 2, 2015

Greetings, Wyoming Hams,




2017 Rocky Mountain Division Convention


I am pleased to announce the 2017 ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Convention will be held over Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-28, 2017, in beautiful Cody, Wyoming.


The Big Horn Basin Amateur Radio Club will host the convention and has already headed the train down the tracks. Jerry Pyle – WB7S and Justin Holder – KB7CSW will co-chair the convention.


Please contact Jerry ( or Justin ( if you’d like to be part of this exciting team.




Amateur Radio Parity Act


A special thanks goes out to the members of the ShyWy ARC for their generous donation of $1000 supporting the Amateur Radio Parity Act.


If you haven’t already done so, please considering sending letters to Senator Enzi, Senator Barrasso, and Congresswoman Lummis urging their support for this very important legislation.


There are two articles in the November issue of QST, specifically directed to clarifying the Parity Act. "It Seems to Us" page 9 - David Summers - K1ZZ and "Happenings" page 86 - Rick Lindquist - WW1ME.


Amateur Radio Parity Act



New Section Appointees


Please welcome the newest Wyoming Section appointees to our leadership team:


Public Information Officer – Tom Ritter – WY7KY – Cheyenne


Public Information Officer – Jack Robinson – WY7JR – Gillette


Public Information Officer – Richard Breininger – N1TEK – Green River


Along with Paladin Flory, KX7PC, from Cody; Gary Horlick, W7GSH, from Gillette; and Tate Belden, KA7O, from Casper, we have a crackerjack team seeking information on newsworthy events that help promote Amateur Radio. Feel free to contact anyone of these PIOs if you have club news or any other radio events occurring.



ARRL Wyoming Section on Facebook


The Wyoming Section Facebook page is the “heartbeat” of the section. The last I checked there were 107 active members on the page. I also know of four other Wyoming amateur radio related Facebook pages.   


Wyoming Section Facebook


Big Horn Basin ARC




Sweetwater ARC


North East Wyoming ARC


There very well could be others. Please let me know if I’ve missed any.



Planes, Trains, and Automobiles


September 17-20 I attended the ARRL Section Managers’ Training in Newington, CT. It was a great experience meeting many of the ARRL HQ staff members and the 18 other new Section Managers from around the country.


I also had the honor of presenting the $1000 check on behalf of the ShyWy ARC to ARRL CEO David Summers, K1ZZ. This was not only a thrill for me but also great exposure for the entire State of Wyoming.


Tuesday, October 20th, Affiliated Clubs Coordinator, Ron Gallo – WR8O, Walt Marshall – W7SE, my wife, Jean, and I had lunch in Rawlins with Duane Shillinger - NN7H, and his lovely wife, Darlene. It was great to see Duane again.


After lunch, we continued west on I-80 to attended a meeting with the Sweetwater ARC in Rock Springs. Ron, WR8O, presented the club an American flag, a Wyoming State flag, an ARRL flag, and an ARRL banner. Walt, W7SE, shared information on the 7th Area QSO Party, which will be held May 7-8, 2016. It was great to see my old friends, Ron Bruderer - N7ERH and Johnny Ramirez - N7ABC. We’d like to thank the Sweetwater ARC club for their hospitality.


After the meeting, Walt and Ron headed eastbound for Laramie and Cheyenne. Jean and I spent the night in Little America, and we spent Wednesday evening with friends in Alpine, Wyoming.


On our return trip, Thursday afternoon, I met with Jim Pigg, N7ZHP, in Etna, Wyoming. Jim is one of several hams in the Star Valley area. For those of you who check into the Wyoming Cowboy Net, Jim is a net control.



Future Events


CW Sweepstakes November 7-9



Phone Sweepstakes November 21-23


160 Meter Contest December 4-6


10 Meter Contest December 12-13


Rookie CW Roundup December 20


HF Contesting Guidelines




ARRL Membership Renewal    /New


Thank you all for being members of the greatest hobby in the world and also for being members of the Wyoming Section of the ARRL.





Jack Mitchell


Wyoming Section Manager




Wyoming DMR Project News


The WyDMR Network has seen quite the growth this past month!  With the help of Rob Cleveland, N7EMA; Jeanine West, KG7AEH; Brian McNutt, N7BAM; and Greg Rix, WB7GR, we were able to complete the install on Pilot Hill. The frequency is 447.225 and, it offers really superb coverage both east and west of the I-80 summit between Cheyenne and Laramie.


Buffalo will be coming online the first part of November, followed by a site atop Casper Mountain.  The Buffalo site is located at the Johnson County Airport and should offer really good coverage south, north, and especially to the east towards Gillette.


Lastly, a site in Rawlins is in the construction stage, waiting for a coordinated frequency pair and the final information on internet service. Once I have all this information, the repeater can be programmed, duplexer aligned, and the internet router configured for the DMR network. The site is located on Choke Cherry Knob, south of Rawlins. It should offer superb coverage along the I-80 corridor from Elk Mountain to Wamsutter.


A group of DMR enthusiasts in Hamilton, MT requested to include their DMR repeater on the WyDMR Network. They are online and can be found on the WyWIDE talkgroup. They are also working on another site in Missoula, MT and will connect that site to the WyWIDE talkgroup, hopefully in the early spring of 2016.


Hopefully by the end of year we will have active sites in Cheyenne, Laramie, Rawlins, Rock Springs, Casper, Buffalo, and Hamilton, MT. As the network grows, I'll begin holding a "tech net" on the WyWIDE talkgroup to answer questions about DMR, the WyDMR network, programming radios, etc. You can find the WyDMR Project on Facebook by searching for "Wyoming DMR Project" or directly at  Codeplugs and additional information are also available on the web at


Greg - N7GT


WyDMR Network Engineer




September 2, 2015


Greetings, Wyoming Hams,


Our “Wonderful Wyoming” Amateur Radio Community has kept very busy throughout the summer months with many activities and events. Without a doubt, the most significant event was the devastating flood on June 4th that roared through the Niobrara County communities of Manville and Lusk and the surrounding rural areas. Fortunately, there were no injuries or fatalities.


Many different state and federal agencies responded to the call for help. Cheyenne’s Emergency Coordinator, Brian, N7BAM, notified me earlier that morning that the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security had requested assistance from our local ARES/RACES for communication assistance.


During the aftermath of the flood, several Cheyenne area hams helped handle emergency radio traffic over a 48 hours period. Also, in support of the Wyoming State EOC, Campbell County’s Emergency Response Team, RR1, activated and monitored informal nets on their local repeater 147.360 and HF frequencies 3.923.50 and 7.260. A special “Salute” goes to Campbell County, and especially EC Garth, WY7GC for their assistance.


Ernie, N7AHQ, was on his way to attend the Viet Nam Veterans’ Celebration in Casper and contacted me to offer his personal “Mobile Com Van” if needed in Lusk.  Kudos to you, Ernie! You are a trooper!


Prior to the flooding, Niobrara County did not have an Emergency Coordinator. I’m pleased to announce that shortly after attending my 50th class reunion in Lusk, (Yes, I am that old, and yes, Lusk is my hometown.) I made contact with Kelly Dean, KG7OMT, newly licensed ham. Kelly is a Niobrara County Deputy Sheriff and is now Niobrara County’s EC. He has big plans as EC and has been given tentative permission from the sheriff to install a dual band radio in his patrol vehicle. Welcome aboard, Kelly.


Now if we can just fill the Emergency Coordinator’s positions in Goshen County, Platte County, Park County, Lincoln County, Converse County, Hot Springs County, Crook County, Uinta County, Washakie County, Weston County, Teton County, and Sublette County.


Please welcome Ralph Zauner, N7CSO, of Cheyenne as a Wyoming Section Technical Specialist. Ralph has been a ham for many years and has a vast electronics background.





In celebration of “Relay for Life” June 26-27, at Cheyenne South High School, special event station - W7C was operated by Fred – KD7LLF, Pam – KE7UUD, and Cara – KD7YBL.


In celebration of “Caspar Collins Days” July 24-26 in Ft. Caspar, special event station – W7Y was operated by numerous members of the Casper Amateur Radio Club. Check out QRZ for details of 2nd Lieutenant Caspar Collins.






Before I list the different clubs and individuals participating in Field Day 2015, I want to note that Wyoming’s very own, Katie - WY7YL, - (ARRL Media and Publications Manager), appeared on “Ham Nation Now” with Sean KX9X promoting Field Day. What an awesome job, Katie, Wyoming’s ambassador for Amateur Radio!


Participating Ham Clubs:


Big Horn Amateur Radio Club – KI7W – Big Horn Mountains


Details of the BHARC’s Field Day Activities can be found on our ARRL Wyoming Section Facebook page. I was particularly impressed with Ernie, N7AHQ’s GOTA station in the Native American Teepee! Sweet!


Sweetwater Amateur Radio Club


ShyWY ARC, Cheyenne - Laramie County Fair Grounds 


University of Wyoming Amateur Radio Club – UP Depot. The UWARC had a special guest operator, Bessie – WY7COW (not a real call). Again, you need to check out our section Facebook page for pictures and details about Bessie.


Northeast Wyoming Amateur Radio Association – NEWARA


There may be other clubs or individuals that participated in Field Day 2015. Sorry if I missed any.



ARRL Wyoming Section on Facebook


Wyoming Section has a Facebook page. The last I checked there were 86 active members of the “ARRL Wyoming Section.” With just a couple of key clicks, you too can become a member. The rules are simple. Be nice or be gone! The following link should guide you there. Simply request to join, and one of the administrators of the page will allow you to become a new member.






Upcoming Events:


September 11-13, 2015 - High Plains Roundup at Curt Gowdy State Park


September 19, 2015 – Wyoming Section Tailgate - Wright, Wyoming.

(I will be in Newington, Connecticut the weekend of the Wright event attending a new Section Managers’ Training Workshop. If there are any requests from attendees at the Wright gathering for a WY Section meeting, I have asked ASM Garth, WY7GC, to conduct the meeting.)


September 18-21, 2015 - The Big Horn Basin Amateur Radio Club annual picnic and camp out will be at Medicine Lodge Archeological site near Hyattville, WY.






DMR is quickly finding a niche’ in Wyoming.  DMR, or Digital Mobile Radio, is also known as MotoTRBO.  Future expansions include a site on Casper Mountain, a site at the Johnson County Airport, and a future site in the Big Horn Basin atop Tatman Mountain.  Sites currently active are in Cheyenne and another in Rock Springs atop Aspen Mountain.  For additional information about the WyDMR Network, visit  There is also a Facebook group page, which can be found by searching for “Wyoming DMR Project.”






Greg - N7GT, the frequency coordinator for Wyoming the last 15 years, made a decision for health reasons to retire. He contacted the Wyoming Repeater Coordinator Group (WRCG) with a proposal to take over the coordination responsibilities for our state. The proposal was accepted and the transition is under way. We extend our thanks for Greg’s many years of service and wish WRCG the best with its new endeavor.




Alan Brubaker, KO7X SK


Last but certainly not least, we lost a very good friend and fellow ham over the weekend of August 15 when Alan Brubaker, KO7X became a Silent Key. I have visited with his sister, but the family has not decided on a memorial service at this time. When I do receive information, I will let you know.


Thank you all for being members of the greatest hobby in the world and also for being members of the Wyoming Section of the ARRL.






Jack Mitchell



Wyoming Section Manager



June 19, 2015


Greetings Wyoming Hams,


2015 ARRL Field Day Update:


I will be in Lusk, Wyoming, over the weekend of June 27-28, attending my 50th class reunion. Yes, I am that old! Therefore, I will miss the Field Day activities .


Since I will be unable to handle the SM ARRL Field Day messages, I have asked ASM Garth Crowe, WY7GC, to the serve as the official Wyoming Section Field Day messenger. Thanks, Garth, for covering my duties!


The frequencies and times for these messages:


14.270 – Saturday, June 27 at 2:00 P.M. local time (20:00 UTC); Sunday, June 28 at 10:00 A.M. local time (16:00 UTC)


7.240 – Saturday, June 27 at 1:00 P.M. local time (19:00 UTC) and 4:00 P.M. local time (22:00 UTC)


3.9235 – Saturday, June 27 at 8:00 P.M. local time (02:00 UTC Sunday, June 28); Sunday, June 28 at 7:00 A.M. local time (13:00 UTC) The message will also be sent during the Sunday morning Pony Express Net at 8:00 A.M. local time (14:00 UTC)


14.070 PSK – Saturday, June 27 at 3:00 P.M. local time (21:00 UTC); Sunday, June 28 at 10:30 A.M. local time (16:30 UTC)


Most of all, be safe and enjoy the weekend, and as Garth says, “Be Radio Active!”




Jack Mitchell N7MJ


Wyoming Section Manager




June 1, 2015



Greetings, Wyoming Hams,



I feel truly honored to serve as your new Section Manager. I hope I can continue with the leadership example set by my predecessor, Garth Crowe, WY7GC. I would like to personally thank Garth for his many years serving as Wyoming’s Section Manager and his help with the new leadership transition. Garth, however, is not totally out of the picture. He has agreed to serve as the Northeast Wyoming Assistant Section Manager, the Campbell County Emergency Coordinator, and as an Official Observer. Yes, Garth is going to continue being involved and staying very busy!


While on the subject of Assistant Section Managers, I’d like to introduce your four ASMs:


Northwest Wyoming ASM:  Jerry Pyle – WB7S – Basin - - 307-250-7679


Southwest Wyoming ASM:  Ron Bruderer – N7ERH – Diamondville - - 307-877-2280


Northeast Wyoming ASM:  Garth Crowe – WY7GC – Gillette - - 307-689-1340



Southeast Wyoming ASM: Tom DeHoff – K7HRO – Cheyenne – - 307-631-4499


The past couple of months have been kind of a blur for me, and at times the learning curve has been a little steep. Shortly after being notified by the ARRL that I had won and would begin my duties as WY SM on April 1, 2015, I began the arduous task of attempting to make contact with all of the previous section appointees and updating their contact information. After many emails and phone calls, I was successful in contacting most appointees. Most agreed to continue, but a few wished to be released from their position.



However, I have been unable to contact the following appointees:


Technical Specialist – Rick Culp – KJ7AM - Thermopolis


Official Bulletin Station - Robert Hansen – WS7C – Laramie


Official Relay Station – Robert Poirier – K0DJ – Sinclair


Technical Specialist & Technical Supervisor – Karl Prinsen – W7PN – Worland


Emergency Coordinator – Quentin Vinzant – NX7Z - Sheridan


If you are one of these missing appointees or know their contact information, would you please notify me via my email address at or call me at 307-631-1456. I also check into both the Wyoming Cowboy Net and Wyoming Pony Express Net.


I am pleased to announce the following new Wyoming Section appointments:


Affiliated Club Coordinator – Ron Gallo – WR8O – Cheyenne

Division Emergency Coordinator – Justin Holder – KB7CSW – Cody



Emergency Coordinator – Robert Garrison – KF7FCA – Buffalo


Emergency Coordinator – Steven Rizzi – KE7UUJ – Rock Springs


Emergency Coordinator – Michael Sullivan – KF7UZF - Laramie


Public Information Officer – Rand Flory – KX7PC – Cody


Public Information Officer – Gary Horlick – W7GSH – Gillette


State Government Liaison – Robert Schrader – N7NKD – Cheyenne


There are many other positions across the state that need to be filled, especially Emergency Coordinators in Goshen County, Platte County, Park County, Lincoln County, Converse County, Niobrara County, Hot Springs County, Crook County, Uninta County, Washakie County, Weston County, Teton County, and Sublette County. My lists of ECs across the state are very incomplete and out of date. If any of these counties have an EC that I’m not aware of, please notify me. Also, an EC must be an ARRL member.


ARRL Membership


Our Section has increased from 448 to 482 since April of last year. Thanks to the membership across the state, especially Garth, for putting an emphasis on enrolling new members. I am not a number cruncher by any means, but according to the ARRL membership information, that is an increase of 5.6%. Only the state of Iowa had a larger increase with 6.1%. Yes, I understand with our smaller numbers, even a small increase in membership increases our percentage quicker that the larger states.


Wyoming’s Quasquicentennial Celebration


Not sure if many of us realize that 2015 is Wyoming’s 125th year of Statehood. Has anyone thought about doing something to commemorate this event? Special Event Station? QSO Party? After the tremendous success of the ARRL Centennial Celebration last year with W1AW/7, I’m just tossing it around for thought! I know there has also been some interest across the state in resurrecting a Wyoming QSO Party.


Wyoming Ham of the Year


Since it appears that we are probably going to have a Section gathering thanks to the Casper ARC, we should be thinking about choosing a Wyoming Ham of the Year. I know the official deadline was April 15, but obviously that date has come and gone. I’ll get with Tate, KA7O, and see if we can come up with a simple online nomination process.


ARRL Wyoming Section on FaceBook


Yes! Thanks to the efforts of ASM Jerry, WB7S, the Wyoming Section has a FaceBook page. The last I checked there were 52 active members of the “ARRL Wyoming Section.” With just a couple of key clicks, you too can become a member. The rules are simple. Be nice or be gone! The following link should guide you there. Simply ask to join, and one of the administrators of the page will allow you to become a new member of this most “august” group.


Upcoming Events:


ARRL Field Day – June 27-28, 2015 -


Rocky Mountain Division Convention - July 31, August 1-2, 2015, Ruby’s Inn, Bryce Canyon City, Utah –


Casper ARC Hamfest – Labor Day weekend – September 5-6, 2015 - Details are in the planning stages for this event, but the CARC has agreed to allow us a block of time for a section meeting and any other State business.


High Plains Roundup - September 12-13, 2015 - Curt Gowdy State Park - Exact details for this annual event will be available later.


Wright Hamfest - September 19, 2015 - Wright, Wyoming. The Northeast ARC is tentatively making plans for this event. More information will be posted when available.


Enough of the ramblings! Thank you all for being members of the greatest hobby in the world and also for being members of the Wyoming Section of the ARRL.




Jack Mitchell N7MJ


Wyoming Section Manager


ARRL Wyoming Section
Section Manager: Jack Mitchell, N7MJ

Wyoming Section of the ARRL

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