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Contest Soapbox

2014 ARRL Straight Key Night

  • 01/01/2015 | N9JF

    Along about 9:30 local time on New Year's Eve, I noted that everyone in the extended family was involved in one of two activities: 1) Grandkids are all on the floor playing a game.  I could get down with them, but I might not get up again.  2) All the ... Read More

  • 02/03/2014 | K6TY

    A bout of laryngitis is no impdiment on Straight Key Night! Al, W6LX, and I had a very long, very pleasant conversation just before midnight local time.  He lives across town from me, and the groundwave path on 40 m was easy.  We ran break-in, as if we... Read More

  • 01/31/2014 | WA4QJN/1

    Let's just call it "The Curious Case of The Keyer's Revenge."  I had been enjoying my first SKN for several hours and was in contact with Bill, AA4LR, in Rome, GA.  Suddenly I realized that even though I could still hear my keying in the sidetone of my... Read More

  • 01/19/2014 | WA9STI

    Working SKN reminds me of the fun I had operating as a thirteen year old Novice with my callsign WN9STI in 1966 from the southside of Chicago.  While I no longer have my original rigs, the Healthkit DX-60 and Hammerlund HQ-105TR, I was hoping to put on... Read More

  • 01/19/2014 | ny0o

    Straight key night is one event I try never to miss.  Don't spend a lot of time, but try to make a contact or two.  Using the j38 straight key with the classic TenTec Century 21 CW transceiver just feels like the natural way to operate ham radio.  Had ... Read More

  • Soapbox Image 1

    01/14/2014 | K4EOR

    This was a very special Straight Key Night for me.  I had the honor of using a key that belonged to a 15 year old ham from Milledgeville, GA, named Carl Rodney Brookins (Buddy), W4BPK.  He used the key while employed as a Postal Telegraph Operator in t... Read More

  • 01/09/2014 | K3PX

     SKN 2014 was very enjoyable. I made 23 quality QSO's on 40 and 80 meter CW in 11 states and a VO1. The furthese were in ID, FL, AL, NL (Canada). The rig was a Kenwood TS570 driving an Ameritron AL811H amplifier at 600 watts. The antenna was a 140 ft. ... Read More

  • Soapbox Image 1

    01/07/2014 | W1TPB

     There was a lot more activity this year than last. I always look forward to SKN and was not disappointed. All QSOs were 'The best'.  Read More