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SSTV - Slow Scan Television


Slow scan televison is a way of sending video over a voice bandwidth channel--this can make it practical to send video over thousands of miles via ionospheric propagation.  Modern computers make this once rare and expensive mode readily available to the average ham. Other ways to work with images over radio are discussed on the Image Modes page.


Web Links

  • MM Hamsoft Amateur Radio Freeware SSTV using your sound card.  Be careful about what you download.  You want the MMSTV113A.exe program (2018)
  • The SAW-Scan Television program
    from DL4SAW
    The GSHPC SSTV-program, also known as "SAW-SCAN", allows to send and receive color images with a high color resolution. However, the program only requires a very simple interface circuit and offers very good picture quality.