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Worked All States forms

  • WAS Paper Application

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

     >>>> Please note that if you are doing a hybrid application (combined paper and LoTW) that the application form and record sheet cannot be used. Please go to LoTW and start the application process there. In LoTW a page will prompt you with the remaining states needed by paper. Here, you type in the callsign(s) associated with the remaining states. After clicking 'continue' to submit your application LoTW will take you to the final page where you will see a link labeled "Print Field Check List". This is the ONLY form needed along with the paper cards when you visit your awards manager or sending applications direct to ARRL. For more instructions see: where there is a link for WAS and LoTW. <<<<

    Again, please do not send the application form and record sheet to your awards manager or direct to WAS. It cannot be accepted and may be returned, unprocessed.

    LoTW is designed in such a way to make electronic processing simple and easy. Use of the paper application and record sheet for hybrid submissions complicates the verification process at WAS. LogBook of The World (LoTW) is designed to simplify the application process where, except for the physical checking of QSL cards, it is otherwise a fully automated process.

    It is recommended that you print a copy of this form for your personal records.

    There are 4 screens to LoTW application:

    Part 1: This is where you select the award(s) you are applying for

    Part 2: Three questions are asked here:

       Are you applying for a Certificate or Endorsement
       Fill in callsign(s) of the state(s) LoTW notes that are needed by paper card
       Where you will have your application checked

    Part 3: Personal information

    Part 4: Two parts here:

       Upper portion: Comment box to bring anything to WAS attention. You can also order a lapel pin here
       Lower portion: Payment section

    Important: If you choose 'Payment By Mail' you must send payment direct to WAS within 30 days. If payment is not received within 30 days the application will expire and eventually be rejected
    Send questions to


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  • 5-Band WAS Application

    Application form for 5-Band WAS award.

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  • 5 Band WAS Record Sheet


    Record Sheet for the 5 Band WAS Program
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  • 5 Band WAS Plaque/Pin Order Form


    Now that you have achieved 5 Band Worked All States, you can now proudly display a distinct wall plaque along with your certificate of accomplishment. Click below to order your plaque today!
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  • WAS Map (Color)

    WAS Map (Color)

    This colorful map is a useful operating aid for your shack.  The map shows all 50 U.S States so you can track your WAS progress.  In addition to outlining the ten continental call areas this map also shows the ARRL sections including U.S Virgin Islands (KP2) and Puerto Rico (KP4).

    This downloadable PDF file can be printed on your home printer on 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

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  • WAS Map (Gray scale)

    Black and white version of the WAS map above.

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  • I received a damaged plaque but still put the engraved endorsement plates on the plaque. Who is responsible for the cost to replace these plates?

    First, and very important, when you receive your plaque in the mail before doing anything be sure to do a complete inspection of the box then after opening be sure to inspect your plaque closely BEFORE attaching any plates to it.

    While ARRL regrets a damaged plaque we will replace this plaque at no cost to the applicant. However, engraved endorsement plate(s) and/or an engraved callsign plate sent along with the plaque MUST NOT be attached. If you place engraved plates on a damaged plaque ARRL is not responsible for replacing these items for free. Applicants must not attach ANY plate whether it is the endorsement plate(s) and/or callsign plate.  While DXCC will provide a replacement for any plaque that is damaged it is obvious that putting any plates on to a damaged plaque is not a good idea.

    A plate may be removed from a plaque but you should do this carefully.

    Replacement endorsement engraved plates are $10.50 each and a replacement for a callsign plate is $15.00.