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50 MHz and Up - WAS Lists

50 MHz and Up: WAS Lists

Worked All States is a prestigious award!  Yet working all states at VHF and Above is an accomplishment that takes an extraordinary effort (often taking participants and their contacts beyond the Ionosphere – even to the moon and back). 

Each of the PDF’s below presents a list of call signs, in Award Number order, of those Amateurs who have reached the plateau of confirming contacts with all 50 US States at VHF and above.  We congratulate all of these Amateurs for their significant achievement!  

These lists will be updated quarterly where new awards have been issued. File name date shows last date of change to a given WAS list for a given band. Please report any corrections or omissions to:

50 MHz (6 Meters)

144 MHz (2 Meters)

220/222 MHz (1.25 Meters)

432 MHz (70 cm)

903 MHz (33 cm)

1296 MHz (23 cm)


Updated as of:  11 January 2024


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