WA50 Standings

The World Above 50 MHz Standings

This page is a listing of station-reported information on the number of grids, states and DXCC countries working on 50 MHz and above. This information is what was reported by the station operator and does not necessarily reflect data confirmed by the ARRL Awards Branch.

To ensure the standings reflect recent activity, you must submit reports at least every two years. Stations dropped for lack of reports will be reinstated with a current update. You don't need to work new stations to remain in the published standings, but please indicate your continued interest by submitting a report. Reporting forms are available with an SASE to: Standings, ARRL, 225 Main St, Newington, CT 06111. You can also submit your reports by e-mail to:


Standings updates will be posted on or about the first of every month.


Last Updated: Monday, June 2, 2014

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