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Paul N. Gayet
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Basic Information

New England

VERMONT: SM, Paul N. Gayet, AA1SU. For a list of Cabinet Appointees, see the side bar. Open positions include Public Information Officer, and various other ARRL Field Organization appointments. Please visit ARRL Field Organization when you get a chance to see how you can help out in the Ham Radio community. It is up to us to keep Ham Radio strong in Vermont.

I have announced a 2 Meter Vermont Simplex Frequency that I want everyone to be aware of. It is 146.490 MHz. The Central Vermont Amateur Radio Club has been using this frequency to meet on after their Sunday evening net on the local repeater. They have had great luck with it. The importance of having a standard simplex frequency is to have a place to go to in the event that your local repeater is off the air during an emergency. I would like you to program it into all your 2 Meter radios and maybe even QSY to it once in a while if you are in a QSO with someone that is within range of you. If you have a priority watch feature in your rig, this would be a good frequency to program in there too.

Traffic continues to be a fun part of the hobby and Vermont has several Hams active in this area. If you would like to learn more about passing Traffic, contact Bruce the STM mentioned in the side bar. Effective handling of Radio Grams keeps us more prepared for when an emergency arises. Plus, the people on the other end are always pleased as punch when they get one. So, check to see who has a birthday coming up, and compose a piece of Traffic. There is plenty of information on the ARRL web site too. You can download a form at: Radio Gram.

If you are interested in local government and how you can help represent Ham Radio in a positive light, I am looking for a Local Government Liaison in your town. This position monitors town proposals that might affect Ham Radio, as well as other duties. Visit the web page link in the yellow box below for a more detailed explanation of this important appointment.

Keep sending me your ideas, questions, and tell me of your activities in Vermont. I plan to put us in a bright light all year long.


Here is a list of the Vermont Districts and the DEC's:



1 Chittenden Grand Isle Franklin: OPEN

2 Orleans Essex Caledonia: Mike Gruteke K3BRJ 873-3525

3 Washington Orange Lamoille: OPEN

4 Windsor: Peter W. Kelleher KC1SS 554-0009

5 Bennington: OPEN

6 Rutland: Ben Tredwell N1UKK 287-2011

7 Addison: OPEN

8 Windham: Tim Bell KA1ZQX 365-7046


Our Ham Radio clubs have been busy all year long, by faithfully holding meetings, covering various interesting topics. These clubs are the backbone of our Amateur Radio culture, and you should be trying to get to a local meeting in your area, whenever possible. Your experience in the hobby can prove invaluable to a new Ham. A question from one of you new Hams, not only helps you, but gets the Old Timers thinking again too. So come on by: we all need to have our grey matter stirred up once in a while. Here is a list of Ham Radio Clubs in Vermont. Please check to see if one is near you.



Addison Co ARC N1FS Middlebury KA1LM

Burlington ARC W1KOO Burlington W1HRG

Burr & Burton Seminary ARC K1BBS Manchester WD1W  

Central VT ARC W1BD Barre N5WVR

CT Valley FM Assoc W1UWS Windsor KB5VP

Green Mountain Wireless Society W1GMS WA1VT Rutland WA1VT

Northern VT QRP Society N1QS Underhill N1BQ

Radio Amateurs of Northern VT W1NVT WB1GQR South Burlington KB1FRW

Rutland Amateur Radio Experimenters WW1VT West Rutland AA1PR

Southern VT ARC K1SV Bennington N1RZ

St Albans ARC N1STA St Albans N1ARN

Twin State ARC W1FN Hanover, NH N1EMF

Vermont DX Club W1RCV Westford KD1R   

West River RC W1RRC N Brattleboro KA1ZQX


For a list of Vermont and surrounding area repeaters, visit the VIRCC Site

Linda P. Robinson
385 Lake Road
Milton VT 05468
Home Phone: (802) 893-7150
Email Address:

Mitchell Stern
PO Box 8099
Essex, VT 05451
Home Phone: (802) 879-6589
Email Address:

Mitchell Stern
PO Box 8099
Essex, VT 05451
Home Phone: (802) 879-6589
Email Address:


 Net Days Time Frequency

GMN Daily x-Sun 5:00 P.M. 3933 KHz (not NTS)

VTNH Daily 7:00 P.M. 3539 KHz

VTN (VPTN)Daily 7:30 P.M. 3857 KHz (not NTS)

GMWS/ARES Monday 7:30 P.M. 147.045 MHz (Rutland Repeater)


ARRL Section Appointments All positions require ARRL membership and monthly reporting. Some positions have additional requirements. Contact Paul Gayet,  at 802-878-2215 (evenings). Hope you can join the Vermont team!

Appointment Description:

Official Relay Station (ORS) If you handle traffic (ARRL radiograms) regularly on HF and/or repeater nets, the ORS appointment is for you. Traffic handling is a great way to hone your operating skills, and meet new friends. The League was founded in 1914 on the principle of relaying messages via Amateur Radio.

Official Emergency Station (OES) OES appointees are involved in emergency preparedness and operating. Requirements include regular participation in the local Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) drills and tests, emergency nets and, of course, real emergency situations. OES appointees must be able to operate on emergency power (battery, for example) and have at least one-band mobile capability (such as 2 meters).

Official Observer (OO) OO appointees help amateurs maintain their transmitting equipment and operating procedures in compliance with FCC regulations through an on-the-air monitoring and notification program. The OO may also assist the FCC in serious cases as a member of the Amateur Auxiliary to the FCC's Field Operations Bureau. Requires successful completion of a certification examination, monthly reporting, and at least a Technician Class license for a minimum of four years.

Technical Specialist (TS) The TS serves as a technical oracle to local hams and clubs, helping them with technical questions, problems and radio frequency interference cases. You need not be an electrical engineer, just someone who's willing to help others enjoy their hobby. TS's also speak at local ham clubs and conventions.

Public Information Officer (PIO) PIO's provide local "grassroots" public relations. They give regular and frequent information about amateur services to the public via the local media, school programs, presentations to civic groups, exhibits and demonstrations. They also promote the distribution and airing of ARRL public service announcements and other audiovisual material, and public awareness of club recruiting and training activities.

Local Government Liaison (LGL) LGL's are responsible for monitoring proposals and actions by local government bodies which may affect Amateur Radio. They work with the local PIO to alert area amateurs to problems and opportunities involving local government agencies, and coordinate local responses.



Vermont Officials