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Electrical Safety


Electrical safety is essential for enjoying amateur radio. Many people are killed each year by coming in contact with ordinary power line conductors--the most hazardous aspect of model rocketry is people attempting to retrieve their rockets from powerlines.  Hams face a similar problem--the installation of antennas can put us in harm's way--way too close to dangerous power lines.  Similarly, much of our equipment is powered by electrical mains--one can't be too careful when opening up equipment for servicing.


Electrical Safety
The ARRL Antenna Book, 18th Edition, pp. 1-8 to 1-16

Old radios with obsolete two wire plugs can be an electrical safety hazard if one side of the chassis is directly connected to the line cord.  QST December 2022 QST pages 97-97.

Web Links

Department of Energy Electrical Safety Handbook

OSHA Fact Sheet on Grounding Portable Generators
  OHSA's opinion on whether Field Day Generators need to be grounded.

Monograph by John "Grizzley" Grywacz explains why OSHA does not require the grounding of portable electric generators.

Federal Standard Part 1204--Safety Standard for Omnidirectional CB Antennas.  It says that fifty Americans are electrocuted each year installing consumer antennas.

Electrocution Hazards from Overhead Powerlines.


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