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Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions on various ETP topics below.

Special thanks to ARRL ETP Director, Mark Spencer, WA8SME, for answering most of these questions.

Curriculum FAQ

  • Do you have any ideas for my After School Class?
  • How can I integrate Electronics in my Technology Class?
  • I need ideas for my Home Schoolers?
  • Do you have any ideas for a Summer Camp exploring electronics, radios or satellites?
  • How can I teach waves in the clasroom?
  • How can I use the oscilloscope to reinforce math concepts?
  • Help!  What can I do with Amateur Radio in the classroom?
  • I have a student who wants to know more about Public Service, can you help direct me?

Find answers to ETP curriculum questions.

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  • Equipment suggestions for grants?
  • Grant question for afterschool activities?
  • Grant question about FEMA courses and public service?
  • Funding for a specific project in school?
  • Clarification on what needs to be writen into the grant?

Find answers to ETP grant questions.

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Projects, Kits and Activity Boards

  • Do you have a program I can use with the BASIC Stamp for a  DDS-30 card?
  • Can I design a TV remote to use in a classroom response system?
  • Can you recommend an easy soldering kits for students?
  • BasicStamp seismometer data transfer to PDF and circuit diagram
  • How do I attach a spy camera on my Boe-Bot?
  • We would like our Boe-Bots to follow one another.  Do you have a program for that? 
  • How can I configure a Basic Stamp for my weather balloon?

Find answers to ETP project questions.

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Radio Astronomy FAQ

  • We want to explore Radio Jove. What equipment do you recommend?
  • What antenna modeling software do you recommend?
  • I need help with programing my telescope?
  • Where does the red wire go?
  • Do you recommend a dipole to listen to Jupiter?
  • Can you provide the code to control the microcontroller for use withthe Radio Telescope Project? or ASM code.  or HEX File.
  • Do you know of any online sellers that will ship parts Internationally?

Find answers to ETP radio astronomy questions.

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Classroom Radio FAQ

  • Do you have any ideas what I can do with my after school class?
  • Can you suggest a Foxhunt activity?
  • How do I get started with Foxhunting; how do I build the equipment?
  • How can I integrate Amateur Radio in my classroom?
  • ISS and Satellite antenna placement at school?
  • Should I introduce QRP kits in my classroom?
  • Space activities in the classroom using satellites and other themes?
  • Who is the control operator, trustee of a school station? 

Find answers to ETP classroom radio questions.

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Satellite Operations FAQ

  • CAT control question for satellite tracking?
  • Difficulties getting satellite controller to be seen by the computer?
  • How do you use an Oscar Satellite locator?
  • I need guidance how to start satellites in my school?
  • Question using the IC7000 to receive satellite telementry?
  • Satellite rotator interface question?
  • ISS and satellite antenna placement at school?
  • Question about which receiver actually worked best
  • Satellite tracking question?
  • Using the NOVA software?
  • Weather station question and purpose for writing the grant?
  • What are the voltage readings for the rotor?
  • What HT should I use to work satellites?
  • What interface to use?
  • Where should we install our VHF antenna to talk to the ISS?
  • Diplexer design for your HT for working Satellites? Diagram 1  Diagram 2  Diagram 3 Image 1 Image 2
  • Can you recommed an easy to build 2 meter antenna I can use with satellites?

Find answers to ETP satellite operations questions.

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Troubleshooting FAQ

Find answers to ETP troubleshooting questions.

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Downloading Weather Satellite  Data/ Images FAQ


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Resources for Radio Science


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