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Marine Mobile


Due to the conductivity of water, excellent signals are possible from properly installed Marine Mobile installations. 


  • Casting Off With Ham Radio
    QST April 1989, pp. 53-55
    Combining boating and ham radio can be both useful and fun. Here is how one ham gets his kicks.
  • Mobile Marine Under Sail  Members Only
    QST March 1976, pp.18-21
    Own a boat, or thinking of getting one? Don't forget to take Amateur Radio along when you hit the water!
  • Marine Mobile Revisited  Members Only
    QST December 1976, pp. 51-53
    Anchor, plug the rig in and work the world! It’s easy and fun. Here are more maritime hints and kinks from an extended Caribbean cruise.

Web Links

  • Amateur Operation on the High Seas
    Good amateur practice and strict rule compliance have always characterized the operations of the vast majority of US amateurs operating within the US and in international waters.
  • The Maritime Mobile Service Network
    "Serving Maritime Mobiles And Deployed Military Everywhere", 14.300 / 14.313 mhz. - 7 Days A Week, Since 1968