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Setting Up a Station


This page contains articles to help you get the most out of your equipment. There are hints for both the beginner and the seasoned amateur--from setting up your station to figuring out your frequency.

Articles on Setting Up a Station

  • Building a Docking Station for Your Handheld
    Frank Ingle, KG4CQK, describes how to transform an ammo can carrying case into a handy operating position in the May 2009 QST, pp. 45-48.
  • Back to Basics
    QST August 1995, pp. 67-68
    Advice on topics from shopping for your first radio to putting up your first antenna.
  • Setting Up Your Station
    QST July 1984, pp.16-19
    Some hints and How To for putting together an operating table, getting coax through walls and windows, switching antennas and more.
    Feedback: The diameter of the coils used in the "brute-force" line filter is omitted. They may be anywhere from 1 to 1-1/2 inches in diameter.
  • Feeding Your Station
    QST December 1983, pp. 20-23
    Fat coaxial line, skinny cable, open-wire feeders or 300-ohm ribbon line - the correct choice can save the beginner a few dollars while helping to ensure maximum performance.
    Feedback: QST April 1984, p. 51. There is an error in Table 1. The capacitance of RG-11A/U is 20.5 pF/ft, not 0.5 pF/ft as shown.
    Feedback: The first formula in note 1 should read m = ft x 0.3048 
  • Coaxial Cables: Their Construction And Use
    QST November 1984, pp. 19-21
    Here is some background information to help us understand coaxial cable and use it more effectively.

Articles on Using Equipment

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