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What Rig Should I Buy?


With so many radios, manufacturers and kit projects out there,  this can be a confusing question for all radio amateurs. At ARRL HQ, many inquiries come into the TIS department from people asking this question. Our job is to not tell you what radio to buy, but through our articles, show you how to choose one to suit your needs. Newcomers wish for ease of operation, while contesters and serious DX'er require top performance. All hams must also consider the cost of the radio. A good start in the decision process is to read past and present ARRL Product Reviews.


These articles were all written to help hams decide which rig is best for them. Some explain a bit more about the Product Review column in QST, while other discuss ways to pick between performance, features, and cost to decide what rig is right for you. 

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