160 Meter Card Checkers

DXCC Card Checker Master List

Use this quick-reference to find an authorized 160 Meter DXCC Card Checker.

DXCC recently changed the rules regarding card checking of:

160 Meter Cards - Only Card Checkers with a current 160 Meter award are authorized to check 160 Meter QSLs.

Deleted Entities - All DXCC Card Checkers can now check deleted entities.

This PDF file is designed to allow a search as follows:

1) By ARRL Division
2) By ARRL Section
3) Non-USA Card Checkers

Note: DXCC Card Checkers who can verify 160 meter cards are shown in Bold/Red type. 

In addition to DXCC, ARRL DXCC card checkers are authorized to check cards for these other ARRL/IARU awards:

WAS    (Worked All States)
VUCC (VHF/UHF Century Club)
WAC   (IARU Worked All Continents)

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