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2013 Dayton Hamvention

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Download this ARRL Program & Activities Guide (PDF) to find ARRL-sponsored activities, exhibits and program representatives at 2013 Dayton Hamvention.

ARRL EXPO 2013 at Dayton Hamvention®

Dayton_2013_Button_with_Bevel_and_Shadow.jpgMay 17-19, 2013 -- Dayton, Ohio

Official Web site: Dayton Hamvention

ARRL EXPO – Welcome!

ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio, welcomes all members and friends to Dayton Hamvention®. Use this handy guide to find ARRL-sponsored activities, exhibits and program representatives. ARRL EXPO is a large exhibit area located in the Ballarena Hall (near the 400-numbered booths).

Kay C. Craigie, N3KN – ARRL President
Jim Weaver, K8JE – Great Lakes Division Director
Dale Williams, WA8EFK – Vice Director

Frank J. Piper, KI8GW – Ohio Section Manager


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Celebrating 75 Years: W1AW, the Hiram Percy Maxim Memorial Station

The world’s most famous Amateur Radio station turns 75 in September. Hamvention attendees will enjoy a special W1AW exhibit, including photographs of the station taken over the years. Commemorative W1AW anniversary merchandise will also be available.

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NEW! Ham Radio: Gateway to Discovery (mini presentations)

ARRL Education & Technology Program Director Mark Spencer, WA8SME, and ETP Instructor Matt Severin, N8MS, have organized a series of mini presentations on various topics. If you are a school teacher, instructor, or involved with educational programs or demonstrations – these programs are not to miss! (A detailed schedule of topics and times will be posted near the ARRL Education Services booth).

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NEW! ARRL Laboratory: Get Your Handheld Radio Tested!

Does your Handie-Talkie meet FCC Emission Standards? Meet an ARRL Test Engineer and volunteers who will measure the spurious emission of your handheld radio using a state-of-the-art spectrum analyzer. Does your HT have the potential to interfere with other radio services? Find out here! You’ll also learn about other ways the ARRL Lab serves the Amateur Radio community with technical information services, trusted product testing and reviews, spectrum-protection engineering and its RFI/EMC program.

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NEW! Meet the Authors

For nearly a century, radio amateurs have turned to ARRL for publications covering the latest wireless communications technology, training and information. Drop by the “Meet the Author” area for an opportunity to speak with a few authors who are inspiring today’s radio experimenters, operators and innovators. Books are available for purchase and signing by these authors:

  • Leigh Klotz, Jr, WA5ZNU, lead editor of Ham Radio for Arduino and PICAXE. Klotz and other contributors have designed projects to help introduce you to the fun and rewards of experimenting with microcontrollers. With inexpensive microcontroller platforms—such as the popular open-source Arduino board—readily available parts, components and accessory boards, the possibilities are limitless: beacon transmitters, keyers, antenna position control, RTTY and digital mode decoders, waterfall displays, and more.
  • Eric P. Nichols, KL7AJ, author of Radio Science for the Radio Amateur. Nichols guides you through some of the most fascinating “nooks and crannies” of the radio universe. Find out how you can make a meaningful contribution to science and technology as a ham radio operator, regardless of your experience and resources.
  • Don Keith, N4KC, author of Riding the Shortwaves: Exploring the Magic of Amateur Radio. This book is filled with dozens of reasons to join the ranks of Amateur Radio enthusiasts. Keith’s entertaining and informative style presents today’s ham radio as bigger and more vibrant than ever: digital communications, software-defined and computer controlled radios, space technology and more!

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ARRL Store

Visit the HUGE ARRL bookstore to purchase popular ARRL publications, join or renew your ARRL membership, and pick up official ARRL merchandise.

  • FREE Gift when you join ARRL or renew your membership at ARRL EXPO.
  • FREE 2013 ARRL Handbook when you join or renew for 3 years. Best Deal!
  • FREE ARRL Dayton 2013 Button!

2013 ARRL Field Day Supplies – ARRL Field Day is June 22-23, 2013. Gear up for the most popular on-the-air operating event in Amateur Radio. Official T-shirts, pins, hats, mugs, and posters are available.

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ARRL Exhibits…

Digital Edition of QSTLast year, all ARRL members were introduced to the new digital edition of QST—ARRL’s popular membership journal. The new online format offers several advantages including enhanced content, convenient access, and a more interactive experience. Enjoy QST on your laptop, iPad, tablet, or other mobile device. Drop by this exhibit to see a demonstration!

ARRL Development and ARRL Foundation  Learn how you can help strengthen ARRL’s work on behalf of Amateur Radio by participating in the Diamond Club, earning your way to the prestigious ARRL Maxim Society, contributing to the Spectrum Defense Fund, the Education & Technology Fund, the W1AW Endowment, the Historic Preservation Fund, and joining the Legacy Circle by including ARRL in your estate plans. Information will be available about The ARRL Foundation and its more than 75 annual scholarships and grants for Amateur Radio groups working to promote Amateur Radio and involve young people in Amateur Radio activities.

NEW! ARRL Second Century Campaign   As members prepare to celebrate the ARRL Centennial in 2014, we must also prepare the organization for its second hundred years. The world of Amateur Radio is rapidly changing—and ARRL will be faced with new technologies and new challenges.  Learn about opportunities to contribute to the ARRL Endowment to help ensure that ARRL will be there to support radio amateurs in the years ahead.

TravelPlus for Repeaters software demonstration.

ARRL Volunteer Examiner Coordinator – Amateur Radio Service licensing forms, testing information and more.

Emergency Communications & Public Service – Meet with program representatives for the Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES®) and the National Traffic System (NTS). Learn about opportunities to volunteer, and explore resources and training. Network with other public service volunteers.

ARRL Education Services –See displays of ARRL Education & Technology Program (ETP) kits, projects, and other resources available to schools and teachers. Obtain information about the Teachers Institute on Wireless Technology, Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS) and Amateur Radio licensing instruction.

Ham Radio and Scouting – Ham radio and Scouting are a perfect pair! Hear from active Scouts and Scout leaders about resources, programs and activities to interest Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Venturers and Girl Scouts in Amateur Radio.

NEW! 2014 ARRL Centennial –  Plan to participate in the celebration as ARRL members prepare for the organization’s 100th year in 2014. The Centennial will be filled with many special events and programs including the ARRL National Centennial Convention in Hartford, Connecticut, July 17-19, 2014. Learn more about the yearlong celebration from ARRL representatives.

ARRL Field Organization Volunteers – Visit this gathering area for ARRL Field Organization networking, hosted by ARRL Section Manager for Ohio, Frank Piper, KI8GW.

ARRL Visa® Card (U.S. Bank) – Apply for the ARRL Visa card and earn a free gift. Earn benefits that Keep You on the Air! Already have a card? Bring some current receipts and your ARRL VISA card to get a free gift.

Equipment and Club Liability Insurance Programs – ARRL has been providing opportunities for equipment insurance to its members for more than 25 years. A representative from Hays Affinity Group will be available to answer questions about the ARRL-sponsored Equipment Insurance and Club Liability Insurance plans. Enroll online at

The International Amateur Radio Union – National radio societies throughout the world work together for the good of Amateur Radio through their global federation, the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU). Meet IARU officials including President Tim Ellam, VE6SH; President Emeritus Larry Price, W4RA; Secretary Rod Stafford, W6ROD, and Peter Chadwick, G3RZP--Technical Consultant and ITU-R Study Group 1 delegate.

Meet representatives from the following national Amateur Radio societies in the ARRL EXPO exhibit area.

  • Deutscher Amateur Radio Club (DARC) – Germany
  • Japan Amateur Radio League (JARL)
  • Qatar Amateur Radio Society (QARS)
  • Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) – United Kingdom

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Radiosport and DXCC

DXCC Card Checking – Personnel from the ARRL DXCC Branch and volunteer Card Checkers will be on hand to check applications for all ARRL Award Programs. All cards will be eligible for checking, including old cards, cards for deleted countries and cards for 160-Meters. Applications will be limited to 101 cards (more cards will be checked as time and volunteer Card Checkers are available). See for the latest program information and current forms.  Use the new online DXCC tool and save half on your application!  Remember to bring with you to Dayton a printout of your application, card list, and your cards in the order in which they are entered into the Online DXCC.

ARRL Contests and Awards – On-air competitions and award-hunting are great activities of Amateur Radio. These are effective ways to boost your technical knowledge and improve your radio operating skills—helping make you a better radio amateur. Ask us about the ARRL Award Program and upcoming ARRL Contests. VHF/UHF Century club (VUCC) and Worked All States (WAS) award applications may also be checked at Dayton.

QSL BureauARRL members are invited to drop off their QSL cards to be sent through the ARRL Outgoing QSL Bureau (QSLs going to foreign stations; no US-to-US QSLs, please). Save shipping costs by bringing the cards to Dayton; the ARRL will transport your cards to the Outgoing Bureau at ARRL Headquarters. In order to take advantage of this exciting benefit, all of the standard QSL Bureau rules must be followed: Cards must be sorted by DXCC country, they must go to countries where a bureau exists and you must be an ARRL member to use the Outgoing QSL Bureau. Cards do not have to be boxed, but should be wrapped with rubber bands.

Japan Amateur Radio League Awards – JARL representatives Hiro Tamama, JA1SLS and Shige Aoki, JR1UTH will be checking applications for certain JARL awards (AJD, WAJA, JCC, ADXA, ADXA-Half and Fuji), as well as the IARU’s Worked All Continent (WAC) and 5-Band WAC awards at the JARL table within the ARRL EXPO. Amateurs who qualify for these JARL and IARU awards will be issued the certificates right on the spot. Please see the new JARL English-language web pages for fees and more information,

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ARRL Youth Activities

Youth Activities and Youth Lounge: Drop by the ARRL Youth Lounge to meet and socialize with other young hams. Whether you’re 1 or 21, the Youth Lounge is sure to offer something that young hams will enjoy. Come to chat with other hams, grab a snack or participate in one of the many activities, such as fox-hunts, scavenger hunts, Morse code fun, a QSL card designing contest, crafts, prizes and more. Whether or not you’re licensed, you’re welcome to come by and join the fun! Special thanks to Megan McClellan, K5MEM, for organizing the ARRL Youth Activities.

ARRL Youth Calling Frequencies: If you’re looking for other youth during the convention, try calling them on the youth calling frequencies: 145.540 MHz (107.2 Hz CTCSS) primary and 146.430 (233.6 Hz CTCSS) secondary. Not licensed yet? Soon-to-be hams can check-in using FRS channel one.

Saturday, ARRL Youth Dinner: Saturday night from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the Little York Tavern & Pizza in Dayton (Vandalia). Visit the ARRL Youth Lounge to confirm dinner details.

Friday, Collegiate/Young Adult Dinner: Calling all college and university students and other young adult hams. Join our gathering to meet and have dinner with other hams like you. Friday night at 7:00 PM at the Little York Tavern & Pizza in Dayton (Vandalia). RSVPs are welcomed but not required. This dinner is being hosted by the ARRL Committee for Youth in the Second Century and the Virginia Tech Amateur Radio Association, K4KDJ. Questions? Contact Nathaniel Frissell, W2NAF,

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Forums & Presentations

In addition to all of the ARRL exhibits and activities at Hamvention, a handful of presentations that are directly sponsored by the ARRL, or that involve ARRL programs, will be included on the big slate of Hamvention forums:

Friday, May 17, 2013

12:15-1:45 PM (Room 3)
Ham Radio and the Law: Getting It Up and Keeping It Up
A discussion by Amateur Radio attorneys on legal issues of interest to hams, including how to avoid restrictive covenants, how to present your case for a tower permit and how to do your own needs analysis, as well as information on the latest court rulings on RFI, PRB-1 and towers. Hear about updates on the ARRL’s Amateur Radio Legal Defense and Assistance Committee. Moderator: Jim O’Connell, W9WU. Speakers: ARRL Volunteer Counsel Fred Hopengarten, K1VR (author of Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur), ARRL Regulatory Information Manager Dan Henderson, N1ND, and Dennis Egan, W1UE.

2:30-3:45 PM (Room 2)
Using Amateur Radio in the Classroom
ARRL Education & Technology Program Instructor Matt Severin, N8MS, explains how one teacher has used Amateur Radio in his classroom, and presents tips for even the most novice radio operator. This forum is sponsored by ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio®.

2:30-3:30 PM (Room 5)
Power Line Interference
ARRL RFI Engineer Mike Gruber, W1MG, and ARRL Laboratory Manager Ed Hare, W1RFI, explain the causes of power line noise, and provide a demonstration of professional power line noise-locating equipment. Learn about the ARRL and FCC’s cooperative program for working with utilities. This forum is sponsored by ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio®.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

9:15-11 AM (Room 5)
ARRL Member Forum
Hear from local and national ARRL officials on key areas of membership interest. Find out how the ARRL supports dozens of ways to get involved and get on the air. Members and prospective members are all welcome! Moderated by ARRL Great Lakes Division Director Jim Weaver, K8JE.

10:30-11:45 AM (Room 3)
Getting Started with Antenna Modeling
Join the discussion on how to use antenna modeling software to design simple antennas. The discussion will be based on the EZNEC antenna modeling program and will illustrate several of the basic techniques involved. Examples of dipoles, verticals and loops will be presented, as will common techniques used in modeling. Hosted by Ward Silver, N0AX, author of Antenna Modeling for Beginners. This forum is sponsored by ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio®.

1:15-2:15 PM (Room 3)
ARRL and FCC on Amateur Radio Enforcement
ARRL Regulatory Information Manager Dan Henderson, N1ND, gives an update on how the ARRL and the FCC work together to promote operation on the Amateur Radio bands legally, safely and appropriately. The presentation will include information on the role of the ARRL Amateur Auxiliary -- better known as the Official Observer program -- and the current status of Amateur Radio enforcement. This forum is sponsored by ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio®.

2:30-3:30 PM (Room 3)
The ARRL Laboratory
ARRL Laboratory Manager Ed Hare, W1RFI, describes the many jobs done in the ARRL Laboratory and the how the Lab’s staff is involved with the ARRL’s efforts to protect the Amateur Radio spectrum. Hare will also share a few tales from the Lab that you won’t read about in the pages of QST! This forum is sponsored by ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio®.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

9:15-10:15 AM (Room 2)
Exploring Our World through Remote Sensing and Ham Radio: Applications for Science & Math Curriculum
Remote sensing -- whether carried aloft on high altitude balloons, satellites in space or afloat on buoys -- is an evolving and fascinating facet of Amateur Radio. Hurricane warnings, tsunami alerts, predicting global climate change or even day-to-day weather observations for air traffic operations all have one thing in common: remote sensing from sea, air- or space-borne buoys. This forum will center on new resources developed by the ARRL’s Education & Technology Program that allow students to explore remote sensing, and will discuss how to use remote sensing to study the environment and the pivotal role that Amateur Radio plays in connecting the users to the remote sensing platforms. This forum will be of particular interest for school teachers and those interested in supporting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education in our schools. Presented by ARRL Education and Technology Program Director Mark Spencer, WA8SME. This forum is sponsored by ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio®.

10:30-11:30 AM (Room 3)
Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES®)
This forum is for all past, present and future ARES® volunteers. Join an hour long discussion on recruiting, retention and the future of ARES®. Moderator: ARRL Ohio Section Emergency Coordinator Matthew Welch, W8DEC. Speaker: ARRL Ohio Section Manager Frank Piper, KI8GW.

A complete list of Hamvention forums can be found at

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ARRL expresses its gratitude to the 2013 Dayton Hamvention® Committee, Dayton Amateur Radio Association, and all the volunteers that contributed to the success of ARRL EXPO 2013 in Dayton, Ohio.

Upcoming Event

July 17-20, 2014 – Hartford, Connecticut
ARRL National Centennial Convention


Got an idea for next time? Please contact the office of the ARRL EXPO Coordinator, email

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