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Find an Online Amateur Radio License Exam

If an in-person exam session cannot be located in a particular area or if taking the exam via a remote video-supervised online session is preferred, choose from the volunteer examiner teams below.

Examinee Information for Video-supervised Online Examinations

The remote video exam session is conducted using an online video conferencing platform and a web-based examination system with on-screen tests.

Video-supervised online exam sessions are not restricted by location because the exams are administered online. Therefore, there aren’t any online sessions specific to a state nor would an exam candidate be limited to testing only with a team in their state. An examinee can pick any team offering online exam sessions and examiners can participate from different areas of the country.

The online exam-taking process is more complicated and takes more time than the in-person exams. The examinee must read, agree to, and follow the specific Volunteer Examiner (VE) team’s requirements and instructions and have the needed technology in order to take a video-supervised online exam.

HELPFUL HINT:  Check the specific team's requirements first, and only register with that team for an online exam if comfortable with those requirements.

Be aware that some information about you will be made publicly available on the FCC's website: FCC Licensee Privacy

List of ARRL VE Teams Offering Online Exams

Requirements, information, scheduling: 
Read the requirements, then select the SCHEDULE tab, find an available time slot
and then complete the form to RESERVE your TIME SLOT.
Team listing:  

Columbia University ARC - N2YGK VE Team - ONLINE EXAMS
Read and understand the requirements:  CUARC License Exam Sessions 
Then register for an available time slot: 

New England Amateur Radio - NE1AR VE Team - ONLINE - Any Exam, Any State
Read the instructions thoroughly and understand the requirements:  
Then sign up for an exam by appointment 
Team listing: 

WB9ZPH VE Team - ONLINE - fully remote exams
Read the information and requirements: 
Then register for an available time slot:

MNYARC Online VE Exam Sessions – NØZRD VE Team
Read the instructions thoroughly and register for an exam
by appointment:  
Team listing: 

Ham Education Group Video Exams - AHØA VE Team
Read the instructions thoroughly and understand the requirements 
for taking an online exam.
Then register for an exam: 

Volunteer Examiners Australia (VEA) Online Exams - K3BV VE Team
Select a date and available time slot:  
Team listing: 

Mike and Key Amateur Radio Club Video Supervised Exams - AG7T VE Team
Read and understand the requirements for taking an online exam.
Then register for an available time slot:
Email the team directly if no dates or time slots are available: 

Las Vegas ARRL VE Team Remote Exams - KC7QJO VE Team
A very limited number of remote sessions are currently being offered.
The team will open exams to a wider audience in the future.
Read and understand the requirements:
Then register for an available time slot: 

If examination spots are unavailable through these teams, search for additional examination dates and teams here:  Click on the box “Show online” to only display the list of upcoming online exam sessions.