TQSL is an application used to digitally sign and upload QSOs to the ARRL's Logbook of the World (LoTW) online service, and to manage the Callsign Certificates used when digitally signing.

TQSL accepts QSOs in a log file whose format is either ADIF or Cabrillo, which many logging applications can export. TQSL also includes a simple QSO Data Editor that can be used to create and edit log files in ADIF format.

To digitally sign the QSOs in a log file, TQSL requires you to present a Callsign Certificate issued to you by the ARRL, and requires you to specify the location from which you operated when making every QSO in that log file. To make this easy, TQSL lets you define and name a Station Location that specifies your Callsign Certificate and operating location.

TQSL provides the ability to map modes not defined by the ADIF standard to modes that it can recognize, and the ability to specify information about less popular Cabrillo formats that it needs to properly interpret the QSO data in a Cabrillo-format log file.

When you start TQSL, it will inform you if

Getting Started with LoTW
Before you can submit QSOs to LoTW, you must first

Then you'll be able to

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