As an LoTW user you can apply for DXCC awards and endorsements through LoTW.  You can link your DXCC record to your LoTW account so that you can track your progress online.  LoTW displays DXCC credits for Mixed, Phone, CW, RTTY (digital), bands and DXCC Challenge.  Users can view the DXCC matrix or "BINGO sheet" for a quick glance at what has been earned and what is needed. 

We have made available several tools so that you can maximize the LoTW system as you work toward your operating goals. Please be sure to review the slideshows and LoTW web pages.

Apply For DXCC Awards


Step by step instructions to use Logbook of The World to make your application for DXCC awards.

Preparing DXCC Applications

LoTW applications, electronic DXCC applications and paper DXCC applications are treated as separate applications and processed individually in the order they are received.

On April 2, 2012, the Hybrid application process (one application with LoTW and paper cards combined)  was discontinued. You may not combine paper QSL cards with an LoTW application. Each application is now considered a separate application.  With that said, your credits will still be combined into one DXCC record visible on your LoTW account, it is simply the application that is separate.

There are 3 separate methods of applying for DXCC. Applicants may use one, or more, of these methods to apply credits towards their DXCC:

Online DXCC Application

Use the online DXCC application to submit your paper QSL cards to your local ARRL Field Checker or to HQ.  Go Now

Paper (Traditional) Application

Use this traditional application when sending paper QSL cards for DXCC awards and not using the electronic DXCC application. Go Now

LogBook of The World (LoTW)

Use LoTW to apply credits towards your DXCC. Once the QSO matching criteria has been completed, applicants can submit an application, electronically, without the need for paper QSL cards. Go Now



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