EC-001 Instruction: Jack Tiley, AD7FO

EC-001 Instruction: Jack Tiley, AD7FO

 Jack Tiley, AD7FO of the Eastern Washington Section has developed a new Power Point AD7FO_Tiley.jpginstructional aid for “The ARRL Introduction to Emergency Communication Course, 4th edition, copyright 2011(approx. 650 Power Point Slides).  This and other presentations are available from Jack to anyone for use directly or as a foundation for their own instruction.

The predecessor, Emergency Communications Level 1 course has been used by many to teach Emergency Communications basics in the US and Europe. The current Emergency Communication Course, 4th edition presentation is now complete.

Feel free to utilize this presentation for your own organization. You may contact Jack Tiley, AD7FO at to request a copy. When using these materials please remember to include the ARRL registered trademark statements in the introduction. If you modify the presentations include a note that the material has been modified. The materials are available in Power Point (so you can easily customize them for your needs) or in PDF format.

In addition to the EmComm Training,  Jack Tiley, AD7FO, has authored a number of additional training presentations that are available (most in Power Point) covering operating modes, Technical subjects, RFI, and others. Contact the author if you want copies mailed to you on a CD ROM (the files are too big to be emailed) at


Education: Electrical engineer:

 Work Experience: Ten years at American Electronics Laboratories managing their Metrology (Calibration Standards) Laboratory responsible for maintaining test instruments and their calibration traceability to National Standards Laboratories. Thirty four years with Hewlett Packard Test and Measurement Group, now Agilent Technologies filling various positions over the years in technical support, Application Engineering, Field Sales, World Wide Sales Management, Systems Development Management and Product Management.  Retired in 2004. Twenty four of these years were spent in Spokane WA working with RF and Radio Test products.

  Amateur Radio Activities:

  • Teaching Technician, General and Extra License Classes (with training materials I have written)
  • Teach ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Course Level 1 for ARES RACES in Spokane County, WA.
  • Developed and will be teaching the ARRL Introduction to Emergency Communication Course, 4th edition
  • Have written and presented over 15 additional technical talks for local amateur radio clubs. (Contact author for list and copies).
  • Attending every Hamfest I can, incluiding Hamvention (flea markets spots 1901, 1902, and 1903)
  • Inland Empire VHF club officer (director)
  • Technical trainer for Spokane County ARES/RACES

 ARRL Appointments:

  • ARRL VE (Volunteer Examiner)
  • ARRL Technical Specialist for Spokane area
  • ARRL Technical Coordinator for EWA
  • ARRL Registered Instructor