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Despite the complexity of modern commercial communications - or perhaps BECAUSE they are so complex - Amateur Radio operators are regularly called upon to provide communications when other systems are down or overloaded.

  • How to Get Started

    Find out how to get started in Amateur Radio. Learn More

  • Find a Club

    Find a club in your area to help with licensing, mentoring and fun! Learn More

  • How will you communicate?

    The fastest way to turn a crisis into a total disaster is to lose communication Learn More

  • Ham Radio Works

    How and why hams have been the "people behind the curtain that make the heroes look good." Learn More

  • Real World Stories

    Tales of hams in action Learn More

  • Say "Hello!"

    There's also a FUN side to Amateur Radio Learn More

What FEMA says:


Craig Fugate, the head of FEMA, knows a lot about Amateur Radio and its uses in disasterous situations. Listen to what he says about it....