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MFJ-9420 / MFJ-9440 ? Or other QRP rig suggestion! May 1st, 15:04 1 120 3 weeks, 6 days ago
Digital Operation for a NEW Operator???? Jan 18th 2013, 02:16 4 1,759 on 9/8/13
Reference Works Suggestions Wanted. Please!! Sep 28th 2012, 10:43 3 894 on 6/10/12
2m/440 base antenna suggestions?? Aug 5th 2012, 15:33 1 1,558 on 5/8/12

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MFJ-9420 / MFJ-9440 ? Or other QRP rig suggestion! KD4RDS 3 weeks, 6 days ago
I'm tossing over putting together an easily transportable set up to take to the beach on vacation and otherwise outdoors. Like a lot of other things in this hobby, what I'd "like" to have and what my budget will allow are frequently two completely different things.

With that being said, I was looking/thinking about one of the MFJ travel radios for SSB, coupled with an LNR End Fed antenna and related power source, etc. I know some folks like to slam MFJ products, but they are more in line with what I can handle moneywise. So I'd like to know some reactions to this possible set up. Pluses, minuses, etc. Suggestions for alternatives, etc.

Eventually, I'd like to grow this project to include solar power, etc., but that's down the road.
Digital Operation for a NEW Operator???? KD4RDS on 18/1/13
I'm interested in trying some digital modes, but am not experienced at all. I've been licensed for a while, but primarily worked 2m/440 till uprgading to General in the fall. I'd like to find a good reference that explains things, what's needed, and how to do in an easy to understand way for someone that's better suited for simple instruction. Any suggestions???
Reference Works Suggestions Wanted. Please!! KD4RDS on 28/9/12
I'm in the process of studying for my Extra license. I'm running across a ton of things I'm having problems with. I will overcome,but it's occurred to me that if I had a reference work or two that I could go back to to help me understand terms, procedures, etc. it would help tremendously. I'm looking for something that would work for someone like me that doesn't have the long term experience that a lot of you folks have. So, I need something that's written in as plain of an English as it can be. I've seen a few, the something for Dummies series, a Mims intro to electronics book, and others. But my problem is, while I can certainly order them, I'd be shooting in the dark in the hopes of getting something that will fit the bill for me. So that's why I'd like to pick the brains of some of you folks. I'd really appreciate it if you'd point me in the direction of something that might fit my bill.

2m/440 base antenna suggestions?? KD4RDS on 5/8/12
I'm in the beginning stages of getting back into amateur/ham radio on an active basis. I've been licensed for close to 20 years, but only operated mobile primarily when I was at work. My job put me in a car all day, every day. A transfer about 8 or so years ago took me out of the car and in the office. As a result, my mobile equipment was stored where it has stayed until this week. I have a dual band mobile, 10m mobile, a power supply, and a dual band magnetic mount antenna. That's the sum total of my equipment. Well I've set it up in my "office" at home with the power supply hooked to the dual band mobile with the magnetic mount mobile antenna sitting on the table. And it has worked which made me happy considering how long it had been in storage. But, I know that's not a good long term choice for an antenna for the dual band and I have none for the 10m. I've been looking and surveying the last couple of days as to a good, affordable choice of base antennas for these radios. I realize good and affordable is not always in the same ballpark, but I'm trying to come to a happy medium. I plan to use a couple of the "flat ribbon" window pass throughs as opposed to breaching the walls of the house. I'm looking for something that I can mast mount between my office windows and my driveway and pass through the "ribbon" pass throughs. I'd really like to keep it to a hundred an antenna if possible, but don't know if that's possible. By that I mean antenna alone cost. I'm looking for suggestions as to something you think might fit my bill.


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