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Antenna Tuners K1BBB on 24/7/14
I figured that I would post a follow up. It's been a few months and I have learned a lot!

I did end up purchasing an IC-7100 and a MFJ-969 antenna tuner. And I have had very good luck using it. I have matched a number of antennas that I have hand built to it. Currently I am using a 40m Full Wave Delta Loop Antenna for everything from 80m down to 10m. And I have made contacts on all bands in that range. The Radio is working fantastically, and the tuner will match any antenna to 1:1, so far no matter what.

If you read the reviews at - you might second guess getting the MFJ-969. That said, I would say that many of the draw backs may have been addressed, and the antenna tuner works as I would expect.

I am currently running a max of 100w through the tuner, so that might be part of why it works perfectly for me. Also, my radio is quite the work horse. And although, many of my contacts have not been outside of the country, I believe that is due to the band conditions and my antenna selection.

If you are considering a tuner, I certainly recommend this MFJ-969. Please let me know if you have questions.

Matthew, K1BBB
Antenna Tuners K1BBB on 1/4/14
I'm looking into getting an Icom IC-7100, which means I'll also need to look into getting an antenna tuner. I'd like to get one antenna tuner, and not have to ever worry about needing a different one. That said, I was checking out an MFJ HF+6m, roller tuner:

And it looks like this thing will do everything. My question is, can I also use it to tune Full Wave Loop antennas? I saw that they have loop tuners at MFJ as well, and didn't know if that's one antenna that shouldn't, or cannot be used with a standard tuner.

Matthew, K1BBB
Sky-Loop Antenna VU2PPP on 1/4/14
That's really great to hear. I'm excited to build and try a Full Wave Loop soon. I wonder how practical it would be for a club even, such as a picnic at a park? Would it be relatively easy to throw up in some trees and/or portable antenna masts? That's definitely something I want to look into...
Convert ADIF tyo CABRILLO AI4FH on 9/3/14
Well I used N1MM and converted my adif to Cabrillo. I've tried submitting it, but apparently it has a number of errors in it, per the email response back from the robot. Ugh.
Icom IC-761 CAT/CIV Interface K1BBB on 7/3/14
I suppose this is all just a work in progress for me. I had purchased the CAT already, so I went back to that site and they have a few choices for DATA connectors as well. Sent a message to Neil over there, and read the FAQs. I'm now just trying to decide between the DigiMaster MiniPro and the MiniProSC

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