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Antenna Tuners Apr 1st, 16:02 2 81 2 weeks, 5 days ago
Icom IC-761 CAT/CIV Interface Mar 6th, 13:04 10 163 on 7/3/14
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Antenna Tuners K1BBB 2 weeks, 6 days ago
I'm looking into getting an Icom IC-7100, which means I'll also need to look into getting an antenna tuner. I'd like to get one antenna tuner, and not have to ever worry about needing a different one. That said, I was checking out an MFJ HF+6m, roller tuner:

And it looks like this thing will do everything. My question is, can I also use it to tune Full Wave Loop antennas? I saw that they have loop tuners at MFJ as well, and didn't know if that's one antenna that shouldn't, or cannot be used with a standard tuner.

Matthew, K1BBB
Sky-Loop Antenna VU2PPP 2 weeks, 6 days ago
That's really great to hear. I'm excited to build and try a Full Wave Loop soon. I wonder how practical it would be for a club even, such as a picnic at a park? Would it be relatively easy to throw up in some trees and/or portable antenna masts? That's definitely something I want to look into...
Convert ADIF tyo CABRILLO AI4FH on 9/3/14
Well I used N1MM and converted my adif to Cabrillo. I've tried submitting it, but apparently it has a number of errors in it, per the email response back from the robot. Ugh.
Icom IC-761 CAT/CIV Interface K1BBB on 7/3/14
I suppose this is all just a work in progress for me. I had purchased the CAT already, so I went back to that site and they have a few choices for DATA connectors as well. Sent a message to Neil over there, and read the FAQs. I'm now just trying to decide between the DigiMaster MiniPro and the MiniProSC
Icom IC-761 CAT/CIV Interface K1BBB on 7/3/14
Oh lord...ok so I was looking at the rigblaster. If I'm reading the website correctly, this thing will do EVERYTHING I want, all built into this one product? Can you confirm that?

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