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There are three main campaigns that ARRL has produced to promote Amateur Radio.

"Hello!" is the most friendly, open word in any language.

Hello!  highlights the fun and friendly side of the Amateur Radio Service. 

This is an excellent presentation for youth and those whose interests are outside of the technical or emergency aspects of what hams do. 

The Hello! presentation has several files in a suite which are intended to stay together.  Audio, video, PowerPoint, pictures  and even a script you can modify for your local uses - everything to make a first class presentation.

We highly recommend you also contact the ARRL and request the brochures which accompany this campaign.  Go check out the brochures.

There's also a special website to go with Hello!  Go to:



Download Presentation


This is a large, zipped folder. It will take time to download, but it is worth it

Hello! - the Movie


See the short movie