Amateur Radio Parity Act - End of Year Status

With the adjournment of the 113th Congress in December 2014, it is time to assess where the Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2014 stands.  The bill, known as HR 4969, did not receive consideration by the full House of Representatives, but that does not mean the bill has been defeated.  In fact, right up to the final gavel, members of the House were stepping up to sign-on as co-sponsors.  Including the original sponsor, Congressman Adam Kinzinger of Illinois, 70 Representatives signed on in support of the bill in the six-months following its introduction into the House.

Realistically, very few bills succeed the first time. However, the bipartisan support garnered by this bill -  44 Republicans and 26 Democrats - is a good measure that we can be successful.  As with many things, it takes time.  The adjournment of the 113th Congress means HR 4969 “dies” in committee.  While we are disappointed, there is every reason to be hopefully when the new Congress assembles in January 2015.

Our DC team expects the billl to be reintroduced when the 114th Congress convenes in January. In addition, a member of the US Senate has been in contact about introducing the bill into that body. That is another sign of progress!

So a huge and grateful THANK YOU to the thousands of ARRL members who stepped up to support HR 4969.  You are leading this effort!  The bill will receive a different number when introduced but the goals will be the same. At that time, we will be asking the ARRL membership to renew their efforts to with their members of Congress.

Amateur Radio Parity Act