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Legislative Update Newsletter

ARRL Legislative Update Newsletter

In order to keep ARRL members better aware of current activities furthering the ARRL Legislative Agenda, we are pleased to have introduced the "ARRL Legislative Update Newsletter" in January 2011.

This newsletter is not intended to be a monthly or even quarterly publication.  Rather the intention is to use it on an "as needed" basis when there is information on the Federal legislative front to pass along to our membership.


No general member will be automatically signed-up to receive this newsletter: it is an “opt-in” addition available to ARRL members.  To receive it, go to your Member Profile on the ARRL Web at and select the tab for “Edit Email Subscriptions”.  To receive the Legislative Update when it is mailed, simply check the appropriate box on that page then click “SAVE” at the bottom.  It is that simple.  To unsubscribe, follow the same process, but uncheck the box for this newsletter.


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