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Install ARRL PlayDIF

NOTE: This is a log file analysis tool with limited capabilities. Its purpose is to analyze ADIF and .TQ8 files for common problems. You are welcome to install and use it under these conditions:

  • No support is provided by ARRL for this software.
  • You may not redistribute this software.

ARRL PlayDIF reads ADIF or TQ8 (LoTW signed log files) and looks for common errors. It also can be used in a limited way to inspect the content of such files.

This will install ARRL PlayDIF on your computer. You must have a recent version of Adobe Flash Player installed in your Web browser.

Depending on the operating system you are using, your computer may ask you to authorize installation of the software, possibly by entering your password or by obtaining administrator rights on your computer, just as with installing any other software.

If needed, the first thing installed will be the Adobe AIR runtime platform upon which ARRL PlayDIF is based.

Please upgrade your Flash Player