Sanctioned Hamfest Handouts and Exhibit Materials

Handouts and Exhibit Materials

Once your Hamfest or Convention is officially sanctioned, you will receive the following material and handouts approximately 6 weeks in advance of your event.  The package will be sent to the Chairman of the event as listed on the application form.

  • One $50 Prize Certificate
  • Two $25 Prize Certificates attached to ARRL Publications Catalogs (Note: If an event is holding ARRL-sponsored VE sessions, then you will receive 1 additional $50 Prize Certificate.)
  • 25 ARRL Membership apps
  • 5 Life Membership apps
  • 50 ARRL US Amateur Radio Band Frequency Charts with WAS Maps on the reverse side
  • 10 Amateur Radio "Serving Your Community" sheets 

A cover letter is also enclosed with a flyer attached for hamfest and convention committee chairmen who would like to order additional handouts for their events.

To order more material, visit the ARRL Forms and Media Warehouse or call 888-277-5289