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Sanctioned Hamfest Handouts and Exhibit Materials

Handouts and Exhibit Materials

Once your Hamfest or Convention is officially sanctioned, you will receive the following material and handouts approximately 6 weeks in advance of your event.  The package will be sent to the Chairman of the event as listed on the application form.

  • One $50 Prize Certificate
  • Two $25 Prize Certificates attached to ARRL Publications Catalogs (Note: If an event is holding ARRL-sponsored VE sessions, then you will receive 1 additional $50 Prize Certificate.)
  • 25 ARRL Membership apps
  • 5 Life Membership apps
  • 50 ARRL US Amateur Radio Band Frequency Charts with WAS Maps on the reverse side
  • 10 Amateur Radio "Serving Your Community" sheets 
  • 22 Things You Can Do With Amateur Radio sheets

To order more material, visit the ARRL Forms and Media Warehouse or call 888-277-5289