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    Results 25 - 32 of 10500 ... From automotive to television, from computers to DVD players, from audio equipment to telephones, you'll find a step-by-step process for eliminating problematic interference in one convenient book. The ARRL RFI Book also includes resources for addressing new realities of digital cable TV and ... Learn More

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    Q: I just sent for the The ARRL RFI Book, but I'm still wondering if the problem really is my fault after all. Should I put a filter on my transmitter? A: No. Since you are interfering with a non-radio device, your neighbor's stereo is acting as a radio receiver through no fault of yours. The FCC's Interference Handbook 1990 Edition ... Learn More

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    Additional Resources. The ARRL recommends the following publications on regulatory and RFI topics: Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur by Fred Hopengarten Everything you and your attorney need to know to obtain a permit for your antenna support system; The ARRL RFI Book Your authoritative source for practical ... Learn More

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    Results 81 - 88 of 1270 ... A Home-made Ultrasonic Power Line Arc Detector. to climb a pole!), it can be a long time before the crew tracks down the problem. There have been many excellent magazine articles and books published on how to deter- ..... info/rfi-elec.html. 2M. Loftness, KB7KK, AC Power Interference. Learn More

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    This book set includes popular ARRL publications, intended for clubs or individuals that wish to make a gift to a local library or school. Only complete sets of these publications are available at the special price of $200/set. Price includes UPS ground shipping throughout the 48 contiguous states, only. Call for other shipping ... Learn More

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    Much of the content on these RFI pages is found in the downloadable QST and other articles. The pages also contain links to other sites and resources that will help you solve most RFI problems. ARRL also recommends that hams purchase the ARRL RFI Book. The RFI Book gathers all of the ARRL's RFI ... Learn More

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    ARRL's Ed Hare, W1RFI and Mike Gruber, W1MG talk about RFI problems on a Common Point, a Cable Access TV show hosted by Dan Thomas. ... A Ham's Guide To RFI, Ferrites, Baluns, And Audio Interfacing by Jim Brown, K9YC. ... E- book-"The RSGB Guide to EMC" (Electromagnetic Compatibility); EMC Standards Learn More

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    May 1, 2009 ... Higher frequency signals can. ❝RFI doesn't have to be black magic, or keep you off the air.❞. 1A good resource for amateurs is the ARRL. Lab Technical Information Service Web site at Also see The ARRL RFI Book, available from your ARRL dealer or the ARRL Bookstore,. Learn More

  • Edward F. Hare, Jr.

    Over the years he has written quite a number of RFI articles, ranging from articles for QST and the "ARRL Handbook" to articles that have appeared in professional trade journals. He is also one of the editors and authors of the ARRL "RFI Book" and the author of the ARRL's book on RF exposure, "RF Exposure and You.". Learn More

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    First licensed in 1974, Mike has been at the ARRL RFI desk since 2002, primarily assisting in interference matters and working with the FCC. He has written numerous articles and edits ARRL books primarily pertaining to RFI, including The ARRL RFI Book, 3rd Edition. Product Details Spiral Bound: 60 pages. Publisher: ... Learn More