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  • What If?

    Owning a copy of The RFI Book can help you educate not only your neighbors, but also local law enforcement officials. Even though you may not be at fault in an  ... Learn More

  • RFI

    Results 49 - 56 of 1110 ... Pileup Competition Winners; Winning Above 50 MHz; Expanded ARRL Contest Results; Remotes and RFI - Two New Books; Fabric ... Learn More

  • Edward F. Hare, Jr.

    Over the years he has written quite a number of RFI articles, ranging from articles for ... He is also one of the editors and authors of the ARRL "RFI Book" and the ... Learn More

  • Order by Mail

    This book set includes popular ARRL publications, intended for clubs or individuals ... $29.95. #0823. Understanding Basic Electronics. $32.95. #0915. RFI Book. Learn More

  • TV Channels - Air/CATV

    The ARRL RFI Book, First Edition, p. 6.1; The Frequency Layout of an Analog Television Channel The ARRL RFI Book, First Edition, p. 6.2. Back to Top. Learn More

  • Sounds of RFI

    Sounds of RFI. It is not always easy to identify where QRN is coming from and it's even harder to describe it to someone else if you're looking for their help. Learn More

  • ARRL :: Specials & Sales

    ARRL Library Book Set ... the recent upsurge of interest in Morse code and keys, enjoy two top books on CW. ... The ARRL RFI Book and RFI Pocket Guide. Learn More

  • ARRLWeb: ARRL EMC Committee Semi-Annual Report

    Adding updates and new material for the 3rd Edition of the RFI Book. Significant contributions for the new edition were also added by Committee members Ron ... Learn More

  • ARRLWeb: ARRL EMC Committee Semi-Annual Report

    ... Write and publish the ARRL RFI Book; Design and update ARRL's RFI web pages; Maintain a database at ARRL to facilitate EMC case tracking and reporting ... Learn More

  • CATV and Broadcast Channel Chart

    The Frequency Layout of a Television Channel from The ARRL RFI Book, pp. 6.1 -6.2. Copyright 1998 by the American Radio Relay League, Inc. All rights ... Learn More