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  • What If?

    Owning a copy of The RFI Book can help you educate not only your neighbors, but also local law enforcement officials. Even though you may not be at fault in an interference case, never argue with a law enforcement officer. Politely explain the FCC preemption. If an interference case becomes a domestic dispute between ... Learn More

  • Additional Resources

    Additional Resources. The ARRL recommends the following publications on regulatory and RFI topics: Antenna Zoning for the Radio Amateur by Fred Hopengarten Everything you and your attorney need to know to obtain a permit for your antenna support system; The ARRL RFI Book Your authoritative source for practical ... Learn More

  • Television

    This will refresh your memory about the technical and interpersonal basics that are part of any RFI problem. It also contains a list of companies that sell filters and other helpful products, plus links to other RFI-related sites. I also suggest that you buy the ARRL RFI Book to get a more complete picture. Contact your ham-radio ... Learn More

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    ARRL LIBRARY BOOK SET. Special money saving offer! This book set includes popular ARRL publications, intended for clubs or individuals that ... $29.95. # 0823. Understanding Basic Electronics. $32.95. #0915. RFI Book. $29.95. #8737. ARRL Instructor's Manual. $19.95. #9728. Getting Started with Ham Radio. $19.95. Learn More

  • ARRLWeb: ARRL EMC Committee Semi-Annual Report

    Answer individual inquiries from hams (and sometimes their neighbors) about RFI problems; Write and publish articles about RFI; Write and publish the ARRL RFI Book; Design and update ARRL's RFI web pages; Maintain a database at ARRL to facilitate EMC case tracking and reporting; Work with ARRL's D.C. office on ... Learn More

  • TV Channels - Air/CATV

    What Exactly Is 8-VSB Anyway? by David Sparano. TV Channel and CATV Frequencies Here is a list of TV frequencies from the sci.electronics newsgroup. CATV and Broadcast Channel Chart The ARRL RFI Book, First Edition, p. 6.1; The Frequency Layout of an Analog Television Channel The ARRL RFI Book, First Edition ... Learn More

  • Sounds of RFI

    Sounds of RFI. It is not always easy to identify where QRN is coming from and it's even harder to describe it to someone else if you're looking for their help. Now you can identify QRN by comparing it to audio samples of noise from known sources...a kind of "audio fingerprinting." If you have a player configured and you' d like ... Learn More

  • National Association for Amateur Radio Website Search

    Results 81 - 88 of 1220 ... Two New Books and Digital Software Library -- Now Shipping! Apr 5, 2012 ... The ARRL has just released two new books and a digital software library ... systems; operating; around the shack, and interference (RFI/EMI). Learn More ... Learn More

  • ARRL EMC Committee Semi-Annual Report

    RFI problems. • Write and publish articles about RFI. • Write and publish the ARRL RFI Book. • Design and update ARRL's RFI web pages. • Maintain a database at ARRL to facilitate EMC case tracking and reporting. • Work with ARRL's D.C. office on various spectrum and RFI-related filings. • Maintain contact with industry. Learn More

  • Forum » RFI - Discussion and Q&A » 75 Meter RFI Problems

    Often times, the source is in an adjacent residence or on the same power transformer secondary system as the complainant. You can use this procedure on the RFI Services Web site to find the source: htm. Additional locating information can be found in the ARRL RFI Book ... Learn More