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  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Spring for Some Contest Action!

    Apr 14, 2012 ... Spring marks the transition of the contest seasons, as the big DX contests give way to summer's domestic and VHF+ activity. See if you're ready to put some QSOs in your log with radiosport recreation in these April, May, and June on-the- air events! To help you complete the quiz, you can find contest ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Way-back Wireless

    09/23/2009. 1) What electrical function was performed by a "slop jar"? a. Accumulate grid leaks b. Rectify ac c. Artificial ground d. Transient clamping. 2) Poulsen invented what device used in early transmitters? a. Multiplier b. Transformer c. Arc d. Tuner. 3) What type of device was the "audion"? a. Vacuum tube b. Speaker c. Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Assault'n Batteries

    10/28/2009. 1) What causes the terminal voltage of a battery to drop under load? a. ennui b. internal resistance c. contact delamination d. electromigration. 2) Who invented the first electrochemical cell? a. Volta b. Voltaire c. Volare d. Voldemort. 3) What's the difference between a battery and a cell? a. Cells are only found in ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: A Spare Hour's Entertainment

    11/03/2008. 1) If an amplifier would increase your power output from 50 W to 500 W, while a new tribander would add 4 dB of forward gain over your existing dipole, with which would your signal be louder? 2) Will a fan rated at 0.5 cubic meters per minute be able to cool a tube that needs 20 cubic feet per minute? 3) The ac ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Coming Soon to a Band Near You!

    10/16/2011. By H. Ward Silver, N0AX On the last full weekend of every October (that would be October 29-30 for 2011), thousands of hams go pileup to pileup, trying to fill their logs with exotic treats from every corner of the globe! Instead of yelling, “Trick or Treat!” they must instead give their call signs and CQ ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Here It Comes, Here It Is, There It Goes!

    01/28/2009. 1. Perigee a) Closest approach of a satellite to Earth b) Farthest distance of a satellite from Earth c) Average distance of a satellite from Earth d) A failed launch. 2. Mode a) Orientation of orbit with respect to Earth's orbit b) Angle between the satellite and the Sun c) Uplink-Downlink frequencies d) Relative ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: The Radiosporting Life

    May 28, 2009 ... The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) is the national association for amateur radio, connecting hams around the U.S. with news, information and resources. Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: As the Dial Turns

    Amateur Radio Quiz: As the Dial Turns. 09/15/2008 1) A warbling signal around 14.230 MHz is probably... a. RTTY b. AMTOR c. SSTV d. HF Fax. 2) Slow Morse code "O" characters sent on 2 meters in the weak-signal band are likely... a. EME b. ATV c. Meteor Scatter d. Intruders. 3) You've just worked a station on 13.995 by  ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Calculation Calisthenics

    05/01/2009. 1) What is the reactance of a 0.001 µF capacitor at 60 Hz? 1 kHz? 1.82 MHz? 2) The free-space wavelength of a 146.34 MHz signal is how many meters? Feet? Inches? Centimeters? 3) In order to keep your self-supporting tower upright at the maximum expected wind-load, you need a base that weighs 15000 ... Learn More

  • Search for Amateur Radio News

    06/10/2015 | ARRL Representatives Talk “Field Day” Publicity on “Ham Radio Now” Webcast ... Feature. 09/22/2010 | Amateur Radio Quiz: In the Here and Now. The last quiz took a long look in the rear-view mirror. Let's turn around to the future and take a look out the windshield with this collection of new ham radio jargon! Learn More