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    06/10/2015 | ARRL Representatives Talk “Field Day” Publicity on “Ham Radio Now” Webcast ... Feature. 09/22/2010 | Amateur Radio Quiz: In the Here and Now. The last quiz took a long look in the rear-view mirror. Let's turn around to the future and take a look out the windshield with this collection of new ham radio jargon! Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Hip, Hip, Hooray for the TLAs!

    05/21/2011. By H. Ward Silver, N0AX You can't hardly do anything in EmComm without encountering a TLA (Three Letter Acronym), or even ones with a few more letters and maybe, dare I hope, a hyphen -- be still my thundering heart. These are invaluable in saving time which is why they are so common ... Learn More

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    04/14/2012 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Spring for Some Contest Action! Spring marks the transition of the contest seasons, as the big DX contests give way to summer's domestic and VHF+ activity. See if you're ready to put some QSOs in your log with radiosport recreation in these April, May, and June on-the-air events! To hel Learn More

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    Feature. 04/03/2013 | Amateur Radio Quiz: Your Days Are Numbered. Worse than the dreaded “word problem,” this April quiz is full of backward problems where I give the answer and you pick the problem. Or something like that. You'll figure it out! Learn More · ARRL-Flag-waving.JPG ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: In A Perfect Sol-itude

    05/03/2010. Amateur Radio Quiz: In A Perfect Sol-itude. H. Ward Silver, N0AX With scientific data about our stellar parent beaming in from every quarter and sunspots popping up like crocuses in the spring, it seems appropriate to sample your solar savvy. You may find that you're so bright, you gotta wear ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Vintage Radios

    05/15/2013. By H. Ward Silver, N0AX Who can resist taking a long look at the vintage veterans sitting along the aisles of the flea markets? Hey, I'm talking about the radios, not the attendees! “Big iron” is making its comeback with Johnsons and Hallicrafters and Swans shoulder-to-shoulder at the hamfests. Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: The “Well-Connected” Amateur

    09/03/2011. By H. Ward Silver Every station is home to hordes of connectors -- at the wall socket, the computer, the test equipment and…oh, yes… the radio! If you are just getting started, be prepared to learn a lot more about connectors and connections than you ever expected. Here are few questions that will ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Amateur Archaeology

    08/14/2010. Times change and so does terminology. Some of the old terms were quite colorful and convey a sense of hands-on adventure in those early days of experimentation. You may not consider today's language as evocative, but just wait a few decades to see what future generations think! 1) Which type of ... Learn More

  • Amateur Radio Quiz: Parting Words

    06/29/2009. 1) Which of these tubes was nearly ubiquitous in the output stage of amateur transceivers during the 1970s? a. 807 b. 811 c. 6146 d. 4-1000. 2) What standards organization is responsible for assigning semiconductor part numbers that begin with 1N, 2N, 3N, 4N and so on? a. ANSI b. JAN c. JEDEC d. ITU. Learn More

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    Results 25 - 32 of 10500 ... The great tradition of self-learning and mutual education is alive and well at the outset of Amateur Radio's second century. The success of that tradition leans heavily on the books -- and now websites -- of amateurs willing to share their radio know-how with others. This month's quiz touches on ... Learn More